WHAT I’VE USED UP | February 2016 Empties🌟

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So it’s been a while since I uploaded an empties post I thought about doing it again since my readers do like these kinds of posts. For the month February there’s not a huge amount I’ve used up but there are indeed a few products I emptied.

To begin with the Bourjois healthy mix foundation. If you follow my blog for a while you will know how much I luvv this foundation because it really does what it says. It gives you an healthy radiance glow and the coverage I’d say is medium coverage but it’s definitely buildable and one pump goes a long way. I’ve repurchased this foundation several times already so it is a product I swear by and a recommender. For a drugstore foundation it’s no doubt one of the best out there. You can get this foundation online but you can also purchase it at Douglas, Ici Paris for around €15,00.

The second product is the Batiste dry shampoo. Also this product I repurchased countless times since I do use it often because I don’t want to wash my hair that much. My hair gets oily at around day 2/3 after I’ve washed my hair and I can’t wash my hair every 2/3 days especially now that I’ve purple hair so I use dry shampoo. What I also like is that it gives some volume to my hair as well and it’s just easy to use. What I don’t really like is that the actual product comes out white so you really need to work in the product for the white to be gone and for me personally it does look like my hair dried out on the top at least this is what I can see, I’ve never actually asked someone else about it. I keep repurchasing this just because it’s easy, gives volume and it’s easily accessible as I can just get it in stores. You can purchase this product at the Kruidvat, Etos for around €5,00.

As for this product I was really exited to try out because get pimples every month and I tend to squeeze them out which is not good at all so I was really looking for a good face wash. Yes I’m talking about the Dr. van de Hoog clear skin face wash which contains salicylic and that basically dries out the pimple. I also thought I read something about discoloration but in that aspect it didn’t do much but as for pimples it does really work. I used this during the night times to wash my face but as soon as I feel or see a pimple growing I’d use this in the morning as well and it actually prevents the pimple from growing so I’d repeat this for about 3/4 days and the red area will be gone by then. 
I’m looking for a new face wash right now which helps discoloration because the areas around my eyes are bit more darker/yellow and also I’ve a lot of pimple spots which a squeezed out and it’s actually really bothering me so if you guys know any products for that please let me know in the comments below. I bought this product of from the online Douglas store and it’s available for €7,99.

The last product is a body scrub from the new Etos line. Actually for this product the packaging actracted me, they upgraded their shower/body line and it looks much more attractive. As for the product itself it’s alright but I personally wouldn’t repurchase it again because I don’t see nor feel much of a difference before and after I’ve used it. The scrub particles are very fine and small in my perspective and you don’t need a lot at all. I personally used this only on my uppers arms because I have things that look like small goosebumps (keratosis pilaris) on there so it might be because that is very rough but if you don’t have that you can try it out for yourself. I read by scrubbing that area everyday it would lessen it but for me it’s not the case. The product is available at Etos for €2,99.

🆕 ⚠️If you haven’t noticed already I made a few changes on my site as well. Now you can email me if you have any questions  or requests, you can just full out the form in the contact menu!⚠️ 🆕


November Beauty Haul: Ici Paris, Etos, Kruidvat, The Bodyshop

Hey my Pannies so it’s Sunday today, are you guys having a lazy one or a productive Sunday? Well it’s obvious that I’m having quit a lazy Sunday except for the couple of hours I’ve planned for my hw…:P

Today it’s a haul blog post again. OMG I’m so exited because I’ve been collecting the beauty products for a while now and I really want to use them but I just HAD to blog this so I waited till (almost) the end of the month. It’s not a huge haul but I’m really exited to try out these products. Enough rambling, need to tick to the topic!!

