Jeffree Star Cosmetics Summer Bundle Swatches

dsc03260Party Panda’s, today I have some swatches for you! I really want to share this with you guys just because these products and this brand is very appreciated and it’s an actual hype. So I finally came around making this post. First thing first, some colours contain only one photo because in the end I just cut all the ”not so pretty” ones out and for some colours there are the original 2 photo’s. Now shall we dive in the photo’s…

dsc03188Queen Bee🐝 – This is YELLOW, it’s such a crazy colour and not just anyone can rock this honestly. I personally think that the darker skin girls can wear and rock this without fail. On a daily basis I personally wouldn’t and actually don’t even have the guts to wear this but I think it’s one of those colours that fits in perfectly with my makeup kit. As for the formula I’m not really crazy about it because it’s very thick, a little hard to apply and I do have to apply several coats to get this coverage. Another thing is when I and I think a majority of the people that wear lipstick will put their lips together but with this you can’t because if the lipstick isn’t dry yet and it transfers the coverage will disappear as well. It’s also very drying on the lips and it’s definitely not a lightweight lipstick, there’s definitely something on my lips. Last things last I do think you can use this as an eyeliner as well because of the formula apple this first and have the peekaboo yellow popping’ above the black liner and you have a bumble bee going on.

dsc03214 dsc03219Nude Beach🐽 – The first thing I noticed is that the formula is totally different it’s not as clumpy, it’s more on the liquid side. It’s sure a nice nude colour for paler skin. I’m between a MAC NC25/NC30 so it’s just a tint too light for me but if you’re just a bit lighter the colour will fit you perfectly.

dsc03201Virginity💜: It’s a velvet purple colour, I luvv it. Did had to apply 2 coats but I totally luvv this colour. The formula is also a little different from nude beach as it’s not as drying.

dsc03222 dsc03228(714)💕: Not much to tell you about this. It’s just a nice neutral pink colour which will fit lots of different  skin tones. Formula can be compared to nude beach. 

dsc03231 dsc03235Watermelon Soda🍉: This might be my favorite from the summer bundle. The colour is so nice, actually has a tint of watermelon smell, formula isn’t too drying. It’s just my fav. out of the bunch and I would rock this on a daily.

dsc03263The summer bundle I bought on sale and the total was $48,45 total including shipping but on top of that I had to pay an additional $23,- of tax. So was it worth it…? The summer bundle contains 5 beautiful colours with no doubt and it’s a nice piece for my makeup kit. Would I purchase it again, yes and no. Yes because I also want to try other products from the Jeffree Star cosmetics line, the highlighters look BOMB! No because the additional tax what they charge at the border is a little bit ridiculous.
Have you guys tried the JSC before, what’s your opinion and what’s your favorite colour of the summer bundle? Leave a comment down below!dsc03278


Sleek Makeup Face Form Contouring and Blush Palette💁🏻 - @LynnaWuOfficial - Sleek Swatches #1So I heard lots of good things about Sleek makeup but I’ve never actually tried it so recently I bumped into a sleek stand and thought of picking some things up. I saw this palette and thought I need to have this in my kit. It’s a contour, highlight and a blush palette packed in one handy little case. What I also luvv is the matt black case because it just looks very chic. - @LynnaWuOfficial - Sleek Swatches #4 - @LynnaWuOfficial - Sleek Swatches #5 - @LynnaWuOfficial - Sleek Swatches #2 - @LynnaWuOfficial - Sleek Swatches #3 - @LynnaWuOfficial - Sleek Swatches #6 Swatches natural lighting (dark) - @LynnaWuOfficial - Sleek Swatches #7 Swatches natural lighting (sun)

This palette comes in 3 shades – fair, medium and dark. This palette is the lightest (fair) palette which I purely luvv for the blush. As for the contour and highlight colour it’s very natural so perfect for an everyday look and if you just need a little of both. 

As for Sleek makeup you can buy it in those afro supply stores (The Netherlands) and this palette costs €13,50 which is alright as it comes with a contour, highlight, blush colour and it’s handy for traveling.

