Favorite Pearl Monday: K-Palette 1 Day Tattoo Real Lasting Eyeliner 4HWP Super Black

Hey my Pannies so I know it’s been a while that I’ve posted anything on my blog but I will be starting blogging again starting today. I made a schedule to post on the Mondays and Thursdays but I don’t promise anything. Also I am going to drop Music Mondays from now on, if you still want to follow my playlist you can click on the youtube playlist on the left side or go to my youtube page and on my YT page I made a Music Mondays playlist. I will keep adding music on it but I just won’t blog about it for a while.
Some updates: I will replace Music Mondays with Favorite Pearl Monday. Everyday week I will post one my favorite product/item/food or so and tell you guys why it’s my fav. Luvv it right, there will be varieties of product coming up. Also I will be posting on Mondays (afternoons) & Thursdays (evenings).
Now for this week my favorite product is the ”K-Palette 1 Day Tattoo Real Lasting Eyeliner”. This is an eyeliner made in Japan and it’s very popular in Asia. There are various 1 day tattoos to choose from and I tried out 3 of them, the blue one, the pink one and the brown one. Blue & pink are liquid and the brown one is just a kohl eyeliner. All of the 3 come in a pen shape. 
Now my favorite out of the 3 is the pink one. It really claims what it says on the packaging. It’s easy to apply, waterproof and it’s really pigmented super black. Personally my eyes are sensitive and also because of the season and hay fever this eyeliner is the best. My eyes are quit watery which makes this eyeliner so good. I tried out lots of waterproof eyeliners but just a few were actually waterproof. For some the first hour or so the eyeliner stayed in place, perfect, pigmented etc. but after that hour I sometimes get spots where the liner has been faded or just a whole ”bold” spot which is UGHHH.
I just totally luvv this eyeliner but too bad it’s not available in the Netherlands. I bought this while I was in HK in February, thought I want to try this out. A total bummer I didn’t bought several more because of what I understand this is a limited edition so if you can order it online, DO IT!^^
How cute can a packaging be though, it’s PINK. My fav. colour is purple but for the last year or 3/4 I really have been enjoying pink, added to my fav. colour stash! 
Here you can see how sharp the pen is (after 3 weeks) and how pigmented the liner is. Totally luvv. it, even if you’re not good in applying eyeliner you can do it. Ow and for the beginners a pen is recommended, easiest method to apply liner!
What I used to create this look are the following products:
* CC Cream: Gosh Illuminating Foundation SPF 10 – 03 (Moisturising Hydratant)
* Concealer: Essence Stay Natural Concealer – 03 Soft Nude & 04 Soft Honey
* Powder: Rimmel Londen Stay Matte Long Lasting Pressed Powder – 006 Warm Beige
* Brows: Hema Eyebrow Pencil – 11 & Hema Eyebrow Gel in Brown
* Eyeliner: K-Palette 1 Day Tattoo Real Lasting Eyeliner 4H WP Super Black
* Bronzing Powder: ELF Baked Bronzer 
* Blush: Nars Orgasm 
* Lipstick: Rimmel London Kate Moss – 107
I really hope you guys liked my first post after a long time. Also I hope you guys follow, comment and share this post. Also I’d like to hear your opinion of the new design. I’m have 0% knowledge of design but I gained some and I’d like to hear your opinion. Looking forward to Thursday, it’s promising…
Keep your head in the game & keep on going