Games on my iPhone📲

I’m sure not all of us like to play games on their phone, either you think it takes up space, you don’t have the tome or you just don’t like it. I on the other side, I do play some games on my phone.

As you can see I play a bit of the same category games. Seems like I like building stuff right, hihih. First of all I play “Subway Surfers” to stay sharp, it’s not only about technique but you need to stay sharp as well so basically it’s also a brain training. Also you can compete with your facebook friends and other people from other countries as well.

Well the 4 following games are all building areas, hotel, mall, fashion store and a gym self explanatory correct? The bigger the better and it’s not only about adding a object in the game but the objects also exists out of levels so the higher the object the more worth it is and the more you can earn and satisfy the customers. This does only counts for “Hotel Story” & “Happy Mall S”. For the “Fashion” & gym the objects will be released at a certain level but the object itself does not have levels it’s buy and use.

Tetris who does NOT know this game. I played it a lot when I was a kid. Also for tetris it counts that you need to stay sharp but you also have to have fast movements. Well this game is self explanatory right? Not much to tell just a fun game. 5 differences, says enough. Find 5 different spots between two photo’s and you can go a level up, classic game as well. | Games on my iPhone 001

On the second page I have some games that I don’t play often. Songpop a well known game last year or 2 years ago where tou compete with someone and gues the correct song as fast as possible. Beat mp3 is similar as tap tap revenge. Burger is just to serve the customers. The customers have request what they want on their burgers and you just make it as fast as possible because there is a time limit.

The ohhh so crazyyy but ohhh so fuuunnn Akinator. It’s crazy that when you think of a celeb or cartoon it can gues who you were thinking about. This is an awesome game to play when you’re with your frienda just awesome! | Games on my iPhone 002

Well I’d like to know if any of my readers play any of these games and if so comment your username below if necessary or country. Also comment below what game you’re hooked on these days.