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Morphe 35B – 35 Color Glam Palette Swatches💁🏻 - @LynnaWuOfficial - Morphebrushes #1 Morphebrushes have been growing rapidly fast since last year. Every beauty guru, beauty blogger, beauty fanatic etc. are in possession of their products. Now finally I joined the craze! I personally don’t own a lot of bold eyeshadow colors because I’m more into the neutral colors for an everyday basis. Now for school I have to create Elsa or Anna from frozen so I was in need of a new pallet so I can create ideas and looks. I didn’t know what to expect from Morphe and how the colour pay off would be but I’m quite surprised by this fact. See the photos below for the swatches. - @LynnaWuOfficial - Morphebrushes - @LynnaWuOfficial - Morphebrushes Swatches - @LynnaWuOfficial - Morphebrushes Swatches #2 - @LynnaWuOfficial - Morphebrushes Swatches - @LynnaWuOfficial - Morphebrushes Swatches - @LynnaWuOfficial - Morphebrushes Swatches #4I purchased mine from and it’s available for €24,49.

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WHAT I’VE USED UP | February 2016 Empties🌟

2. - LynnaWuOfficial

So it’s been a while since I uploaded an empties post I thought about doing it again since my readers do like these kinds of posts. For the month February there’s not a huge amount I’ve used up but there are indeed a few products I emptied.

To begin with the Bourjois healthy mix foundation. If you follow my blog for a while you will know how much I luvv this foundation because it really does what it says. It gives you an healthy radiance glow and the coverage I’d say is medium coverage but it’s definitely buildable and one pump goes a long way. I’ve repurchased this foundation several times already so it is a product I swear by and a recommender. For a drugstore foundation it’s no doubt one of the best out there. You can get this foundation online but you can also purchase it at Douglas, Ici Paris for around €15,00.

The second product is the Batiste dry shampoo. Also this product I repurchased countless times since I do use it often because I don’t want to wash my hair that much. My hair gets oily at around day 2/3 after I’ve washed my hair and I can’t wash my hair every 2/3 days especially now that I’ve purple hair so I use dry shampoo. What I also like is that it gives some volume to my hair as well and it’s just easy to use. What I don’t really like is that the actual product comes out white so you really need to work in the product for the white to be gone and for me personally it does look like my hair dried out on the top at least this is what I can see, I’ve never actually asked someone else about it. I keep repurchasing this just because it’s easy, gives volume and it’s easily accessible as I can just get it in stores. You can purchase this product at the Kruidvat, Etos for around €5,00.

As for this product I was really exited to try out because get pimples every month and I tend to squeeze them out which is not good at all so I was really looking for a good face wash. Yes I’m talking about the Dr. van de Hoog clear skin face wash which contains salicylic and that basically dries out the pimple. I also thought I read something about discoloration but in that aspect it didn’t do much but as for pimples it does really work. I used this during the night times to wash my face but as soon as I feel or see a pimple growing I’d use this in the morning as well and it actually prevents the pimple from growing so I’d repeat this for about 3/4 days and the red area will be gone by then. 
I’m looking for a new face wash right now which helps discoloration because the areas around my eyes are bit more darker/yellow and also I’ve a lot of pimple spots which a squeezed out and it’s actually really bothering me so if you guys know any products for that please let me know in the comments below. I bought this product of from the online Douglas store and it’s available for €7,99.

The last product is a body scrub from the new Etos line. Actually for this product the packaging actracted me, they upgraded their shower/body line and it looks much more attractive. As for the product itself it’s alright but I personally wouldn’t repurchase it again because I don’t see nor feel much of a difference before and after I’ve used it. The scrub particles are very fine and small in my perspective and you don’t need a lot at all. I personally used this only on my uppers arms because I have things that look like small goosebumps (keratosis pilaris) on there so it might be because that is very rough but if you don’t have that you can try it out for yourself. I read by scrubbing that area everyday it would lessen it but for me it’s not the case. The product is available at Etos for €2,99.

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Japanese Igari aka Hangover Makeup (Western inspired)🇯🇵🌍

Hey everyone so today I’ve a trend makeup for you peoples. So the hangover makeup is quite a trend in mainly Japan and China/HK. The trend originally started in Japan where they would put the blush on the highest points of the face and also right under the eyes and that’s basically the ”asian glow” so the hangover look.
I got inspired by this look and added my own twist to it. I basically created this look with a little bit of a western feel and added freckles to the look. WATCH THE VIDEO!


