Opening TOPSHOP & TOPMAN The Netherlands, Amsterdam, Bijenkorf

Hai my lovely Pannies,

It’s been a while but we have a TOPSHOP & TOPMAN in our country (The Netherlands, Amsterdam)! This news have been spreading all over the news lately because today was the opening of the shops. 
At 11 AM in the Bijenkorf it finally happened and the doors got open for us. Even though I could not attend the opening but I went to take a look in the afternoon. Also the first 100 guests they received a goodiebag, awesome right!
Source: Bijenkorf
This was the result of the opening of TOPSHOP & TOPMAN! This is crazy though. I did not expect this as a result because summer has ended for a lot of students. Still it’s crazy that a shop can attract this much attention and at 11 AM!! 
I went to TOPSHOP at 1 PM and it was still crazy, it was so hectic and people were crazy. The dressing rooms were full and there was a very long line and people were almost fighting for CLOTHES, I could only think WOW!! (O_O)
So here’s a photo of TOPSHOP & TOPMAN in the Bijenkorf (located: Dam Square 1, Amsterdam, The Netherlands). It may be small but they do have lots of cute stuff so go and check it out!!
Here’s a link of the opening, check it out:
Go fashion fashion fashion & shop till you drop guys & girls!!
Much luuvess, Lynn W. xo

Ps.: Stay tuned for Urban Outfitters and Forever21 in our town!!