Vacation Photos & Reflection

For the past 4 years I’ve been on lots of trips and today I’d like to share some vaca. photos with you guys. It’s mostly culture shots and food though. || SKY-Vacation Fun & Reflection

These first few photos I took while I was visiting Switzerland & Italy at the same time so the pictures are in no particular order. I think if you have seen photos of Italy on the internet before you will probably know which are which. || SD:IT-Vacation Fun & Reflection IMG_005

What I noticed in Switzerland is that there are lots of small houses on the mountains. There’s lots of green, a lot of nature and it’s very peaceful. The landscape if just so beautiful but I also came in contact with some citizens and they weren’t very nice though. But yet that did not influence my day so let’s keep the beautiful landscapes coming! ūüėõ || SD:IT-Vacation Fun & Reflection IMG_002 || SD:IT-Vacation Fun & Reflection IMG_001 || SD:IT-Vacation Fun & Reflection IMG_006

The day was long and very adventurous. This shot was actually made in a cablecar. Even though my mom was too scared to ride it my dad and brother went up to the mountains. It was scary I need to say seeing everything to small from above but very beautiful as well. Finally up there, we saw some (LOTS) snow. Things were very expensive at the time in Switzerland I need to say. Probably twice as expensive compared to the Netherlands. So my conclusion is it’s a very beautiful and clean country but be prepared to splurge because food only ain’t cheap! || SD:IT-Vacation Fun & Reflection IMG_003

I FOUND MY NEW LUVV!. It was the first time going to Italy but I won’t say the last time. It’s the most beautiful country I’ve seen so far in my lifetime. I went during the summertime and I’ve never seen the sky nor the water having such a clear blue colour before. The people are so nice and friendly and helpful it’s probably one of my fav. country I’ve visited. Also their cherry ice cream OMG if you’ve tried id before raise your hands though. I hope I will have the chance to visit and experience this once more or several times because I still can’t forget the images in my head. Very nice, beautiful, tourists friendly etc. || SD:IT-Vacation Fun & Reflection IMG_004 || SD:IT-Vacation Fun & Reflection IMG_007

There’s also a large history and artwork involved in the tour. Very unique and awesome to see. || SD:IT-Vacation Fun & Reflection IMG_008 || SD:IT-Vacation Fun & Reflection IMG_009 || SD:IT-Vacation Fun & Reflection IMG_010

I personally went to Venice and there are lots of small boutiques from masks to jewelry and even guns. How beautiful is this display, the dress OMG so beautiful! || SD:IT-Vacation Fun & Reflection IMG_011

This lamp is so awesome though. There may be lots of devils on it but it;s so freaking awesome, each detail that was put in such a beautiful lamp. || SD:IT-Vacation Fun & Reflection IMG_012

The next place I want to take you guys is the UK. I did not had the chance to take lots of photos so here are only 2 popular ones and very beautiful places. || UK-Vacation Fun & Reflection IMG_001

Do I need to say more Ben? ūüėõ Can’t believe I actually took this photo. It was pouring rain all day and it finally stopped for a lil bit and the rainbow appeared! (^x^) || UK-Vacation Fun & Reflection IMG_002

Our next stop would be the country of aimourrr!!! You know what I’m talking about right YES France guise. || FR-Vacation Fun & Reflection IMG_001

Scenery captured! || FR-Vacation Fun & Reflection IMG_002

While in Paris you need to go to the Lafayette right. I went during Christmas time with one of the besties and they actually had this pretty Christmas tree inside the mall. How pretty are all the lights and the decorated tree. || FR-Vacation Fun & Reflection IMG_003 || FR-Vacation Fun & Reflection IMG_004

Sephora is a must visit as we don;t have them anymore in the Netherlands BOOO! Each time it’s so overwhelming though. || FR-Vacation Fun & Reflection IMG_005

Fav. brand, needed to take a look TEEHEE. || FR-Vacation Fun & Reflection IMG_006

Laduree for the macarons lover like I do. The store is so pretty with all the fairy light. The employees were so nice as well! 2 thumbs up for Laduree. || FR-Vacation Fun & Reflection IMG_007 || FR-Vacation Fun & Reflection IMG_008 || FR-Vacation Fun & Reflection IMG_009

This was the best meal I had in France. Hours of searching and looking we finally found a Japanese restaurant and it was freaking worth it! It was so DELICIOUS, each and every bite.

