Glamorous Coral Halloween Makeup Tutorial🎃 | LYNNA WU

Hey everyone so there’s a new video up on my youtube channel go and check it out if you haven’t already. It’s almost halloween and so I decided to stick to the theme. Let me know what you guys think about this makeup look and if you’d like to see more of these videos. I will be practicing more with special effect makeup and put it out there. If you liked the video give it a thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe. Also I’d like to see your creation so #LynnaWuMakeup and I’ll check it out!

FACE  >>
– Revlon Photoready Foundation
– Revlon Photoready BB Cream
– Nivea Men Sensitive Aftershave Balm
– White Facial Paint
– L.A. Girl Pro Conceal HD Setting Powder
– Gold Glitter
– Stars Confetti

– Essence Sun Club 2in1 bronzing powder

– MAC Eyeshadow Deep Truth

NOSE  >>
– Hema Eyebrow Kit 03

EYES  >>
– MAC Eyeshadow Coral
– Catrice Absolute Nude Eyeshadow Palette (Pink Colour)
– K-palette 1 Day Tattoo Real Lasting Eyeliner
– Eyelure Dramatic Lashes N.204

– Catrice Velvet Lip Colour C01 Queen’s BEAUTea Time


My Everyday Makeup Look Tutorial💁

Hey guys so today I decided to upload my everyday/go-to makeup look. This look is very simple to recreate, minimum products are used and most of the products are available in the drugstores as well. If you guys like the look, like the video! If you are going to recreate this look I’d like to see it #LynnaWuEverydaymakeup and also tag me @LynnaWuOfficial


FACE  >>
– Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water (Sensitive skin)
– Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré
– Vision All Day Sun Protection SPF30
– Revlon Photoready Foundation
– Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation
– L.A. Girl Pro Conceal HD Concealer (Green)
– L.A. Girl Pro Conceal HD Concealer (Porcelain)
– L.A. Girl Pro Conceal HD Setting Powder

– Bourjois Bronzing Primer
– E.L.F. Baked Bronzer
– The Body Shop Brush On Radiance

– Gosh Smokey Eyes Palette 02 BROWN (darkest shade)
– 3 Concept Eyes Eyebrow Mascara – Red Brown

EYES  >>
– BeYu Eye Base
– W7 10 out of 10 (Upper row, first, second and fifth colour)
– E.L.F. Baked Bronzer
– Pencil Liner (Brand not visible anymore, use any kind you prefer)
– K-Palette 1 Day Tattoo Real Lasting Eyeliner 24H
– Maybelline Great Lash Blackest Black
– Maybelline One By One Volum Express Mascara in Satin Black

– Maybelline Baby Lips Cherry Velvet
– Catrice Ultimate Stay 090 IrrCORALbly Pink
– Rimmel London Apocalips Lip Lacquer 303 Apolaliptic


FINALLY ON YOUTUBE: Get Ready With Me! Makeup Edition💁

Hey everyone so you can finally find me on THE youtube. You can watch my first video now on my channel. If you like it don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE, COMMENT, LIKE and SHARE the videooo.

Here’s the full list of products I used creating this look, keep on reading:

Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré
L.A. Girl PRO Conceal HD Concealer – Green Corrector
Revlon Photoready Foundation
Collistar Perfect Wear Foundation
L.A. Girl PRO Conceal HD Concealer – Porcelain
Rimmel London Wake Me Up Concealer
L.A. Girl PRO Powder HD Setting Powder
The Body Shop Vitamin E Face Mist

Bourjois Bronzing Primer
E.L.F. Baked Bronzer
Catrice Defining Blush 060 Rosewood Forest
The Body Shop Brush On Radiance Perles Iridescentes

Catrice Eye Brow Stylist

BeYu Eye Base
The Body Shop Carbon Eye Definer – 16539 Brown
K-Palette 1 Day Tattoo Real Lasting Eyeliner 24H
Maybelline NY Greatlash – Blackest Black

Catrice Velvet Lip Colour – C01 Queen’s BEAUTea Time


Vacation Photos & Reflection

For the past 4 years I’ve been on lots of trips and today I’d like to share some vaca. photos with you guys. It’s mostly culture shots and food though. || SKY-Vacation Fun & Reflection

These first few photos I took while I was visiting Switzerland & Italy at the same time so the pictures are in no particular order. I think if you have seen photos of Italy on the internet before you will probably know which are which. || SD:IT-Vacation Fun & Reflection IMG_005

