Grazia Beautybloggers Masterclass (First Edition)

Hey my party Pannies it’s Thursday meaning a new blog post and it’s almost weekend. What did you guys do this week? We (school) had some German exchange students coming over this week and we had to welcome them and plan all sorts of activities for this week. If school was like this everyday I think it would be so much more fun even though it’s also very exhausting. Well back to the point…

As you can see from the title this week it’s al about beauty any blogging. I wanted to blog this a long time ago because this event was held last month (Oct. 26 2013). I’m very sorry for posting it this late but I still hope you guys will like it and maybe I will see you at their second BBMC if I will go. 
This was indeed their first beautybloggers masterclass ever held in the Netherlands and I was very happy that I made the decision to attend this event. 

The entrance fee was €15,- p.p. but it was definitely worth it. BE Creative was a big part of this whole event. I personally knew BE but I did not had the chance to try anything yet but after seeing their line there were some products that interested me a lot. We also received a goodie bag which included 3 BE products, a lipstick, a mascara and a nail polish. I haven’t touched anything yet of the bag but after publishing this post I will definitely will try everything out. 
It was a good organized event but I do have some feedback that they could look into. First of all as I said the location was quite easy to find it was just near Amsterdam Central Station/behind Starbucks. When arrived there was no one to pick you up or anything you just had to find the event place. There was a sign with ”events” but then you have people like me who always look over the stupid signs right…
When I finally was upstairs I had to hand in the ticket and got a badge, notebook and pen which is unique and a cool future that they thought about. Big plus Grazie!!
After getting those things you could get something to drink (coffee, tea, water) and the program started at 9:30 (which was wayyy tooooo early for me).
We learned how to find the perfect foundation for your skin type/colour. Well se apparently I’ve been doing it wrong all this time but my technique works as well for me personally. 
To find the perfect foundation colour you just apply stripes on your chin and right away you can see what blends which your own skin colour. I never ever knew this I always apply it on the back of my hand but as many of you know your hands are darker than the face. For me I’ve never tried this technique yet because the hand thing does work for me. Off course my hands are darker than my face but I don’t tend to get sunburned/darker easy (which sucks because I do want that glow) and also if you’re shopping and you already applied makeup it just ruins your makeup right. I would definitely recommend this technique if you really have doubts about 2 colours or so but don’t put 10 different foundation colours on your chin, you can eyeball which one could suit you and keep it up 3/4 foundations. 
Also BE Creative they have really pretty lipsticks which exists out of a wide range of colours and it’s affordable so if you see the line just go and check it out. For now I’m going to post some pictures below.
BE Creative Makeup
After the first activity we could have lunch at the ”DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel” which was awesome. There was a lot you could choose from, bread, shrimps, cold food, hot food, soup etc. After having the lunch we had some inspirational speeches of beauty coach ”Thijs Willekes” (he was so freaking tall, jelly with my 1.60m) and the two beautiful Dutch beauty bloggers ”Mascha of Beautygloss & Serena of Beautylab). All of them were very positive and they could talk for hours and hours and they weren’t nervous at all. I would pee my pants of I had to talk for so many people, to be honest presenting is not my strongest point, not at all. If you guys could meet me I’m probably the most awkward person you will meet EVER!! XD
 Hilmar Mulder
Thijs Willekes
 Mascha Feoktistova 
Look at me right in that corner (right side, Hilma M. took the picture and I just had to be in it right, silly me…:P)
Serena Verbon with her silly faces, hihih
Then near the end of the event there were two more bloggers talking about their story. I did not knew these two before but we had Kirsten ”Jassies & Negin Mirsalehi”. 
OMG how did I not knew Negin, she is soso prettyyy. She’s also a beauty, fashion, lifestyle blogger (english), I really do recommend you guys to follow her, she’s beautiful, inspirational and she and her boyfriend are so cute together. Follow her on instagram, twitter, fb just everything. 
This is literally the only image I have of this activity but head over to Negin’s Mirsalehi blog, insta etc. she’s awesome and she does lots of outfit posts such as ootd, ootn.
Well there’s always an end to something so the event was done after this. We could go to the sky lounge with the most beautiful view of Amsterdam. But there’s also always a goodie bag to take home with these kinds of events, totally luvvinggg it. Check out the images below of the goodie bag and the beautiful view of Amsterdam!!
Skylounge Amsterdam View
Hope you guys like it and if Grazia will do this again I hope I can go once again if I have the chance. Will you guys join as well?? *BIG DREAMS*
For more foto’s you can check the following link:
Much luuvess, Lynn W. xo 