Now we need to fly to the other side of the world ad we’re in Hong Kong guise. The city of buildings and lights. || HK-Vacation Fun & Reflection IMG_004

HK is known for it’s late night snacks but also its variety of foods. Here we have our english breakfast served as nicely it can bee with a cup of coffee please. ūüėõ || HK-Vacation Fun & Reflection IMG_001 || HK-Vacation Fun & Reflection IMG_002 || HK-Vacation Fun & Reflection IMG_003 || HK-Vacation Fun & Reflection IMG_005

My favorite HK street food of all time, egg waffle especially this combo of ying and yang. Crispy of the outs but so fluffy on the inside, I give it a 10/10. || HK-Vacation Fun & Reflection IMG_006

Some more late night street food! || HK-Vacation Fun & Reflection IMG_007

Asia knows for ”all things cute, cuteness overload” you can’t beat this though. The presentation is just a 10/10. || HK-Vacation Fun & Reflection IMG_008

No matter where Starbucks is a must visit right, you all know this is a fact. || HK-Vacation Fun & Reflection IMG_009

Same counts for the Apple store. || HK-Vacation Fun & Reflection IMG_010

While in HK you need to visit the late night street markets, there’s a lot of stuff to buy! || HK-Vacation Fun & Reflection IMG_011

You can’t miss the architecture in HK! || HK-Vacation Fun & Reflection IMG_012 || HK-Vacation Fun & Reflection IMG_013 || HK-Vacation Fun & Reflection IMG_014

Even from above HK represents a dragon, have you noticed this before!? Bet ahh you haven’t. || MC-Vacation Fun & Reflection IMG_001

I was only 1 day in Macau and it seemed like a theater city. Look at these buildings and the colours though and a fountain in the the middle of the square.

SNAP we are in China! || CN-Vacation Fun & Reflection IMG_001

We went all up right at the top. It was SOOO HOT it was about 40¬į celsius in China but we stepped forward and went to the top. Ridiculous that chinese women still wear heels while on a trip. || CN-Vacation Fun & Reflection IMG_002 || CN-Vacation Fun & Reflection IMG_003

A shot from the top how awesome is this view! || CN-Vacation Fun & Reflection IMG_004

The best thing is china is that on lots of products you can find your fav. idol. Hi Show Luo WHOOTWHOOT and we have AngelaBaby. || CN-Vacation Fun & Reflection IMG_005

MORE FOOD!!! || CN-Vacation Fun & Reflection IMG_006

HEART SHAPED FOOD!!! || CN-Vacation Fun & Reflection IMG_007

TROPICALL FRUIT!!! (favs. dragon fruit) || CN-Vacation Fun & Reflection IMG_008

Cutest car right, Snoopy on a car.

Now I’d like to know where you have been on vacation and if you’d like share your vaca. photos with me on instagram/twitter. Both @LynnaWuOfficial and hashtag #Vacaspots!


Games on my iPhoneūüď≤

I’m sure not all of us like to play games on their phone, either you think it takes up space, you don’t have the tome or you just don’t like it. I on the other side, I do play some games on my phone.

As you can see I play a bit of the same category games. Seems like I like building stuff right, hihih. First of all I play “Subway Surfers” to stay sharp, it’s not only about technique but you need to stay sharp as well so basically it’s also a brain training. Also you can compete with your facebook friends and other people from other countries as well.

Well the 4 following games are all building areas, hotel, mall, fashion store and a gym self explanatory correct? The bigger the better and it’s not only about adding a object in the game but the objects also exists out of levels so the higher the object the more worth it is and the more you can earn and satisfy the customers. This does only counts for “Hotel Story” & “Happy Mall S”. For the “Fashion” & gym the objects will be released at a certain level but the object itself does not have levels it’s buy and use.

Tetris who does NOT know this game. I played it a lot when I was a kid. Also for tetris it counts that you need to stay sharp but you also have to have fast movements. Well this game is self explanatory right? Not much to tell just a fun game.¬†5 differences, says enough. Find 5 different spots between two photo’s and you can go a level up, classic game as well. | Games on my iPhone 001

On the second page I¬†have some games that I don’t play often. Songpop a well known game last year or 2 years ago where tou compete with someone and gues the correct song as fast as possible. Beat mp3 is similar as tap tap revenge. Burger is just to serve the customers. The customers have request what they want on their burgers and you just make it as fast as possible because there is a time limit.

The ohhh so crazyyy but ohhh so fuuunnn Akinator. It’s crazy that when you think of a celeb or cartoon it can gues who you were thinking about. This is an awesome game to play when you’re with your frienda just awesome! | Games on my iPhone 002

Well I’d like to know if any of my readers play any of these games and if so comment your username below if necessary or country. Also comment below what game you’re hooked on these days.

