The Ooh You So Nasty European Tour feat. Eat Your Kimchi – Fanmeet/Event

Hey my Pannies how are you guys doing, so far so good? I am actually really exited to be finally posting this. As many kpop fans know EYK finally came to Europe, yuppp they had an Europe tour planned and off course I had to attend this event. The image below is the EU tour poster, Spudgy & Meemersss!! ❤

Well to begin with the story it was very hard to even get a ticket for the event. So there was actually 1 event planned in Amsterdam but because of the huge population and the attention this event got they had to plan a second event. 
First of all the ticket service wasn’t planned very well though. The website was crashing the whole time because there were just too many people who wanted to get on the website at once wanting to order the tickets. It was divided in first (first 4 rows) and second rank tickets. Off course many people wanted to get the first rank tickets to be able to see things more clearly and to be honest I was one of them but because the site was crashing etc. the first rank tickets were all sold out and I have no idea how those people got through it but luckily I finally did got through the ERROR page, paid and got an email notification but this took ages, 4real. It really took about 2+ hours (inc. the notification+tickets)!! I was SO EXITED to see that email though, I couldn’t even believe it.
Well as some people were very happy with their tickets some were not so very happy… People kept on complaining on Facebook and twitter which I can understand but Hallyucon & EYK finally cam to a decision to hold a second event. The actual fan meet was in the evening and because EYK had to leave the very next day they had to do two shows that day. Nasties who went to the afternoon show posted lots of photo’s/videos on their Facebook page after the event and it looked very cool and nice, I just couldn’t wait till the actual show.
So FINALLY I was at the event!! At the second event there were lots of people. The room was actually very small, people were sitting in the balcony and even on the stairways. I personally really enjoyed the event very much, it was better than I would’ve expected. Because of the tickets situation lots of people had their doubts but I personally really enjoyed the show and Simon&Martina were VERY VERY VERY funny!! The ghetto way of saying it, I WAS CRACKING UP!! XD
Forgot about the program but we started with an Q&A session, we played dutch games such as koekhappen, S&M danced on Brown Eyed Girls – Abracadabra, there was a game with challenges and questions and a lot more. I really had a great laugh at the show and it was really worth the waiting and the error pages of the tickets. Hope they will come again soon to the Netherlands. To finish it of I will post some pictures below and it’s not the best quality + I did not edit the photo’s what at all b/c otherwise it would be even more of a crappy photos. 

Gift time, Martina up close my party people!! Really living her cotton candy pink hair!!<3
In this photo they had to create their own kpop band, add names and etc. Martina had something with Cheese and Simon something with ham…XD
Here they are playing the Dutch game, koekhappen. Very funny though because Simon and Martina has to choose 1 person from the public and both of them chose pretty tall nasties so Martina had a really hard time and she was jumping and all, HAHAHAHAHAH. Even Simon had a pretty hard time eating the cake, it was SOSO funny. XD

So Martina had to do the punishment because she lost the Wheel game.
To finish up with the fan meeting event we took group photos. Also because there were too many people at the evening event we took the photos row by row. I just took the photo with me in it but if you click on the photo you can see other photos that were taken of the evening as well as for the midday event as wel. Also I will post a short video on my youtube channel as well so you can check it out!!<3
Here are the EYK official videos in Amsterdam, check it out:
Much luuvess, Lynn W. xo