Drugstore Beauty Haul!

Hey my lovely Pannies,

I’m sticking to my word and post more frequently!^^

Today I went out for henna and a nail polish and came back with lots more then expected. 

Today I actually wanted to go out and get some henna for myself because lately I’ve been inspired by some of my friends. Lots of times I see my friends walking for henna around because they went to a wedding or other special circumstances they went and they have these beautiful artwork on their hands, feet etc. I really got inspired by their artwork and how precise draw these artwork on someones body. 

Back in the days I already knew what henna was and I have tried it out but because I’m inspired lately I want to draw a whole artwork on my arm too and off course I will let you guys know how it turned out in another blogpost.

Lara Cometics: Henna.
Kruidvat: scrubgel (were on sale for €1,- each), Fa deoderant (buy 1 get 1 free), Essence brush + eyeshadow & the hair refresher of the new ”natuurlijk puur” line of Andrélon.
Etos: Toni&Guy sea salt spray & Andrélon serum for dry & damaged hair.
Hema: Nail hardener & eyeshadow brush
*All bought from Dutch drugstore!!! The Toni&Guy, Essence products are available in other countries but for the other products I really don’t know!
Besides the srubgel, nail hardener and Fa deoderant what I’m familiar with I’m quite exited to use the other products. I’ve heard quite good things of both Andrélon products and the Toni&Guy sea salt spray.
Hope you guys enjoy this blogpost and share the luvv with others!!
Much luuvess, Lynn W. xo

Mini Rimmel London Haul

Hey Pannies,

Again it’s been a while since I’ve updated my blog. Well as summer break has began I will be trying to post more often. As for today it’s only about two products. One is the ”Rimmel London Stay Matte Pressed Powder” and the other is the ”Rimmel London APOCALIPS lip lacquer” in 501 Stellar. People have been praising on these products so I had to buy them.


Today I did use the APOCALIPS and I am totally in luvv with the colour. Even though it stains it’s also very pigmented. Loving it so far. If you guys request more info or review on the product, comment below!

I will also try the pressed powder later on so if you want more info or a review on that also comment below!

Live, Laugh, Love ❤ Pannies


Much luuvess, Lynn W. xo

Haul: Fashion, Dental care, Makeup & ELF products

Hey Pannies,

I know it’s been a while again but please spare me. Lasts 4/5 weeks of school so I need to finish everything plus next week is exam week… Before all the craziness start I just want to posts something on my blog and this time it’s a haul kinda blog + this is the MAY edition.

First of all I need to admit I’m a sneakerhead, sneakerzzz over heals but it’s been the longest that I haven’t bought any because I just didn’t found any that were my taste and I haven’t been really searching for the longest I need to admit. Recently I was just searching some sites and I saw the cutest and coolest sneakers again, loved them so off course I needed to buy them, see below (bought at Also I need to admit I’m a Adidas fan especially Jeremy Scott designs, all day every day.