What I noticed in Switzerland is that there are lots of small houses on the mountains. There’s lots of green, a lot of nature and it’s very peaceful. The landscape if just so beautiful but I also came in contact with some citizens and they weren’t very nice though. But yet that did not influence my day so let’s keep the beautiful landscapes coming! 😛 || SD:IT-Vacation Fun & Reflection IMG_002 || SD:IT-Vacation Fun & Reflection IMG_001 || SD:IT-Vacation Fun & Reflection IMG_006

The day was long and very adventurous. This shot was actually made in a cablecar. Even though my mom was too scared to ride it my dad and brother went up to the mountains. It was scary I need to say seeing everything to small from above but very beautiful as well. Finally up there, we saw some (LOTS) snow. Things were very expensive at the time in Switzerland I need to say. Probably twice as expensive compared to the Netherlands. So my conclusion is it’s a very beautiful and clean country but be prepared to splurge because food only ain’t cheap! || SD:IT-Vacation Fun & Reflection IMG_003

I FOUND MY NEW LUVV!. It was the first time going to Italy but I won’t say the last time. It’s the most beautiful country I’ve seen so far in my lifetime. I went during the summertime and I’ve never seen the sky nor the water having such a clear blue colour before. The people are so nice and friendly and helpful it’s probably one of my fav. country I’ve visited. Also their cherry ice cream OMG if you’ve tried id before raise your hands though. I hope I will have the chance to visit and experience this once more or several times because I still can’t forget the images in my head. Very nice, beautiful, tourists friendly etc. || SD:IT-Vacation Fun & Reflection IMG_004 || SD:IT-Vacation Fun & Reflection IMG_007

There’s also a large history and artwork involved in the tour. Very unique and awesome to see. || SD:IT-Vacation Fun & Reflection IMG_008 || SD:IT-Vacation Fun & Reflection IMG_009 || SD:IT-Vacation Fun & Reflection IMG_010

I personally went to Venice and there are lots of small boutiques from masks to jewelry and even guns. How beautiful is this display, the dress OMG so beautiful! || SD:IT-Vacation Fun & Reflection IMG_011

This lamp is so awesome though. There may be lots of devils on it but it;s so freaking awesome, each detail that was put in such a beautiful lamp. || SD:IT-Vacation Fun & Reflection IMG_012

The next place I want to take you guys is the UK. I did not had the chance to take lots of photos so here are only 2 popular ones and very beautiful places. || UK-Vacation Fun & Reflection IMG_001

Do I need to say more Ben? 😛 Can’t believe I actually took this photo. It was pouring rain all day and it finally stopped for a lil bit and the rainbow appeared! (^x^) || UK-Vacation Fun & Reflection IMG_002

Our next stop would be the country of aimourrr!!! You know what I’m talking about right YES France guise. || FR-Vacation Fun & Reflection IMG_001

Scenery captured! || FR-Vacation Fun & Reflection IMG_002

While in Paris you need to go to the Lafayette right. I went during Christmas time with one of the besties and they actually had this pretty Christmas tree inside the mall. How pretty are all the lights and the decorated tree. || FR-Vacation Fun & Reflection IMG_003 || FR-Vacation Fun & Reflection IMG_004

Sephora is a must visit as we don;t have them anymore in the Netherlands BOOO! Each time it’s so overwhelming though. || FR-Vacation Fun & Reflection IMG_005

Fav. brand, needed to take a look TEEHEE. || FR-Vacation Fun & Reflection IMG_006

Laduree for the macarons lover like I do. The store is so pretty with all the fairy light. The employees were so nice as well! 2 thumbs up for Laduree. || FR-Vacation Fun & Reflection IMG_007 || FR-Vacation Fun & Reflection IMG_008 || FR-Vacation Fun & Reflection IMG_009

This was the best meal I had in France. Hours of searching and looking we finally found a Japanese restaurant and it was freaking worth it! It was so DELICIOUS, each and every bite.

Now we need to fly to the other side of the world ad we’re in Hong Kong guise. The city of buildings and lights. || HK-Vacation Fun & Reflection IMG_004

HK is known for it’s late night snacks but also its variety of foods. Here we have our english breakfast served as nicely it can bee with a cup of coffee please. 😛 || HK-Vacation Fun & Reflection IMG_001 || HK-Vacation Fun & Reflection IMG_002 || HK-Vacation Fun & Reflection IMG_003 || HK-Vacation Fun & Reflection IMG_005

My favorite HK street food of all time, egg waffle especially this combo of ying and yang. Crispy of the outs but so fluffy on the inside, I give it a 10/10. || HK-Vacation Fun & Reflection IMG_006