FACE  >>
– Khiel’s Ultra Facial Moisturizer SPF 30
– L.A. Girl PRO Conceal – Green Concealer
– Etude House Precious Mineral Any Cushion SPF 50+/PA+++
– Revlon Photoready Foundation
– Revlon Photoready BB Cream
– Etos Finishing Powder
– MAC Prep+Prime Fix+ – Cucumber
– 3 Concept Eyes Eyebrow Mascara – #RedBrown

– Make-up Studio duo blush – Pink (PH10805+ blusher 25 10 23)
– E.L.F. Baked Bronzer (either it’s Maui OR Los Cabos)
– Essence Quattro Eyeshadow – 05 To Die For (dark brown colour)

– Catrice Brow Stylist (Either 020-Date With Ash-ton OR 030-Brown-n-eyes Peas)
– MAC Pro Conceal and Correct Palette/Medium – NC30
– 3 Concept Eyes Eyebrow Mascara – #RedBrown

NOSE  >>
– 3 Concept Eyes Eyebrow Mascara – #RedBrown

EYES  >>
– Essence Quattro Eyeshadow – 05 To Die For (Light brown colour)
– MAC Powerpoint Eye Pencil – Engraved

– Maybelline Baby Lips Cherry Velvet
–Essence Longlasting Lipstick – 13 Love Me
– MaXfactor Lipstick – 827 Bewitching Coral
– Catrice Made To Stay Smoothing Lip Polish – 040 Let’s Red Loud!


Huge MAC Cosmetics Haul!💄 - - AOC

Hey everyone so if you follow me on my SNS like instagram you may already know that I follow a makeup course to become an official MUA. I really think I found something that I’m passionate enough about to really pay attention during the classes because it’s just so much fun but also very learn full. If you think you already know much about makeup your mind will actually be blown away if you follow an actual course to become an ”official makeup artist”. Also I got the most amazing teacher as well.

Recently my class and I got the chance to attend the studentlab organized by MAC and my school. During this afternoon we actually got a lot of information about MAC (establishment, stores, products), about makeup trends, a demo of a makeup look and a lot more. This ”presentation” was given by Flávio Miguel that also works in the MAC store but he’s also part of the MAC event team meaning he has the chance to go to all the major fashion shows such as NY/Paris/Londen fashion week etc. BTW you can follow him on his instagram - MAC Haul - MAC HaulBesides the presentation we got during the studentlab we got the chance to sign up for a MAC card and because of this fact we got 30% off on the same day so I basically bought what mostly things for my kit and these products were recommended by my teacher but also other makeup artists. This is probably the most I’ve spent in a MAC store but I literally see it more as an investment so I don’t regret buying any of these products. - MAC Haul - MAC Haul

So off course I’ve done some research myself and I really needed a palette. I’ve watched reviews, read blogs, asked different mum’s but also different people but eventually I just decided to get this one from MAC because it’s a duo palette and I just decided to try out. I’ve heard good and bad things about it so I’m just going to try it out myself and if you guise want a conclusion or a review than just let me know. The pro palette large/duo itself costs €12,- and the loose inserts are €3,- each. - MAC Haul Makeup brushes are a MUST but which ones do I actually have to add to my kit? Well these brushes especially the eyeshadow ones were really recommended by different makeup artists so you know I had to pick them up. The 168 brush is perfect for contouring/shaping but also perfect to apply that blush. then we’ve got the 224, 217 and 221 brushes which are all blending brushes for your eyeshadows and these were must buys according to my teacher and different mua’s as well.
The prices are the following: 168 and 224 – €34,- each + 217 and 221 – €22,- each. - MAC Haul So I had to buy some things for both personal and professional use and I was in need of a foundation, concealer palette and an eyeliner. So certainly my teacher Samantha Baggerman was at the store and she recommended the pro longwear nourishing waterproof foundation and she applied it on my face as well and I was satisfied as a first impression and I have yet to try it because I wanted to write this post first for you guise!😛 I needed a concealer palette and I normally am a medium in general but I think this palette is a bit too dark for me and I haven’t used it yet or anything so I hope I can exchange this to a light palette so if you know the policies let me know. And finally I needed a waterproof eyeliner because I got very watery eyes, either my eyes get very watery because of the sun or hay fever but during autumn/winter the wind blows so freckinggg hard my eyes are the first thing that react to that. I got the powerpoint eye pencil in engraved and this product actually works. I used it only once so far but that one times I got no stains on my lower eye which I usually get but I’ll let you guys know you would like to know more.
The prices are the following: PRO Longwear Nourishing Waterproof Foundation NC30 – €34,50 +
PRO Conceal and Correct Palette/Medium (need light) – €39,- + Powerpoint Eye Pencil (Engraved) – €16,-. - MAC HaulI hope you guise liked this post and if you are also a mua in training/upcoming mua than I hope this helped you at least a little bit. Off course through time I will add more and more to my kit but this is only the beginning fase. I’d say do your research online, watch reviews, read blogs but certainly ask your teacher, ask different mua’s of different stores or counters such as MAC, Bobbi Brown, Inglot etc. and in asian countries you can ask Moonshot, Etude House, Innisfree etc. There’s so much on the market and I totally get or you want to have everything or you are too confused to what to get. So I really recommend you to do your research but don’t get too deep in it either, spend about a day or several hours by doing your research because if you do too much you will get even more confused, trust me on this.

