Weekend Programs: The Human Condition (korean)

Hey my pannies so today I will talk about a weekend program that quits inspiring and that made me take action as well. Not sure if any watches this program but if you don’t I do recommend you to watch it during the weekend if you don’t have anything to do. 

The human condition talks about our lifestyle in general. Many of us don’t know what we are actually doing, let me formulate is in another way, we do thing or take decisions without really thinking what we are doing. Does this sound familiar to you… well in my ear it does…

Each week de cast (comedians) will get a certain mission/assignment which they need to stick with. It’s a very funny BUT also informative program. The latest series is about reading books. Lots of us are always busy with our phones, iPads, laptops etc. and we don’t read any books any more. To be honest I’m also one of these people, I will admit, I’m guilty as well. 
Watching this program made me realize that I actually really miss reading books because way back then (when I was in primary school) I really did read all day long, in school, home and even when I went to bed. I thought about it and I thought by myself I need to pick it up again. Well I’m proud of my self I actually did. I’m reading a Dutch book ”Adorkable” which is original written by an UK writer, Sarra Manning but I’m reading the Dutch version. 

I still have the Steve Jobs book laying that I read about only 100 pages. I still have finish that one but it’s just way too heavy to carry it everywhere. For me I don’t really like those iBooks, e-books, for me I want to carry an actual book with pages so I think  it’s personal preferences. I know it would be lighter to carry but it’s just a different feeling.

Well back to the program, I do really recommend this program to you guys and actually take action if you guys feel to. An advantage of the program is that you can watch it on youtube and they have english subtitles already. You can watch it on the ”KBS WORLD TV” page. I will put the latest episode down here so you can watch it and click for further info. Ohhh almost forgot, if you guys watched the spoiler of next week, female comedians will be taking over the show, so exited, totally looking forward to see Kim ShinYoung, Kim Jimin and Bora on the show!!

Also because it’s funny and informative you can watch this at any age even though it’s says they have a restriction of 15+. 
I totally luvv the cast as well because it exist out of comedians only and to be honest they are so different from each other but they go so well together it’s amazing. They actually seem as a real family, I personally hope they will be happy and healthy together forever.
Hope you guys liked this post and you guys will watch it from now on. 

BTW I will be trying to post more on the beauty section, I assure you guys that. Still have to post the ”Grazie Beautybloggers Masterclass” and a haul will be coming up!!

Much luuvess, Lynn W. xo

Mini Autumn/Winter Haul

Hey my pannies,

I want to start making short videos in the future and YES I know the quality, editing etc. isn’t perfect but I definitely will work on this. For now it’s just like this and I just hope you guys will like it. Just watch, like and subscribe. More info is in the info box and I do have to say for a video of 1 min. it took me about half an hour to edit this so bear with me partyyy people!!^^

Also as you can see I already have this Monki sweater on and I am totally luving it though. This winter I just CANNOT survive, it will be living in sweaters autumn/winter 2013. But as I said I totally am in luvv with this sweater/hoodie because it’s very comfy, bit baggy and because I wear black almost 80% of the time I also luvv that there’s this unique/crazy pattern on it.

Under the sweater/hoodie I am wearing this white blouse with beats on the collar which make is more classy/chique and I wanted to add a bulky necklace (gold+lion) but I thought that would be too much because there’s already a lot going on with the pattern that was added so I just left that out!!
AWESOME and speak to you guys soon.


Much luuvess, Lynn W. xo