Jeffree Star Cosmetics Summer Bundle Swatches

dsc03260Party Panda’s, today I have some swatches for you! I really want to share this with you guys just because these products and this brand is very appreciated and it’s an actual hype. So I finally came around making this post. First thing first, some colours contain only one photo because in the end I just cut all the ”not so pretty” ones out and for some colours there are the original 2 photo’s. Now shall we dive in the photo’s…

dsc03188Queen Bee🐝 – This is YELLOW, it’s such a crazy colour and not just anyone can rock this honestly. I personally think that the darker skin girls can wear and rock this without fail. On a daily basis I personally wouldn’t and actually don’t even have the guts to wear this but I think it’s one of those colours that fits in perfectly with my makeup kit. As for the formula I’m not really crazy about it because it’s very thick, a little hard to apply and I do have to apply several coats to get this coverage. Another thing is when I and I think a majority of the people that wear lipstick will put their lips together but with this you can’t because if the lipstick isn’t dry yet and it transfers the coverage will disappear as well. It’s also very drying on the lips and it’s definitely not a lightweight lipstick, there’s definitely something on my lips. Last things last I do think you can use this as an eyeliner as well because of the formula apple this first and have the peekaboo yellow popping’ above the black liner and you have a bumble bee going on.

dsc03214 dsc03219Nude Beach🐽 – The first thing I noticed is that the formula is totally different it’s not as clumpy, it’s more on the liquid side. It’s sure a nice nude colour for paler skin. I’m between a MAC NC25/NC30 so it’s just a tint too light for me but if you’re just a bit lighter the colour will fit you perfectly.

dsc03201Virginity💜: It’s a velvet purple colour, I luvv it. Did had to apply 2 coats but I totally luvv this colour. The formula is also a little different from nude beach as it’s not as drying.

dsc03222 dsc03228(714)💕: Not much to tell you about this. It’s just a nice neutral pink colour which will fit lots of different  skin tones. Formula can be compared to nude beach. 

dsc03231 dsc03235Watermelon Soda🍉: This might be my favorite from the summer bundle. The colour is so nice, actually has a tint of watermelon smell, formula isn’t too drying. It’s just my fav. out of the bunch and I would rock this on a daily.

dsc03263The summer bundle I bought on sale and the total was $48,45 total including shipping but on top of that I had to pay an additional $23,- of tax. So was it worth it…? The summer bundle contains 5 beautiful colours with no doubt and it’s a nice piece for my makeup kit. Would I purchase it again, yes and no. Yes because I also want to try other products from the Jeffree Star cosmetics line, the highlighters look BOMB! No because the additional tax what they charge at the border is a little bit ridiculous.
Have you guys tried the JSC before, what’s your opinion and what’s your favorite colour of the summer bundle? Leave a comment down below!dsc03278