Now I’d like to know from my fellow makeup artists, if you could recommend 1 thing
to other mua’s that they definitely have to have in their kit what would it be?


My Everyday Makeup Look Tutorial💁

Hey guys so today I decided to upload my everyday/go-to makeup look. This look is very simple to recreate, minimum products are used and most of the products are available in the drugstores as well. If you guys like the look, like the video! If you are going to recreate this look I’d like to see it #LynnaWuEverydaymakeup and also tag me @LynnaWuOfficial


FACE  >>
– Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water (Sensitive skin)
– Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré
– Vision All Day Sun Protection SPF30
– Revlon Photoready Foundation
– Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation
– L.A. Girl Pro Conceal HD Concealer (Green)
– L.A. Girl Pro Conceal HD Concealer (Porcelain)
– L.A. Girl Pro Conceal HD Setting Powder

– Bourjois Bronzing Primer
– E.L.F. Baked Bronzer
– The Body Shop Brush On Radiance

– Gosh Smokey Eyes Palette 02 BROWN (darkest shade)
– 3 Concept Eyes Eyebrow Mascara – Red Brown

EYES  >>
– BeYu Eye Base
– W7 10 out of 10 (Upper row, first, second and fifth colour)
– E.L.F. Baked Bronzer
– Pencil Liner (Brand not visible anymore, use any kind you prefer)
– K-Palette 1 Day Tattoo Real Lasting Eyeliner 24H
– Maybelline Great Lash Blackest Black
– Maybelline One By One Volum Express Mascara in Satin Black

– Maybelline Baby Lips Cherry Velvet
– Catrice Ultimate Stay 090 IrrCORALbly Pink
– Rimmel London Apocalips Lip Lacquer 303 Apolaliptic


HUGE Beauty Haul🎀 || Drugstore, Lush and MORE!

I have been collecting/buying these products for the lasts 2 months and I finally decided to share with you what I basically bought.. Most of the products can be picked up in the drugstores (Kruidvat, Etos, DA etc.) accept for some. So we have lots of goodies here. More detailed information, product, price will be below so scroll down if you are interested in that.

Huge Beauty Haul || Drugstore, Lush and MORE!

Huge Beauty Haul || Drugstore, Lush and MORE!Tangle Teezer: FOR THE LONGEST time I wanted to pick up a tangle teezer but I just always forgot or They did not had any stock, bad luck huh but I finally have it and I’m loving it. I personally have really straight hair which has almost no volume at all that’s why I use curlers most of the time to give it a bit of volume. Because I have my hair almost always down a lot of tangles come in the ends and it’s just not pleasant but this products is kind of a life savior. If you have lots of tangles I really recommend you to try this, it changed my life. It just has become SOOO much easier to comb my hair these days especially when I just washed my hair OMG. 😛

Andrélon (brilliant age shampoo & dry shampoo): So recently Kruidvat had a buy 1 and get laundry detergent for free but they didn’t had any stock any more in that affiliate so the employee said I could pick out one shampoo. I actually only needed a dry shampoo and this is one you guys have seen before in my empties and I just keep using it. It’s an oke product, it does what it says but the thing is that no matter what dry shampoo I use my hair just doesn’t have a good reaction to it, it gets very dry. So if anyone any recommendation comment below.

