Music Monday #2 Random Edition Top 5

Hey my pannies, today we will have the second music monday. Also this will be a random top 5 because it’s just what it is right, there needs to be a variation!!

My top 5 of this week would be (in no specific order): 
* Taeyang – Ringa Linga 
* One Direction – Story Of My Life 
* SHINee – Everybody

* DJ Fresh ft. Rita Ora – Hot Right Now

* Stooshe – Black Heart
As you guys know Taeyang came out with his new single ”RINGA LINGA” on the 7th of November. The video that was uploaded was his dance performance which was AWESOME!!! The video has already over 6 million views within 5 days… speechless…
And as you kpop fans may know the original MV was actually delayed so that came out 2 days after on the 9th of November which has been watched over 2 million times already within 3 days. I am totally luvving the hiphop kinda style but Taeyang’s braids… it’s blond and it just hangs that was just NOT so cool, kinda a fail. Not only does he has blond hair but also the braids…?? Well just go and check it out because I do like the song, the dancing is WELL KINDS AWESOME which he was also been praised for by several WELL KNOWN dancers.

Ringa Linga Dance Performance
Ringa Linga MV
Here we have another new song which is a HITTT again!! I mean who does not listen to 1D, they’re just awesome. I really do like there style of music to be honest, it just makes me happy because it’s so uptempo! Well they came out with ”The Story of My Life MV” on the 3rd of November (8 days) and they have over 28 million views, WOWWW!! At first they start of very slow but they are building it up and that’s what I personally like of a song but just go check it out, I mean who does not like 1D!!xD
One Direction – Story of My Life
ANOTHER NEW (Kpop) SONG, OMG. Maybe not a new song but a new MV. For me when a song comes out with a MV I will listen to the song when the MV is out. So it’s just what you guys prefer but yeah back to the song. EVERYBODY EVERYBODY EVERY EVERY BODY. SHINee did it again and impressed me with their dancing moves guys, what do you guys think?? Can I point out that they did had VERY BUT VERY STRONG eye makeup on, WOW that black eyeliner… But for real their dancing is soso amazing and can I point out Taemin with his bont without a shirt…!! Go check out their MV if you want to know what I’m talking about.
SHINee – Everybody
Lots of you may agree with me that Rita Ora is a BABE. She became well known for her amazing vocal but now she became this INTERNATIONAL STAR, BFF’s with Cara Delevinge, she’s collab. with Adidas and now also her own makeup line with Rimmel… what more does a girl want!! This next song you just have to check it out, it’s NOT a new song, it came out almost 2 years ago but still when I listen to this song it feels like summer EVERYTIME!! Go check it out, the MV is very funky and it just makes you smile.
DJ Fresh ft. Rita Ora – Hot Right Now
I’m a huge youtube luvver, I’m on YT starting from the morning when I wake up and I will also end my day with youtube. I totally luvv the YT artists making their YT covers and videos and etc. So if you are not familiar with the YT world I’d scream ”GO AND CHECK IT OUT”!! This next group they are from the UK and I knew this group by clicking just random YT videos and I really luvv this song. I also like the group because they are not the typical girls you see in the media, they are themselves and they just dress how they feel like that day, really like their choice of fashion!! It’s quite an uptempo song but they sure also have an accapella vers. as well, I will post both below.
Accapella Vers.
Stooshe – Black Heart (official MV)
Hope you guys liked this week Music Monday and if you guys have any recommendations on songs etc. let me know because I’m open to anything.
Much luuvess, Lynn W. xo

Music Monday #1 Random Edition Top 5

Hey my Pannies how are you guys doing?! Well going to take a whole different swing on it. I put lots of thought about this weekly topic and I finally got a great idea. From now on I’m going to post my top 5 of the week. I hope you guys will like it, just comment below what you guys think of my top 5 of the week!! It may vary from a certain genre to a certain language so just it out. I will post the videos below but for your information not all of the songs exist out of a MV. If the song does not have a MV then I’ll just put a random video with the lyrics down below, just for your information. Ow and to be clear this is MY top 5 of the week meaning that these are my preferences and that it could vary from oldskool songs to newskool!

My top 5 of the week would be (in no specific order): 
* Robin Thicke – Blurred Lines ft. T.I. & Pharrel
* Kim Jaejoong – Just Another Girl
* Spica – Tonight
* Emeli Sandé – Read All About It

* Kim BoA (Spica) & Led Apple – Just Give Me A Reason (cover)
This song is totally addicting!! Robin Thicke is SOSO popular these days and I just totally luvv the songs. The beat is up-tempo and I just totally luvv it.
Robin Thicke – Blurred Lines ft. T.I. & Pharrel
Another song & video that I’m luvving is the new song of Kim Jaejoong. The song came out on the 28th of October and has currently almost 600.00 views which is less than I would’ve expected. The song is totally awesome. It’s his first solo album track and I ‘d say just see/listen to it for yourself.
Kim Jaejoong – Just Another Girl
This song is very me meaningful to Spica themselves and I’m totally luvving it. The MV was brought out about 2 months ago and doesn’t even have 700.000 views which is very uncool for them because Spica is actually a very strong vocal group. They thought by themselves that they did bot made it in this industry and this is when they asked Lee Hyori for help to be in their MV. Lee Hyori being their mentor and being in the same company she off course promised to do it. So I hope you guys will check out the MV out and support them. My fav. member would be definitely Spica, she has the most amazing voice I’ve ever heard. BoA an IU were trainees at the same time and I just hope you guys will check them out!!
Spica – Tonight
I did not know who Emeli S. was till two weeks ago. A FB friend her friend covered part of this song and this is how I actually know this song. I really like the emotion behind her vocal and I luvv the first vers. Go and check it out!
Emeli Sandé – Read All About It
This is a cover of P!nk – Just Give Me A Reason. I totally LUVV P!nk AND BoA so for her to cover this song OMG!! P!nk and BoA have very similar voices and that’s why I LUVV that she covered this song. Also her voice is so amazing that she could be a solo singer in my eyes. When you search for BoA on youtube you can see that she did not do much solo/single wise that’s why I’m luvving this cover and she should do more solo activities! Also if you’re familiar with Led Apple go check it out, they are cool too.
Kim BoA (Spica) & Led Apple – Just Give Me A Reason (cover)
I hope you guys liked my top 5 of the week and will go check it out. Let me know what you guys think of the songs and about this topic, Music Monday.
Much luuvess, Lynn W. xo