Some more late night street food! || HK-Vacation Fun & Reflection IMG_007

Asia knows for ”all things cute, cuteness overload” you can’t beat this though. The presentation is just a 10/10. || HK-Vacation Fun & Reflection IMG_008

No matter where Starbucks is a must visit right, you all know this is a fact. || HK-Vacation Fun & Reflection IMG_009

Same counts for the Apple store. || HK-Vacation Fun & Reflection IMG_010

While in HK you need to visit the late night street markets, there’s a lot of stuff to buy! || HK-Vacation Fun & Reflection IMG_011

You can’t miss the architecture in HK! || HK-Vacation Fun & Reflection IMG_012 || HK-Vacation Fun & Reflection IMG_013 || HK-Vacation Fun & Reflection IMG_014

Even from above HK represents a dragon, have you noticed this before!? Bet ahh you haven’t. || MC-Vacation Fun & Reflection IMG_001

I was only 1 day in Macau and it seemed like a theater city. Look at these buildings and the colours though and a fountain in the the middle of the square.

SNAP we are in China! || CN-Vacation Fun & Reflection IMG_001

We went all up right at the top. It was SOOO HOT it was about 40° celsius in China but we stepped forward and went to the top. Ridiculous that chinese women still wear heels while on a trip. || CN-Vacation Fun & Reflection IMG_002 || CN-Vacation Fun & Reflection IMG_003

A shot from the top how awesome is this view! || CN-Vacation Fun & Reflection IMG_004

The best thing is china is that on lots of products you can find your fav. idol. Hi Show Luo WHOOTWHOOT and we have AngelaBaby. || CN-Vacation Fun & Reflection IMG_005

MORE FOOD!!! || CN-Vacation Fun & Reflection IMG_006

HEART SHAPED FOOD!!! || CN-Vacation Fun & Reflection IMG_007

TROPICALL FRUIT!!! (favs. dragon fruit) || CN-Vacation Fun & Reflection IMG_008

Cutest car right, Snoopy on a car.

Now I’d like to know where you have been on vacation and if you’d like share your vaca. photos with me on instagram/twitter. Both @LynnaWuOfficial and hashtag #Vacaspots!


Games on my iPhone📲

I’m sure not all of us like to play games on their phone, either you think it takes up space, you don’t have the tome or you just don’t like it. I on the other side, I do play some games on my phone.

As you can see I play a bit of the same category games. Seems like I like building stuff right, hihih. First of all I play “Subway Surfers” to stay sharp, it’s not only about technique but you need to stay sharp as well so basically it’s also a brain training. Also you can compete with your facebook friends and other people from other countries as well.

Well the 4 following games are all building areas, hotel, mall, fashion store and a gym self explanatory correct? The bigger the better and it’s not only about adding a object in the game but the objects also exists out of levels so the higher the object the more worth it is and the more you can earn and satisfy the customers. This does only counts for “Hotel Story” & “Happy Mall S”. For the “Fashion” & gym the objects will be released at a certain level but the object itself does not have levels it’s buy and use.

Tetris who does NOT know this game. I played it a lot when I was a kid. Also for tetris it counts that you need to stay sharp but you also have to have fast movements. Well this game is self explanatory right? Not much to tell just a fun game. 5 differences, says enough. Find 5 different spots between two photo’s and you can go a level up, classic game as well. | Games on my iPhone 001

On the second page I have some games that I don’t play often. Songpop a well known game last year or 2 years ago where tou compete with someone and gues the correct song as fast as possible. Beat mp3 is similar as tap tap revenge. Burger is just to serve the customers. The customers have request what they want on their burgers and you just make it as fast as possible because there is a time limit.

The ohhh so crazyyy but ohhh so fuuunnn Akinator. It’s crazy that when you think of a celeb or cartoon it can gues who you were thinking about. This is an awesome game to play when you’re with your frienda just awesome! | Games on my iPhone 002

Well I’d like to know if any of my readers play any of these games and if so comment your username below if necessary or country. Also comment below what game you’re hooked on these days.

Top 3 Easy Beauty Secrets💁 (Harder Than It Sounds) - Top 3 Easy Beauty Secrets💁We all have our own beauty secrets which we are guilty. We know the secret but we are guilty of not following them. Well here my top 8 beauty secrets I want to share with you. It might sound simple but all of us are guilty of not following the steps but try it out for a week and see if there is any change.

