WHAT I’VE USED UP | February 2016 Empties🌟

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So it’s been a while since I uploaded an empties post I thought about doing it again since my readers do like these kinds of posts. For the month February there’s not a huge amount I’ve used up but there are indeed a few products I emptied.

To begin with the Bourjois healthy mix foundation. If you follow my blog for a while you will know how much I luvv this foundation because it really does what it says. It gives you an healthy radiance glow and the coverage I’d say is medium coverage but it’s definitely buildable and one pump goes a long way. I’ve repurchased this foundation several times already so it is a product I swear by and a recommender. For a drugstore foundation it’s no doubt one of the best out there. You can get this foundation online but you can also purchase it at Douglas, Ici Paris for around €15,00.

The second product is the Batiste dry shampoo. Also this product I repurchased countless times since I do use it often because I don’t want to wash my hair that much. My hair gets oily at around day 2/3 after I’ve washed my hair and I can’t wash my hair every 2/3 days especially now that I’ve purple hair so I use dry shampoo. What I also like is that it gives some volume to my hair as well and it’s just easy to use. What I don’t really like is that the actual product comes out white so you really need to work in the product for the white to be gone and for me personally it does look like my hair dried out on the top at least this is what I can see, I’ve never actually asked someone else about it. I keep repurchasing this just because it’s easy, gives volume and it’s easily accessible as I can just get it in stores. You can purchase this product at the Kruidvat, Etos for around €5,00.

As for this product I was really exited to try out because get pimples every month and I tend to squeeze them out which is not good at all so I was really looking for a good face wash. Yes I’m talking about the Dr. van de Hoog clear skin face wash which contains salicylic and that basically dries out the pimple. I also thought I read something about discoloration but in that aspect it didn’t do much but as for pimples it does really work. I used this during the night times to wash my face but as soon as I feel or see a pimple growing I’d use this in the morning as well and it actually prevents the pimple from growing so I’d repeat this for about 3/4 days and the red area will be gone by then. 
I’m looking for a new face wash right now which helps discoloration because the areas around my eyes are bit more darker/yellow and also I’ve a lot of pimple spots which a squeezed out and it’s actually really bothering me so if you guys know any products for that please let me know in the comments below. I bought this product of from the online Douglas store and it’s available for €7,99.

The last product is a body scrub from the new Etos line. Actually for this product the packaging actracted me, they upgraded their shower/body line and it looks much more attractive. As for the product itself it’s alright but I personally wouldn’t repurchase it again because I don’t see nor feel much of a difference before and after I’ve used it. The scrub particles are very fine and small in my perspective and you don’t need a lot at all. I personally used this only on my uppers arms because I have things that look like small goosebumps (keratosis pilaris) on there so it might be because that is very rough but if you don’t have that you can try it out for yourself. I read by scrubbing that area everyday it would lessen it but for me it’s not the case. The product is available at Etos for €2,99.

🆕 ⚠️If you haven’t noticed already I made a few changes on my site as well. Now you can email me if you have any questions  or requests, you can just full out the form in the contact menu!⚠️ 🆕