Music Mondays – The Kpop Edition

Hey my lovely pannies,


Okey okey I know I’m not posting frequently enough but now that I’m back from vaca. and summer is almost over again I will be posting more frequently, PROMISE! xx


As you guys see in the title above this blogpost will all be based on kpop. I know that everyone has its own taste off music and personally kpop is one of the genres I listen to. 


Kpop stands for Korean pop music but nowadays we can devide Kpop in different genres as well because it’s not only pop music anymore. When people that are unfamiliar with kpop they would think that kpop is korean music but even though korean music is also devided in different genres such as indie, R&B, soul etc. 


Personally I got me introduced to kpop by an old friend of mine. Four/Five years ago I got this video sent to me with 4 girls in it. I thought it was funny that all of them had the same hair colour and all four of them got bangs as well. Well I watch the video and I got totally interested in them which at this moment I searched for more videos but as long as I searched I could only find 2 MV’s. As unfamiliar I was with kpop I did found out that, that song was their debut song/MV. Can you guys guess who it is already…??

Lee Chaerin, CL (Leader)

                Park Bom, Bom (Main Vocalist) 
                                                                                                                      Sandara Park, Dara (Cute One)


 Gong Minij, Minzy (Maknae = Youngest)

YES, these precious and wonderful girls who started with a boyish concept and ended up very feminine and elegant. I know for sure that a lot of Blackjacks agree with me. These four ladies (Minzy was still a girl because she was still a minor) captured lots of hearts with their unique concept which was not yet seen before and nowadays they are still doing a pretty good job.


To be honest I’m quite happy to say that, yes I’m familiar with kpop and yes I learned a lot trough their music, culture and the media, how different they react compared to the Western culture and what they concentrate on.


Well as kpop is growing these few years the Korean culture is also getting lots of attention as well. We have SNSD on the ‘‘David Letterman’’ show, this year we got Psy – Gangnamstyle what was a huge hit!


> (SNSD performance on D. L. show)
> (Ohhh so famous Gangnamstyle vid.)


As kpop is getting even bigger and more well known, companies will put new faces out and for me personally it’s getting more exiting but also rediculous. 
Oke, I’m a 90’s baby and got introduced to kpop in ’08 meaning that I’ve been around pretty while. I’m not saying I’m an expert or whatever but I am quite familier within this group. 


I also know that these boys and girls work very hard to win that spot to be in a certain group or so (some train more then 5 years to be put in a group and some even 8~10 years) but having such large group with 12+ members is going quite far esp. nowadays. 
It’s not that I don’t like it absolutely not, I’m even happy for them because you never know ‘‘the behind the scene story’’ of each of the members but one thing what I noticed it that end 2012 and this year 2013 there are A LOT of rookie groups that’s what I find ridiculous. No not 20 groups but there might be more than 30+ rookie groups out this year. I have no idea if they were trained well and if they will make it and whatever but I think it’s too much to put out so many groups within one year. This also means that the competition grew even bigger and we don’t even know what will happen. Some of the groups we heard only once and never appear again, how is this necessary…??


Also if a well known company puts out a new group this means that they need to concentrate on this certain group more then others meaning that the groups who were already out and already made a statement will be put on pause for at least a year or more. This is not fun for the fans nor for them because the fans want to see them even more and for the artists they might have to get used again to go on stage and perform.


Here are some ‘‘rookies’’ who grabbed my attention (in no specific order)!:

Kim Bo Ah, Boa. She’s part of the group Spica and trained together with IU. She totally has a wonderful voice which each singer should be jealous of so putting her in a group… I think the company made a mistake but well yeah…


B.A.P., Best Absolute Perfect. The shot-term might sound very unique and cool but the meaning behind it is just soso. Despite their name THEY CAN PERFORM and CAPTURE THE HEARTS OF MANY MANY GIRLS!! BABYYY…..

Amy Lee, Ailee. From a youtube singer to a very popular korean solo artist. She has captured the hearts of many people with her amazing cover of Halo ~ Beyoncè and her first album heaven and now even a second album!

D-Unit, Jeon Woo Ram/Ram, Jung Yoo Jin/Ujin, Kwak Soo Jin/Zin, Byeon Seung Mi/JNey. A rookie group which was formed last year and back then it existed out of three members only but they added a new member. Not sure anymore but they would change members frequently or something like that. Also Ram is the sis. of T-ara Boram.

Fiestar: Cao Lu, Yezi, Cheska, Jei, Hyemi, Linzy. Very popular from the start and in the same company as IU. They even filmed a MV with IU and I totally luved the sound and how cute the vid. was but not overly cute!


Well this blogpost need to come to an end. I can ramble on for hours if it’s about music/kpop but at a certain point we need to stop. I hope you guys will enjoy this overly kpop blogpost and share it with your friends!! Also comment below who you luvv in the kpop world and what your opinion is about Korean pop!

Much Luvv to the pannies & kpop lovers! (^x^)

Lynn W. xo