1. skincare

Some people have naturally good skin but some need to take care of their skin to be able to have good skin. Skin care is more than just what we apply on our skin. Besides day/night cream we also have to take of our makeup and if you’re not wearing any you’d think just washing your face is more than enough. This is when you’re at fault, try using a toner (example: Garnier micellar cleansing water) and wipe your face with a cotton pad and see how much dirt there is left on your face. If you have some time to pamper yourself try using a mask. Sheet masks are one of my favorites because you can just put it on and leave it for some time and after my skin feels so refreshing and smooth, it’s also very good for the skin depending on the ingredients and what kind of mask it is.

2. Washing the face

Makeup has become much more popular through the years and some women don’t even like to be seen without. Makeup has also become much more than for the average woman  and their everyday routine. Makeup has become a form of art which can be applied on the face and body. For this article we will focus on the everyday routine. Applying makeup has become much more easier for us women than removing it because when at home we are all tired and just want to relax. This is just very wrong but we all know this feeling. I’d say change your mind set and when arriving just go straight to the bathroom and take a makeup wipe and wipe it all of and use a toner afterwards right away. So you have removed your makeup and then you can rest, eat, relax afterwards.

For washing the face just use a cleanser while you are under the shower so you can wash your face while under the shower very quick and when you are done washing you can apple your night cream or if you have a night routine right after you come out of the shower. Just make it easy for yourself and do multiple things at a time makes your life much more easier and you have complete all of the steps.

3. Drinking water

Another point is what we digest, what we eat and drink also affect our skin. Drinking 2 liters of water everyday probably sounds easy but it’s harder than it sounds for some of us. We always make excuses or we are too busy or we forget it and some people actually don’t like drinking water. I personally struggled with this a lot in the past but I think I started to notice this point when I went to high school/college. That was the point I started began to drink a lot of water and tea unnoticeable but I felt much more energetic and basically ”cleansed”. So drinking water is very important, try adding this to your everyday routine for a week and you will notice a huge difference. When looking at a 2 liter water bottle it seems a lot but try dividing it in small bottles of 0,5 or just drinking cups or etc. and it’ll seem much moer easier that way.

People underestimate their eating habits and I have been through the student fase when I skipped meals or even ate 1/2 times a day but it’d be very unhealthy especially when you have to take care of yourself I truly get this but drinking water is really like cleansing your body after you ate unhealthy, greasy etc. food so just try adding this to your routine and when you notice a difference it will be ”life changing” and you won’t be live without it anymore.😝

If you really don’t like the taste of water which sounds strange but some people really struggle with it try adding fruits into your water. The trend has been spreading for a while that people just add fruits into their water so it has a light water of your favorite fruits. I have tried the lemon water but I just don’t understand how people like such a bitter taste or there is actually a secret behind their lemon water?

Are you also guilty of not following these simple steps? They are actually harder than what they sound right? Comment below if you are guilty or not.😜

HUGE Beauty Haul🎀 || Drugstore, Lush and MORE!

I have been collecting/buying these products for the lasts 2 months and I finally decided to share with you what I basically bought.. Most of the products can be picked up in the drugstores (Kruidvat, Etos, DA etc.) accept for some. So we have lots of goodies here. More detailed information, product, price will be below so scroll down if you are interested in that.

Huge Beauty Haul || Drugstore, Lush and MORE!

Huge Beauty Haul || Drugstore, Lush and MORE!Tangle Teezer: FOR THE LONGEST time I wanted to pick up a tangle teezer but I just always forgot or They did not had any stock, bad luck huh but I finally have it and I’m loving it. I personally have really straight hair which has almost no volume at all that’s why I use curlers most of the time to give it a bit of volume. Because I have my hair almost always down a lot of tangles come in the ends and it’s just not pleasant but this products is kind of a life savior. If you have lots of tangles I really recommend you to try this, it changed my life. It just has become SOOO much easier to comb my hair these days especially when I just washed my hair OMG. 😛

Andrélon (brilliant age shampoo & dry shampoo): So recently Kruidvat had a buy 1 and get laundry detergent for free but they didn’t had any stock any more in that affiliate so the employee said I could pick out one shampoo. I actually only needed a dry shampoo and this is one you guys have seen before in my empties and I just keep using it. It’s an oke product, it does what it says but the thing is that no matter what dry shampoo I use my hair just doesn’t have a good reaction to it, it gets very dry. So if anyone any recommendation comment below.