So here are the beauty products I’ve bought this month. Look further to see where I got it from, the price and product information.
First of all I bought these 2 Bourjois primers and also the foundation of the new their  latest line ”Happy Light”. I bought these at Ici Paris in Amsterdam which they had a huge sale, 1+1, I mean what more can you ask for… 
Happy Light Foundation ~ Luminous & flawless complexion in ANY LIGHT (translucent Pigments) and is originally €15,- [Colour will be posted later on]
Green Primer~ Matte Serum Version  &  Red Primer ~ Luminous Serum Version and is originally €12/13,-
As the Bourjois products were 1+1 I also bought this Color Boost which I freakinggg luvv!! I’ve been using this for 3 days straight. Not only does this has SPF 15 in it but it’s SOSO moisturizing guys, OMG. It’s not as pigmented as lipstick, it gives you actually more of a shine but it’s so pretty though. It says it stays on for 10 hours and is waterproof but for me personally it’s not the case at all though, especially when I eat, drink etc.


Product: Bourjois Colour Boost in ”03 Orange Punch” and this is originally €10,- [Might be picking up the other 2 colours]
If you’ve read my last post you know that I went to the Grazie beauty bloggers masterclass and BE was part of the event. I saw lots of makeup over there which involved this very pretty BE lipstick colour. I needed to pick this colour up so right after the BBMC I went to Ici Paris to pick it up.
This is the ”016 Crazy”, dark colours are totally fashionable, don’t be afraid just try it out. I was also not into dark colours but because it’s so trendy this winter and I tried the Rimmel Kate one #17 and now I’m totally obsessed with these colour ranges. The price is very affordable, €13,-.
Here I have 3 Miss Sporty lipsticks and 1 Essence lipstick. I totally luvv the Essence packaging, it looks so chic because it has a matt packaging, luvving the renewal! These are all affordable drugstore lipsticks so if you want to try it out go and check it out. [REMINDER!!] Essence is only available ar Kruidvat and Miss Sporty is only available at Etos. The products are not moisturizing at all and comes of easily but they are very pigmented that’s what I luvv about these lipsticks. Off course you can’t compare it to MAC products or so but for very affordable drugstore makeup it’s just oke. 
As you can see in the last image you can see the product number and name so I won’t get into that. The ”Essence” lipsticks are €2,39 and the ”Miss sporty” lipsticks are €2,49.
Here I have a new mascara. It gives volume and as it says big eyes, very interested to try this. I also want to try out the manga one but it’s always sold out when I go to the stores…=S
Ow and BTW it has two sides, one is particularly for the bodem lashes and the other side for the upper lashes of course.
Maybelline Volum Express Big Eyes. I bought this at Kruidvat and it was on sale for €10,- but normally it’s €15,99.
Here we have the Elizabeth Arden Moisturizer. I could not find any specific information or reviews on this but the reason I bought this was because it normally was €30/35,- and it was in the sale for €10,- at Kruidvat so I need to try that out.
Here we have the shea butter of the body shop. A couple of weeks ago the body shop had a VIP night  and they offered 20% discount so I really wanted to go to the body shop so I just went that night. This shea butter smells so good and because winter is coming up I NEED THIS!!
This is the ”Shea Body Butter” which smells AMAZING!! I can”t even describe the scent you NEED to smell it for yourself. Also it’s so smooth and soft… OMG. You guys should try it at the counter because I actually did because mine is still all pretty and untouched, lol. Well the shea butter costs €16,- for 200 ml.
Here I have a radiance of the body shop which is perfect for the holidays coming up. Not only do I luvv the packaging but I also luvv it because it has glitter in it, I mean who doesn’t luvv glitter. I’m totally going to use this during the holiday.
This is the ”Brush on Radiance” and is €18,50 (50% off o your second product now).
I hope you guys like this haul and off course I hope you will pick some of these stuff up if you like it. And as you noticed I did not do any swatches just because it would be too much but you guys can test these out on the stores. If you guys do want swatches in my haul post comment below then I will keep the hauls shorter and with less products as well. If you guys think this is good, share this post and hashtag #YLWorld so I can see you everywhere.
Much luuvess, Lynn W. xo