Also been searching for the left bag and I actually found two bags. The first bag on the right, it’s kinda a every day bag if you need to carry your standard belongings but I’m a student so it’s impossible for me to use this every day. This bag I found at primark for about €15,- so that was a good deal right. 
The bag on the right side I bought at Zara. This actually I saw at Zoella’s haul I’ve seen this bag on the Zara’s website but never in their stores and she did a haul of this bag and as I was watching it I wanted to buy it because this bag comes in so handy for students etc. There are 5 department which 3 which zippers and two with those buttons. The middle department you can put your laptop in there and that’s so easy I say because there’s are certain cushions or so that protect your laptop. Then there’s a department for your iPad, Notebook etc. and then there’s a department where you can put your keys, cards, tissues etc. Then the other two you can use for what ever. 

Up to the dental care. I’ve never taken good care of my teeth and I also have always thought that they were awesome and perfect, first of all because I’ve never worn braces before and second because I’ve never had problems since last year. But I know better now, I haven’t visited the dentists for the longest, about 4/5 years. Last year I took time to go to the dentists and I got things fixed that I didn’t even knew it was possible but right now I’m TAKING CARE of these baby pannies and you should too. I’m trying out new toothpaste at the moment because I’ve been using Aquafresh for a long time to get whiter teeth but I haven’t seen any improvements or something so summer is up and we need them white teeth so I’ve heard good things of oral B and right now I’m using the 3D white one for around 2/3 weeks and I swear I am seeing results already. I also heard good things of Crest toothpaste, strips, mouth water etc. but we can’t get them in the Netherlands and I’m very very sad because I really want to try that one out. Right now using the Sensodyne mouth water and I really hate mouth water it’s like drinking cough drops, IELL!! Then we have the UltraDent Floss.

Now up to makeup you girls have been waiting for. On the first photo you can see two Bourjois foundations, the black one is the 123 perfect and the red one is the healthy mix foundation. Based on my skin type and what I do etc. I will describe all the products. I’m using the shade #53 which is the Light beige one on both. The 123 perfect foundation of bourjois I personally don’t really like. I have seen reviews of this products and a lot of people liked it but for me with a combination skin I don’t really like it. I have tried this out during the colder times as it is always in the Netherlands and I’ve been trying it out during times it was hot. I didn’t really like it because on my skin it looked really cakie, it was sticky and it made my skin very very dry after just 2/3 hours so I did not really like this. For the healthy mic of bourjois I luvv this product. This product has been a life savior. I was sick for quite a while and actually still a little bit but after a while of sitting/sleeping at home I just wanted to go out and off course I decided to test it out for you guys and also for me, hihihih. Well I really do not have any complaint… I got lots of compliments of how good my skin looks, they thought it was flawless LOL. It did not feel sticky at all, it was the right color, it smelled good, just OMG, luvv it, try it and tell me about it.
Then we have 3 bodyshop products, actually it’s 4 but I couldn’t find the scrub. Last month it was my bday so my mom, brother and I went shopping and bought something at the bodyshop as always. I don’t have sensitive skin but around my jaw it tends to get red very easily and it stays that way sometimes. Have been to the doctor but he says it’ll go away by time, well thanks NOT!! Well I bought a scrub and a face wash of the sentive collection. I’m not sure about these products. The face wash tend to make my face very dry after using it but it also tends to make it very clean and smooth. For the srub I just don’t like because as I said earlier this is for people with sentive skin so it doesn’t tend to do the job for me. We also got a lip scrub and I really really luvv this because I’m someone who licks the lips all the time when not wearing anything on it and I know it’s bad but I just do. So I’ve been using for for the longest and it really helps, a little goes a long way and I’m using this 3/4 times a week. Then the body butter I got for an euro.
On to the Absolute Nude palette of Catrice. I’m luving this palette though. Maybe it’s not visible in the picture but I’ve been using this palette like crazy especially the first two colours and the fourth colors, just try it!
We went crazy with the eyeliner because you guys know we need them eyeliner! Bought two catrice eyeliners which are pen liners, one in 010 black and the other in 040 black grey which is actually just a grey. We also went for the L’oréal Paris Super Liner Perfect Slim which I’ve been hearing a lot of good thing about and a lot of recommendations so we’ll try.
Two more products which are the Essence ”all about matt! fixing compact powder and the Astor 730 soft sensation which is a very barbie pink colour. Luving the powder, luv a matt face especially with makeup who wants a see through face right. For the lipstick, it’s alright. Picked this up in Germany at a drugstore, liked the colour but it doesn’t really moisturize so it’s up to you.