The shampoo is actually a new range of the brand. On the packaging it says it’s for aging hair and it’s color care. Hair get old especially your ends so this shampoo is basically suitable for everyone. I yet have to try it but it is a new range so we have yet to see

Organix organ oil of morocco: I always use oil for my hair after I’ve washed it and always trying out new things. For the last couple of times I used the Organix moroccan organ oil but I thought I’d like to change it up a bit. This formula is much more smoother and the organ oil is a bit more firmer which is what I like more but this one is also oke, I did like the organ oil a bit more.

Huge Beauty Haul || Drugstore, Lush and MORE!Garnier: So all 3 products above I bought at the Kruidvat. The Kruidvat had a 1+1 offer on Garner so I just picked up both of these cleansing waters. Everyone raves about the pink one which is for the sensitive skin and the green one is for the sensitive and combination skin which is what I have. My skin has become much more sensitive these couple of years because I have started to use so much product (makeup) for my face. As everyone raves about the pink one I just picked one up and have yet to try it. Lots of my fellow beauty bloggers say that it is a dupe of the Bioderma but I haven’t tried that one so I just can’t compare it with each other but it does removes all of the residue I have left on my face after I wiped my makeup of with a wet wipe.

Kruidvat Professional Makeup Brush Cleanser: So the black bottle is a cleaning water for my makeup brushed. I use this everyday because it’s simple, wipe and use. Do remember to wash your brushes at least once a week if you use them often. A cleansing water is just to simply cleans so it does not removes all of the dirt on your brush. I just can’t say this enough, wash their brushes at least once a week because you just don’t know what’s all up in there and if you use a dirty brush for too long you can get pimples and the makeup won’t look as flawless as it could be either.

Huge Beauty Haul || Drugstore, Lush and MORE!Lastly we have a bunch of small products here from lipsticks to bronzer and perfume. These are basically self explanatory so I won’t go in much detail. I will just list all of the products below this article so if you’re curious what colour the lippies are or the price check the list will be below!

Huge Beauty Haul || Drugstore, Lush and MORE!

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water – Combination Skin / €6,49
Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water – Sensitive Skin / €6,49

 Kruidvat Professional Makeup Brushes Cleanser / €2,99
Essence Parfume – Like an Unforgettable Kiss / €3,29
Catrice Cosmetics Makeup Blending Sponge / €4,59
Catrice Cosmetics Lash Applicator / €4,99
Vaseline Queen Bee Limited Edition / €2,99

Essence Thermo Nail Polish – 03 It’s Hot Stuff / €1,99 (available in 4 colours)
NYX Crayon Jumbo – 608 Cottage Cheese / €5,49 (available in 24 colours)
Hema Mineral Bronzing Powder – 02 / €5,50 (available in 2 colours)
Hema Eyebrow Gel – Brown / €3,75 (available in 3 colours)
Essence Longlasting Lipstick – 07 Natural Beauty / €2,39 (available in 16 colours)
Catrice Cosmetics Prime and Fine Smoothing Refiner / €4,99
Catrice Cosmetics Camouflage Cream – 020 Light Beige / €2,99 (available in 3 colours)
Catrice Cosmetics Ultimate Stay – 060 Floral Coral / €4,99 (available in 12 colours)
Catrice Cosmetics Ultimate Stay – 090 IrrCORALbly Pink / €4,99 (available in 12 colours)

 Lush Bar – Honey I Washed My Hair / €8,95
Andrélon Brilliant Age Colour Age / €4,39
Andrélon Volumizing Dry Shampoo / €4,89 (245ml)
Organix Maroccon Argan Oil / €11,99
Tangle Teezer Compact Styler – Gold / €15,95
Hair Essentials Papillote / €1,99

I’m really curious what you guys think of a haul blogpost. Not many bloggers do this by writing a post but I find myself always looking for a price and where the product is from so if I’m interested in a certain product through a blogpost I can just search for the list quickly what about you guise?

WHAT I’VE USED UP | February/March 2015 Empties🌟 |WHAT I'VE USED UP | February:March 2015 Empties IMG_007 |WHAT I'VE USED UP | February:March 2015 Empties IMG_002

Kruidvat Hand Sanitizer: So if you are a clean freak like I am you will understand. No matter where I am or where I go I need to have hand sanitizer with me. I always have one standing on my desk and one in my handbag. Some essentials in my handbag (when I have to travel some distance) are off course hand sanitizer, baby/makeup wipes, tissues, cue tips etc. Some of my closest friends still get surprised of what I have in my handbag no matter how small my bag is.😛 I like the Glycerona one more because it actually smells nice and has Aloe Vera in it. The downside is that they only come in bottles of 100ml which I carry with me in my handbag but for my desk I need a bigger bottle and the Kruidvat sanitizer contains 250ml. If anyone has any recommendations one that is nourishing and smells nice comment this below because for me it’s an essential. |WHAT I'VE USED UP | February:March 2015 Empties IMG_003

