[REVIEW] SHEREIO, Cucumber Mask

What’s up my Pannies,

It’s already been three weeks ago that I posted my first blogpost.

Today I want to write a review off the ”cucumber mask of SHEREIO”.

I’m sure that these aren’t worldwide brands and I wasn’t familiar with them either, I got these products while I was on vacation in HK/China. Never thought I would write a review about this but it’ll be fun though, hope you enjoy.

First of all I want to say that I have a pretty oily skin and off course it’s a bit dryer during the winter periods so I have to take extra care of it otherwise pimples will start to pop up so I will describe these based on my skin type. Also my cheekbones do tend to get quite red easily (it’s not acne, I have no idea why this is or what this is but my GP says it’ll disappear but I still have this so I dunno…?!).

SHEREIO, Cucumber Mask 
Well as you guys can see the packaging is not really special or so but it does its job to protects the mask so it’s ok. The one thing that irritates me of the packaging is when you actually need to open it. Normally these masks will go open easily but with this one I did hd some trouble opening it but not to the extend of using scissors, luckily. 


Now the back side of the packaging. As you might have noticed already everything is written in Chinese and that’s pretty logical as I bought it in China but that sucks for me because reading Chinese is quite a burden as we have so many characters. Still I managed to read that this is a 15 minute mask.
After opening this mask and as you can see it’s very watery. 
The mask contains a lot of that watery/jelly kind of stuff (what’s the english word for this, comment). Even after I took out the mask a lot of that products was still in the packaging. 

Finally my expectations of the product wasn’t very high. I do have to say that the mask did a bit o moistening but it totally did not clear up or close my pores at all. This was a 15 minute mask but after 15 minutes has past by there was still a lot of product left on the mask so instead of taking this off after 15 min. I took it off after about 30 minutes and even then there was still a lot of product left on the mask. 

The mask itself felt very soft and I did like the material of it but I tend to buy facial masks that always have such a big hole/area for the nose and that’s kind of irritating me.
If I would give a mark it would be 6.5/10 (6.5 out of 10).
Hope you guys enjoy my first review and maybe you have any recommendations for me (masks), just comment below. BTW the store I bought this masks at is ”Aiyaya”, website is —> http://www.aiyaya.com and they sell all sorts of things, from facial masks to korean idol key hangers so just take a look, not sure if you can order online or something but they do have interesting news otherwise you can also take a look at http://www.sasa.com it’s a Chinese store as well but this is something that’s more trustworthy to buy from.

Live, Laugh, Love ❤ Pannies

Much luuvess, Lynn W. xo