Oké so last but not least my ELF collection of this year. Have been hearing a lot of this brand and I can’t get this in stores in the Netherlands so I searched if we can get this online and YES, I’ve been exaggerating. 3 nail polishes, luvv the purple color, we have a face mist which is awesome too and also a shampoo for the brushes which is not in the photo but for the shampoo I give it a 5.5 out of 10, I just recommend baby shampoo. Two brushes, a stippling and a contouring. A baked bonzer and power with SPF and a tinted moisturizer for the lips which I like it’s more of a nude colour. We need to have the eyeliner which is very good but it dried up after using it for about 6 times, FAIL. Some concealer, highlighter, tinted moisterizer for the face, lip balms. Also we have a lip stain which I luvv up till now, gives my lips that shine and then the eye refresher which I also like but I’m not seeing results so for, been using for only 5 days to that’s logic.

Well so it was a long haul and tiny bits of reviews but I hope you guys like it and spread the luvv by sharing, commenting, liking, requesting and see you my panes next time.

Live, Laugh, Love ❤ Pannies

Much luuvess, Lynn W. xo

[REVIEW] SHEREIO, Cucumber Mask

What’s up my Pannies,

It’s already been three weeks ago that I posted my first blogpost.

Today I want to write a review off the ”cucumber mask of SHEREIO”.

I’m sure that these aren’t worldwide brands and I wasn’t familiar with them either, I got these products while I was on vacation in HK/China. Never thought I would write a review about this but it’ll be fun though, hope you enjoy.

First of all I want to say that I have a pretty oily skin and off course it’s a bit dryer during the winter periods so I have to take extra care of it otherwise pimples will start to pop up so I will describe these based on my skin type. Also my cheekbones do tend to get quite red easily (it’s not acne, I have no idea why this is or what this is but my GP says it’ll disappear but I still have this so I dunno…?!).

SHEREIO, Cucumber Mask 
Well as you guys can see the packaging is not really special or so but it does its job to protects the mask so it’s ok. The one thing that irritates me of the packaging is when you actually need to open it. Normally these masks will go open easily but with this one I did hd some trouble opening it but not to the extend of using scissors, luckily. 


Now the back side of the packaging. As you might have noticed already everything is written in Chinese and that’s pretty logical as I bought it in China but that sucks for me because reading Chinese is quite a burden as we have so many characters. Still I managed to read that this is a 15 minute mask.
After opening this mask and as you can see it’s very watery. 
The mask contains a lot of that watery/jelly kind of stuff (what’s the english word for this, comment). Even after I took out the mask a lot of that products was still in the packaging. 

Finally my expectations of the product wasn’t very high. I do have to say that the mask did a bit o moistening but it totally did not clear up or close my pores at all. This was a 15 minute mask but after 15 minutes has past by there was still a lot of product left on the mask so instead of taking this off after 15 min. I took it off after about 30 minutes and even then there was still a lot of product left on the mask. 

The mask itself felt very soft and I did like the material of it but I tend to buy facial masks that always have such a big hole/area for the nose and that’s kind of irritating me.
If I would give a mark it would be 6.5/10 (6.5 out of 10).
Hope you guys enjoy my first review and maybe you have any recommendations for me (masks), just comment below. BTW the store I bought this masks at is ”Aiyaya”, website is —> and they sell all sorts of things, from facial masks to korean idol key hangers so just take a look, not sure if you can order online or something but they do have interesting news otherwise you can also take a look at it’s a Chinese store as well but this is something that’s more trustworthy to buy from.

Live, Laugh, Love ❤ Pannies

Much luuvess, Lynn W. xo