The shampoo is actually a new range of the brand. On the packaging it says it’s for aging hair and it’s color care. Hair get old especially your ends so this shampoo is basically suitable for everyone. I yet have to try it but it is a new range so we have yet to see

Organix organ oil of morocco: I always use oil for my hair after I’ve washed it and always trying out new things. For the last couple of times I used the Organix moroccan organ oil but I thought I’d like to change it up a bit. This formula is much more smoother and the organ oil is a bit more firmer which is what I like more but this one is also oke, I did like the organ oil a bit more.

Huge Beauty Haul || Drugstore, Lush and MORE!Garnier: So all 3 products above I bought at the Kruidvat. The Kruidvat had a 1+1 offer on Garner so I just picked up both of these cleansing waters. Everyone raves about the pink one which is for the sensitive skin and the green one is for the sensitive and combination skin which is what I have. My skin has become much more sensitive these couple of years because I have started to use so much product (makeup) for my face. As everyone raves about the pink one I just picked one up and have yet to try it. Lots of my fellow beauty bloggers say that it is a dupe of the Bioderma but I haven’t tried that one so I just can’t compare it with each other but it does removes all of the residue I have left on my face after I wiped my makeup of with a wet wipe.

Kruidvat Professional Makeup Brush Cleanser: So the black bottle is a cleaning water for my makeup brushed. I use this everyday because it’s simple, wipe and use. Do remember to wash your brushes at least once a week if you use them often. A cleansing water is just to simply cleans so it does not removes all of the dirt on your brush. I just can’t say this enough, wash their brushes at least once a week because you just don’t know what’s all up in there and if you use a dirty brush for too long you can get pimples and the makeup won’t look as flawless as it could be either.

Huge Beauty Haul || Drugstore, Lush and MORE!Lastly we have a bunch of small products here from lipsticks to bronzer and perfume. These are basically self explanatory so I won’t go in much detail. I will just list all of the products below this article so if you’re curious what colour the lippies are or the price check the list will be below!

Huge Beauty Haul || Drugstore, Lush and MORE!

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water – Combination Skin / €6,49
Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water – Sensitive Skin / €6,49

 Kruidvat Professional Makeup Brushes Cleanser / €2,99
Essence Parfume – Like an Unforgettable Kiss / €3,29
Catrice Cosmetics Makeup Blending Sponge / €4,59
Catrice Cosmetics Lash Applicator / €4,99
Vaseline Queen Bee Limited Edition / €2,99

Essence Thermo Nail Polish – 03 It’s Hot Stuff / €1,99 (available in 4 colours)
NYX Crayon Jumbo – 608 Cottage Cheese / €5,49 (available in 24 colours)
Hema Mineral Bronzing Powder – 02 / €5,50 (available in 2 colours)
Hema Eyebrow Gel – Brown / €3,75 (available in 3 colours)
Essence Longlasting Lipstick – 07 Natural Beauty / €2,39 (available in 16 colours)
Catrice Cosmetics Prime and Fine Smoothing Refiner / €4,99
Catrice Cosmetics Camouflage Cream – 020 Light Beige / €2,99 (available in 3 colours)
Catrice Cosmetics Ultimate Stay – 060 Floral Coral / €4,99 (available in 12 colours)
Catrice Cosmetics Ultimate Stay – 090 IrrCORALbly Pink / €4,99 (available in 12 colours)

 Lush Bar – Honey I Washed My Hair / €8,95
Andrélon Brilliant Age Colour Age / €4,39
Andrélon Volumizing Dry Shampoo / €4,89 (245ml)
Organix Maroccon Argan Oil / €11,99
Tangle Teezer Compact Styler – Gold / €15,95
Hair Essentials Papillote / €1,99

I’m really curious what you guys think of a haul blogpost. Not many bloggers do this by writing a post but I find myself always looking for a price and where the product is from so if I’m interested in a certain product through a blogpost I can just search for the list quickly what about you guise?