Garnier Purifying Cleansing Gel: First time trying this and for my skin it did not had an aftereffect. It claims that it mattifies and refines the pores. It does mattifies after cleansing but because my skin also gets drier in the colder times it REALLY feels drier. I wanted to try something new so I just gave a drugstore product the chance. When I bought this I did not see that it contained green tea but I know that green tea dries the skin out even more. Green tea is good for drinking to hydrate but skin care is a whole different story. It does also contains mooring which has a lot of vitamins in it but I would not repurchase this. I want to be clear that this is all based on my own experience and on my skin type which is oily/combination skin.

Kruidvat Cleansing Gel: The product contains lotus extract and low vera. From this line (normal/combination skin) I already use the face scrub and I like that because it’s mild but not to the extant that I don’t feel any beads. Some face scrub contain beads so small that you can’t even feel it and some don’t contain any at all but I don’t like that feeling. This cleansing gel is an oke drugstore product and if you are on a budget or just beginning with skin care (teens) I would definitely recommend this but if you are not I would try looking for something better. To be able to have good makeup you need to have good skin care and good skin care leads to good skin right.

Nivea Q10 Plus Anti-Wrinkle Day Cream: This is also a day cream and I really like this one. It’s affordable and etos/kruidvat from time-to-time they have this 1+1 deal, it contains SPF, I like the consistency and I like the smell as well. I have nothing bad to say about this product because I’ve also repurchased it already several times. When I want something lighter but still use foundation I’d mix this with my foundation and it’s perfect for those days when you want want something light but yet coverage on the face. Also when you mix a moisturizer with your foundation you will get this luminous glow on your face.

Niveau Q10 Plus Anti-Wrinkle Night Cream: Yes I use the day and night set. Not much to say about the night cream. The consistency is thick but bearable. It moisturizes and that all I need. Also this is good for people on a budget but there are definitely better products out on the market. |WHAT I'VE USED UP | February:March 2015 Empties IMG_004

Syoss Repair Therapy Hair Conditioner: So for the longest time last year I experienced a lot with my hair and dyed it a lot, used hot tools WAYYY too much and because it”s 2015 I decided to cut down aa bit. I picked up this product probably last year December and used this until now meaning about 3/4 months with 500ml. I’ve tried Syoss shampoo before and it just dried out my hair even more and lost shine but that was a very long time ago. I needed a conditioner to repair and I think I found a perfect working product. If you have really dry/damaged hair like I had, still have a little but it’s been much better and healthier, I recommend this product to you guise. your hair gets much smoother after applying this and way easier to comb. in my experience I did noticed a bit of a difference. Some might say that shampoos/conditioner for damaged hair don’t work but we all know in general conditioner smoothens out your hair so that it’s easier to comb maybe that’s also why I noticed a difference. IF my hair needs a boost again I would definitely choose for this Syoss repair therapy hair conditioner again.

Organix Argan Oil & Shea Butter: After the salon my niece worked at did stock up on ”D’argan Fluid Cristal Argan Oil” anymore I had to look for a new hair oil and at that time Organix became very popular especially the shampoos. Now I’m not too font about the shampoos but this hair oil definitely became my favorite hair oil. It contains organ oil & shea butter which makes the consistency a bit thicker which is what I like my hair oil to be. I would not like for my hair oil to have the cooking oil consistency. I also like that it comes in a pump flagon. It does not feel sticky at all and gives your hair a bit of a shine. I’ve used up 2 of these bottles already so I can definitely recommend it. |WHAT I'VE USED UP | February:March 2015 Empties IMG_005

Vaseline Essential Moisture (aloe) bodylotion: This is my first bottle of this Vaseline moisturizer and I really like it. It’s not sticky, light as it claims, smells good, contains aloe vera and moisturizes. It makes the skin so smooth. I’ve tried their spray bottle already and I like that more because it’s spray and go but I feel like that goes up way faster. Is it because I use it more often or is it because it does not contain as much as printed on the bottle? You tell me…😝

Dove Deeply Nourishing shower gel: Nothing special about this product. It’s an oke nourishing shower gel which can be used everyday. The sense isn’t too strong, very mild that’s why it’s an everyday shower gel I’d say. |WHAT I'VE USED UP | February:March 2015 Empties IMG_006

Maybelline Baby Lips Pink Glow: Baby lips have been a hype for a long time now the topic seems like it has been vanished but I really like it though. I have been using this products for months now and finally I can add this to my empties series. It moisturizes but what I like it that it does has a bit of a tint so if I don’t feel like wearing lipstick or gloss which is rarely I just apply this. Also before applying lipstick I applied some baby lips as well to moisturize it. It’s just a product I don’t have negative things to say about.

