Fall/Autums Burgundy Makeup Tutorial (Hooded or Asian Eyes)🍂 | LynnaWuOfficial



FACE  >>
– Bourjois Air Mat Undetectable Matte Finish 24H Hold (02 Vanilla)
– MAC Pro Longwear Nourishing Waterproof Foundation (NC30)
– Maybelline Instant Anti-Age Effect (01 Light)
– MAC Set Powder (Invisible)
– MAC Full Coverage Foundation (NC30)
– MAC Prep+Prime Fix+

– L.A. Girl Pro Conceal HD Concealer (Beautifull Bronze)

– Sleek Face Form Contouring and Blush Palette (Fair 372)
– Catrice Defining Blush (060 Rosewood Forest)
– The Body Shop Brush On Radiance 

– Freedom Pro HD Brow Palette
– Hema Eyebrow Gel (Brown)

NOSE  >>
– Maybelline Instant Anti-Age Effect (01 Light)
– Sleek Face Form Contouring and Blush Palette (Fair 372)
– The Body Shop Brush On Radiance 

EYES  >>
– MAC Prep+Prime 24H Extend Eye Base
– Makeup Revolution I Heart Chocolate Palette (You Need Love, Hank Friday, Pleasure Girl,
   Stolen Chocolate, What A Way To Go, Love Torn, More!, Endorphins Ready!
– Essence Rock’n’Doll Duo Stylist Eyeliner Pen (Black)
– Loréal Super Liner Perfect Slim (Black)
– Loréal False Lash Telescope Infinite Length Effect Fibers (Magnetic Black)

– Essence Longlasting Lipstick (13 Love Me)


Huge MAC Cosmetics Haul!💄

LynnaWu.com - MACLynnaWu.com - AOC

Hey everyone so if you follow me on my SNS like instagram you may already know that I follow a makeup course to become an official MUA. I really think I found something that I’m passionate enough about to really pay attention during the classes because it’s just so much fun but also very learn full. If you think you already know much about makeup your mind will actually be blown away if you follow an actual course to become an ”official makeup artist”. Also I got the most amazing teacher as well.

Recently my class and I got the chance to attend the studentlab organized by MAC and my school. During this afternoon we actually got a lot of information about MAC (establishment, stores, products), about makeup trends, a demo of a makeup look and a lot more. This ”presentation” was given by Flávio Miguel that also works in the MAC store but he’s also part of the MAC event team meaning he has the chance to go to all the major fashion shows such as NY/Paris/Londen fashion week etc. BTW you can follow him on his instagram @THEFLAVIOMIGUEL.LynnaWu.com - MAC Haul

LynnaWu.com - MAC HaulBesides the presentation we got during the studentlab we got the chance to sign up for a MAC card and because of this fact we got 30% off on the same day so I basically bought what mostly things for my kit and these products were recommended by my teacher but also other makeup artists. This is probably the most I’ve spent in a MAC store but I literally see it more as an investment so I don’t regret buying any of these products. 

LynnaWu.com - MAC Haul

LynnaWu.com - MAC Haul

So off course I’ve done some research myself and I really needed a palette. I’ve watched reviews, read blogs, asked different mum’s but also different people but eventually I just decided to get this one from MAC because it’s a duo palette and I just decided to try out. I’ve heard good and bad things about it so I’m just going to try it out myself and if you guise want a conclusion or a review than just let me know. The pro palette large/duo itself costs €12,- and the loose inserts are €3,- each.

LynnaWu.com - MAC Haul Makeup brushes are a MUST but which ones do I actually have to add to my kit? Well these brushes especially the eyeshadow ones were really recommended by different makeup artists so you know I had to pick them up. The 168 brush is perfect for contouring/shaping but also perfect to apply that blush. then we’ve got the 224, 217 and 221 brushes which are all blending brushes for your eyeshadows and these were must buys according to my teacher and different mua’s as well.
The prices are the following: 168 and 224 – €34,- each + 217 and 221 – €22,- each.

LynnaWu.com - MAC Haul So I had to buy some things for both personal and professional use and I was in need of a foundation, concealer palette and an eyeliner. So certainly my teacher Samantha Baggerman was at the store and she recommended the pro longwear nourishing waterproof foundation and she applied it on my face as well and I was satisfied as a first impression and I have yet to try it because I wanted to write this post first for you guise!😛 I needed a concealer palette and I normally am a medium in general but I think this palette is a bit too dark for me and I haven’t used it yet or anything so I hope I can exchange this to a light palette so if you know the policies let me know. And finally I needed a waterproof eyeliner because I got very watery eyes, either my eyes get very watery because of the sun or hay fever but during autumn/winter the wind blows so freckinggg hard my eyes are the first thing that react to that. I got the powerpoint eye pencil in engraved and this product actually works. I used it only once so far but that one times I got no stains on my lower eye which I usually get but I’ll let you guys know you would like to know more.
The prices are the following: PRO Longwear Nourishing Waterproof Foundation NC30 – €34,50 +
PRO Conceal and Correct Palette/Medium (need light) – €39,- + Powerpoint Eye Pencil (Engraved) – €16,-.

LynnaWu.com - MAC HaulI hope you guise liked this post and if you are also a mua in training/upcoming mua than I hope this helped you at least a little bit. Off course through time I will add more and more to my kit but this is only the beginning fase. I’d say do your research online, watch reviews, read blogs but certainly ask your teacher, ask different mua’s of different stores or counters such as MAC, Bobbi Brown, Inglot etc. and in asian countries you can ask Moonshot, Etude House, Innisfree etc. There’s so much on the market and I totally get or you want to have everything or you are too confused to what to get. So I really recommend you to do your research but don’t get too deep in it either, spend about a day or several hours by doing your research because if you do too much you will get even more confused, trust me on this.

Now I’d like to know from my fellow makeup artists, if you could recommend 1 thing
to other mua’s that they definitely have to have in their kit what would it be?