Sleek Makeup Face Form Contouring and Blush Palette💁🏻 - @LynnaWuOfficial - Sleek Swatches #1So I heard lots of good things about Sleek makeup but I’ve never actually tried it so recently I bumped into a sleek stand and thought of picking some things up. I saw this palette and thought I need to have this in my kit. It’s a contour, highlight and a blush palette packed in one handy little case. What I also luvv is the matt black case because it just looks very chic. - @LynnaWuOfficial - Sleek Swatches #4 - @LynnaWuOfficial - Sleek Swatches #5 - @LynnaWuOfficial - Sleek Swatches #2 - @LynnaWuOfficial - Sleek Swatches #3 - @LynnaWuOfficial - Sleek Swatches #6 Swatches natural lighting (dark) - @LynnaWuOfficial - Sleek Swatches #7 Swatches natural lighting (sun)

This palette comes in 3 shades – fair, medium and dark. This palette is the lightest (fair) palette which I purely luvv for the blush. As for the contour and highlight colour it’s very natural so perfect for an everyday look and if you just need a little of both. 

As for Sleek makeup you can buy it in those afro supply stores (The Netherlands) and this palette costs €13,50 which is alright as it comes with a contour, highlight, blush colour and it’s handy for traveling.

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