Essence Stay Natural Concealer: I’ve used up some makeup as well. This time these are 2 concealers of essence ”03 soft nude & 04 Soft Honey”. When on a budget or when you don’t need much I like these concealers but otherwise I’d expend just a little bit more about €4/5,- to invest in a better concealer such as the ”wake me up” or ”true match” concealers.

Hema Brown Eyebrow Gel: I’ve been using this for years now. It does what an eyebrow gel does and it does stays in place all day long. A product that you can pick up for only €3,75 it’s perfect, I like. There are 3 colours to choose from, clear, brown and grey even though the employees say it does not makes a huge difference, I’m not too sure about that. I’ve used the clear once only once and stepped over to brown. I’m not too sure why anymore but I like the one I’m using currently so if you want something affordable try it because it basically does what it has to do. |WHAT I'VE USED UP | February:March 2015 Empties IMG_001

Would you give any of these products a try, if so why? Have you tried any of these products already, what’s your view on the product, did you like it or not, would you recommend it to your friends/family or not? Leave comments below because I’d like to know and discuss things with each other as well.😊

Fifteen Shades of Purple💜

Hey Pannies so who has dyed their hair before or wants to make a change in some way. Well I’m not an expert on dying hair or whatsoever. YES I have dyed my hair quit a lot and it basically started about 3/4 years ago that I dyed my hair for the first time and now that I think about it, I haven’t been on this boat extremely long but I have tested lots of drugstore dyes but I also went to the salon as well. I haven’t tried extremely tamed hair colours besides for red but for the longest time I want to try purple hair. The thing is just that I’m not fearless, what if I don’t like it, what if I don’t like the shade, what if this, what if that. Still every time I look on tumblr, pinterest, weheartit these images just makes my heart flutter!

First of all you need to choose a colour of your preference and my fav. colour is purple and also pink but purple is stands strong on my #1. Where do I begin… Yes I want a purple shade but there are so many, ombre, dip dye, pastel, dark etc. so where do I begin? Also a certain hair colour doesn’t just stay one colour shades change in different lighting and off course when you wash your hair so you have to think outside the box as well.

First of all I want to begin save so lets say ombre/dip dye but the colour is really troublesome. Lets take a look at the fifteen shades found (!!Disclaimer these images are not owned by me!!):
So my current hair colour is ”Capuccino Fusion” and I use the Syoss dye and I only retouch my roots so it has a bit of a ombre effect already, the lower part is a very light brown and this is because I did bleach y hair before I applied the actual colour. Well actually I did not do this by myself my niece is actually a hairdresser so she did all the work, thnx Jenn! I always wanted ash brown hair and it just seems I can’t find the perfect colour for this and what I have currently is quit close to what I want to achieve so I’m happy for now. 
Not sure who owns basic colours such as black, white, grey etc. but I surely do so if you have some crazy/fun colour it would just make it pop some more and what better than colouring the hair right! I mean… pfff 😛
Many of your fav. celebs have had or has stepped to purple as well, take a look if your fav. star is in the list:
Junhyung (Beast)
Brian Joo
Katy Perry
Kelly Osbourne
Not only celebs but also your fav. blogger has stepped up and jumped on the wagon:
Floral Etiquette
Now I want to ask you guys what your fav. purple shade is and if you have any plans on going purple or if you already are and any tips and tricks on the progress such as choosing your colour, did you do it yourself or did you went to the salon, how you take care of it, are you happy with the colour and just your own personal experience on this. Hope you guys liked todays post and don’t forget to like, comment, share
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WHAT I’VE USED UP | January 2015 Empties🌟

Another month has past so that means I’ve used up some products. It’s not much for the month of January but it’s a decent amount. For the month of Janury I’ve used up bits of different categories, beauty, skincare etc (see list below):

Rimmel London – Wake Me Up Concealer
Kenzo – Flower By Kenzo
Essence – Stay Natural Concealer
Essence – Eyeliner Pen Extra Longlasting
Essence – Eyeliner Pen Waterproof
Tinted Lipbalm
Andrélon – Volumizing Dry Shampoo
Hema – All-in-one contact lens solution
Victoria Secret – Noir Tease Scented Body Mist

Kruidvat – Cleansing scrubgel
Vaseline – Spray & Go Body Moisturizer

Rimmel London – Wake Me Up Concealer
First of all this Rimmel Concealer is heaven though! I used it under my eyes and as nose bridge highlighter and I really luvv it. It really brightens up and illuminates the under eye area and I literally used it every day sine I purchased it. I would like to repurchase the product but in the Netherlands I haven’t seen it in stores, not even once. I bought mine on the Asos website but they are out of stock currently and I’m not sure if they will stock up but if they do I will definitely buy some backup.