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Music Monday #8 – I’m Back Edition

Hey my Pannies so it’s been a long time again that I’ve posted anything, I still want to wish you guise a belated Christmas and a Happy New Year. I hope you guys understand that I also have my personal life besides blogging and because I’m in my last year of college I have lots of things to finalize, projects that I have to work on, exams etc. and this is why I¬†weren’t able to post anything because I didn’t had new products and just no time. Well I’m just going to be posting irregularly from now on so no schedule or anything! Music Mondays will be posted on the Mondays off course but besides that I don’t have a specific schedule or that I will post anything besides the MM. As I wasn’t active lately I have a new MM for you guys with lots of new and interesting music, hope you guys will like it.¬†

Eric Nam ft. Boa Kim – Say Something Cover – A Great Big World
Both are very talented singers and I hope you guys will check them out because it’s an amazing cover, it’s on repeat in my playlist.
Katy Perry – unconditionally
Katy Perry who does not know this beautiful woman. She’s an¬†amazing artists and very talented. Unconditionally is just an awesome song and I bet most of you already know the song, if not… have you been¬†living under a rock?! Well JK, check it out.
Al Calderon ft. Beatrice Miller – The Little Drummer [PTX] / Monster (REMIX)
This song I discovered on instagram. I was just searching and I saw a snippet instavid. on insta and I¬†luvved it. Al Calderon had a YT link and here we have the full version and I totally luvv the collab, their voices together… AMAZING!
MKTO – Classic
As we can post instavids on insta we discover a lot. I am following this person who post shortcuts of MV’s on his/her account and I discovered this song, totally luvving it and it just makes me smile, such a happy song.
Changmin [2AM] – Moment FMV (Heirs OST)
The Korean Drama ”Heirs” came out recently but I did not watch it at first, haven’t been following lots of Kdrama’s lately but a week ago I just watched everything at once. I have to say luvv the drama I mean both, Park Shin Hye is my fav. actress and Lee Min Ho is my fav. actor, such a good combination. As for the song I just luvv it, go and check out the song Changmin did a good job. Also I do recommend the drama!
Park Jang Hyeon & Park Hyeon Guy – Love is (Heirs OST)
This is another OST which is sang by 2 people with almost the same names so I bet they are brothers or something… I could not find any information nor photos of them so if you know who these people are let me know because I luvv the song and maybe they have more. Listen and watch the drama!
Imagine Dragons – Demons
Also this was of instagram and if you guys are curious what the account name is it’s¬†@thosemusicvids so check out the song because I like it and follow the insta account because it’s fun to see what others are listening to that you’re unfamiliar with.
Alana Lee – Dream Out Loud
As for this song,¬†@missremiashten on youtube mentioned this in one of her videos and I checked it out, totally luvv the MV. It’s such a¬†beautiful MV but at the same time so sad. Plz. go and check it and support new artists!
Once again I hope you guys had a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year and stayed safe. If you have any recommendations just comment cause I’m

into new things and I am a huge music lover but note I don’t know every song that exists in this world so you guys let me know!!

Lots of Love & Aspire to Inspire!
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Music Monday #7 Random Edition

So hey guys I know it’s been about a week or two but I’m backkk. Being the last week of school it’s always hectic with homework and exams. This was supposed to come online on 12PM but hey it’s¬†vac a guys so bear with me. Well I haven’t been inspired or searched for new songs because I just don’t know what to look for, maybe you guys can give me any recommendations on new songs, youtube, christmas, unknown artists who deserve better etc. Plzz leave comments etc. on this blog,¬†Facebook, twitter etc.¬†everything is welcome.

This Weeks Music Mondays Playlist [in no specific order]:
* Katie Sky – Only You
* FT. Island – Madly
* Secret – I Do I Do
* Timothy DeLaGhetto (Traphik) – We Wish You A Merry Christmas ft. Andrew Gracia
I found this song while I was watching a youtube video and it was on the background and found it pretty amusing and liked the tune so here you go.
Katie Sky – Only You
Here we have FT. Island, OMG I always luvv these guys. I mean I’m so jelly of Hongki’s voice, if I was a man I would definitely want his voice. It’s so unique and I just luvv the husky kind of voices such as AK she’s my #1!
FT. Island – Madly
Here we have Secret. They are not my favv. group because they tend to stick into the ”cutie zone”. Like every MV they need to act cute and people might not always like it but I will give them probs. This might not be my favv. song of Secret but it’s oke and Hyosung is my favv. she’s just awesome luvv her character, so bubbly and smily.
Secret – I Do I Do
 Timothy DeLaGhetto РWe Wish You A Merry Christmas ft. Andrew Gracia
To finish this week MM we have a christmas song!!! Here we have Andrew Garcia ft. Traphik with this years christmas song and I totally luvv. This collab I totally luvv just go and check it out!
Much Luuvess to my Pannies,
Lynn W.

