Music Monday #7 Random Edition

So hey guys I know it’s been about a week or two but I’m backkk. Being the last week of school it’s always hectic with homework and exams. This was supposed to come online on 12PM but hey it’s vac a guys so bear with me. Well I haven’t been inspired or searched for new songs because I just don’t know what to look for, maybe you guys can give me any recommendations on new songs, youtube, christmas, unknown artists who deserve better etc. Plzz leave comments etc. on this blog, Facebook, twitter etc. everything is welcome.

This Weeks Music Mondays Playlist [in no specific order]:
* Katie Sky – Only You
* FT. Island – Madly
* Secret – I Do I Do
* Timothy DeLaGhetto (Traphik) – We Wish You A Merry Christmas ft. Andrew Gracia
I found this song while I was watching a youtube video and it was on the background and found it pretty amusing and liked the tune so here you go.
Katie Sky – Only You
Here we have FT. Island, OMG I always luvv these guys. I mean I’m so jelly of Hongki’s voice, if I was a man I would definitely want his voice. It’s so unique and I just luvv the husky kind of voices such as AK she’s my #1!
FT. Island – Madly
Here we have Secret. They are not my favv. group because they tend to stick into the ”cutie zone”. Like every MV they need to act cute and people might not always like it but I will give them probs. This might not be my favv. song of Secret but it’s oke and Hyosung is my favv. she’s just awesome luvv her character, so bubbly and smily.
Secret – I Do I Do
 Timothy DeLaGhetto – We Wish You A Merry Christmas ft. Andrew Gracia
To finish this week MM we have a christmas song!!! Here we have Andrew Garcia ft. Traphik with this years christmas song and I totally luvv. This collab I totally luvv just go and check it out!
Much Luuvess to my Pannies,
Lynn W.