Kenzo – Flower By Kenzo
This cute little but OHHH-SOO-HANDY Kenzo perfume smelled fantastic. It really has a floral scent but it doesn’t make you nauseous. I personally don’t like strong sweet smells or just something that’s quite strong I like something more natural, light and lingers around but I got this sample size and yes I like.

Essence – Stay Natural Concealer
So since I haven’t found any affordable concealer since my ”Rimmel Wake Me Up” I just went to the drugstore and I searched for a pen concealer and I actually found this Essence one. Well Why not right. It’s a luvv hate relationship. Sometimes it blends in very well but at times it leans towards a bit greyish side if you know what I mean but what do you expect from only €2,-. Also I wanted to be a bit lighter because this is the ’03 Soft Nude’ but to really match my skin tone I think I needed the ’04 Soft Honey’.

Essence – Eyeliner Pen Extra Longlasting & Essence – Eyeliner Pen Waterproof
As I have heard from some of my friends that they use the pen eyeliner from Essence and they said it’s an okay eyeliner but I’ve tested it myself finally. Well I don’t have much to say then I would not repurchase these items anymore. The color pay-off is okay but after using it twice/three times the pen is basically dried up so yeah…
Back when I started getting interested in makeup I did used their liquid eyeliner with the blue packaging and that was a pretty good eyeliner if you start of with makeup.

Tinted Lip balm
Not sure which brand this is but this product is from China. Last year when I visited China I was in need of a lip balm so I randomly chose this one at the shop. If I could I would repurchase. It really has a strong pinky tint if you apply this to your lips and it’s VERY moisturizing! It has no scent nor taste or anything to it basically a simple tinted lip balm.

Andrélon – Volumizing Dry Shampoo

This dry shampoo is a lifesaver. My hair when I just washed it is always very flat so the first day I use rollers to give it more volume and texture but the second day I definitely will use this Andrélon volumizing dry shampoo. It give you volume, it’s quick, doesn’t leave a sticky residue and it basically looks like freshly washed hair. For the smell it’s very fresh but I wouldn’t say for me the smell does’t affect much and that why I usually spray some mist on it such as the Victoria Secret which is also in this post.

Hema – All-in-one contact lens solution
Lately I’ve been into wearing circle lenses again and when I do I usually use this lens solution for soft lenses actually to clean/cleanse my lenses. Not much to tell for only that it’s a lens solution and it does the job and it goes for some time, I’ve been using this bottle for quite some time.

Victoria Secret – Noir Tease Scented Body Mist
As mentioned before I not only use this the my body but also for my hair. I first got this product in HK and this 75ml bottle lasted me for more than a year I think and I usually do use this for my hair. I asked the counter lady if they had something like hair perfume/mist because I know Chanel has something specifically made for the hair which doesn’t consists alcohol etc. and doesn’t dry out your hair and the counter lady recommended my this bottle I’m note too sure if they have any other scents but I like it so it went straight in my basket.

Kruidvat – Cleansing scrubgel
I’m beginning to have quite a sensitive skin which I before I didn’t had any problems with but for some reason it’s acting up. I’ve tried many face scrubs but this one is what works and I really like that the beads aren’t too big and because it’s also in gel form it’s not too rough either. I have tried the sensitive sub from Kruidvat but that’s not it for me. It’s more a milky texture and had very little to no beads in it at all so this is for all skin types but it’s very mild I would say. I have used many bottles, it’s helpful and it’s affordable as well so what more do you want right.
Vaseline – Spray & Go Body Moisturizer (aloe vera)
I picked this up during a sale somewhere because I though why not, never enough moisturizers right. OMG totally fell in luvv with this, it’s fast, it moisturizes, it does NOT leave a sticky residue and it smells fantastic. Really luvv this design, wish they made a bigger quantity of this as this only contains 190ml. I know they have 3 scents but this is the aloe vera one and who doesn’t luvv aloe!
I hope you guys liked my first empties post and if you want to see more of these posts on the future you can follow, like, comment, share this post and I will be doing more of these. Also check out all my social network, click link below!
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