Affordable Drugstore Lipstick: Essence VS. Miss Sporty

Hey Pannies it’s Thursday again and my weekend has started already what about you guys?

Ass you can see todays post will be focussed on Essence & Miss Sporty the 2 most affordable drugstore makeup everrr. The quality might be soso but they actually do have lots of options. If you read my latest post you’d have seen that I picked up 3 new Miss Sporty lipsticks (new packaging).
For me personally I tend to stick to pink, red and orange/coral colours. I think I don’t really think about it when I’m picking these up…?? 
A couple of days later I opened these lip products if Miss Sporty but I also had my Essence products on my desk as well so I actually compared it with each other and it’s the same guys. Off course there’s a slight difference but not much. The colours are very limited in these two brands but Miss Sporty does has a BLACK lipstick in their range what cought my eye. Did not pick it up but I might I don’t know yet what do you guys think of black lipstick?


As you can see in the photo’s above the colours are very similar. There are slight differences but the coral colour and the more pink colour looks exactly the same. The more lighter pink is different but that’s that. Well so if you guys are interested in buying these look carefully. I like both of them but the point is that it is quit similar to each other. 
Qua texture I still have to try out the Miss Sporty one but the Essence one makes my lips very but very dry so the colour is okee but I don’t really like that it makes my lips so freakinggg dry…
Hope you guys like todays blog post, see you Sunday with a new one.
Much Luuvess to my Pannies,
Lynn W.