Music Monday #6 Kpop Ballad (Baek Ji Young) Edition

Hey Pannies as you might have noticed I haven’t posted this Thursday and Sunday. If you follow me on¬†Facebook or twitter I mentioned that I had important exams last week so I needed to concentrate on that.¬†

Well but today we have another Music Monday. This weeks Music Monday will be all about Baek Ji Young, she’s a Korean pop ballad singer and was born on March 25, 1976. I can’t remember when I¬†actually started listening to her but I really luvv and adore her. She’s one of my fav. ballad singer and not only in the Korean aspect but just in general. She’s married¬†luckily but she did had her struggles, she had a miscarriage which I feel for her because you don’t wish this even to your worst enemy! My heart goes out to her.¬†
Well listen to the following I personally really luvv these songs, if you luvv ballads take a listen to it because this woman can SING!!

This Weeks Music Mondays Playlist [in no specific order]:
Baek Ji Young – Hate MV
Baek Ji Young – That Woman
Baek Ji Young – Don’t Forget
Baek Ji Young – Voice ft. Gary of Leessang
Baek Ji Young – Like Being Hit By A Bullet

Baek Ji Young – Hate MV
Baek Ji Young – That Woman

Baek Ji Young – Don’t Forget

Baek Ji Young – Voice ft. Gary of Leessang
Baek Ji Young – Like Being Hit By A Bullet
Much Luuvess to my Pannies,
Lynn W.

Music Monday #5 The Oldskool Edition

Hey my lovely Pannies it’s that day of the week again, Monday. All of us know Monday is the day we need to be dragged out our beds just because weekend is over. Today I have several oldskool songs ready so I hope you guys will like it. I won’t go too deep in it just listen to it and I hope it’ll make your day with some oldskool hits of our youth.

My oldskool playlist of todays Monday is as following [in no specific order]:
 * Mario РHow Do I Breathe
 * Mario РLet Me Love You
 * Bow Wow ft. Ciara РLike You
 * Usher РYeah
 * Baby Cham ft. Alicia Keys РGhetto Story
 * Usher ft. Alicia Keys РMy Boo
¬†* Alicia Keys – If I Ain’t Got You
 * Cherish РUnappreciated
 * Keyshia Cole РI Remember
 * Lil Mama РLip gloss
Mario – How Do I Breathe
Mario – Let Me Love You
Bow Wow ft. Ciara – Like You
Usher – Yeah
Baby Cham ft. Alicia Keys – Ghetto Story
Usher ft. Alicia Keys – My Boo
Alicia Keys – If I Ain’t Got You
Cherish – Unappreciated
Keyshia Cole – I Remember
Lil Mama – Lip gloss
Much Luuvess to my Pannies,
Lynn W.

22 Most Cutetest Christmas Animals!!

So today we’re going to have an overload of cuteness. Because it’s December it’s allowed to do this and come in the christmas spirits!! This month is all about christmas so we’ll be doing more of this the whole month. Swoon away while watching these cute christmas animals guys and girls.




Did you enjoy the cuteness overload guys & girls, well there will be more this month because we can. December is all about Christmas so this will be our them this month!!^^
Much Luuvess to my Pannies,
Lynn W.

Music Monday #4 Random Edition

Pannies, it’s Music Monday again I hope you guys like these though!!^^ These are just songs ¬†that I listened to over and over again this week. Ow and BTW I won’t add a top 3 or top 5 because every week is different so I will just put the songs below with title and that’s basically it. Off course if you check out this blog I hope you will check out the song as well.

My list of the week is the following (in no specific order): 
* Katy Perry – Roar
* Lady Gaga – Gypsy
* K.will – My Heart Is Beating
* Lady Gaga – Do What U Want
You got to luvv Katy Perry though, that’s all I gotta luvv…
Katy Perry – Roar
While we have Katy we also have the crazy, unique Gaga who’s¬†finally back again. OMG just luvv this album though. The video as you can see is a Live video and I really luvv this song!
Lady Gaga – Gypsy
Here we have a kind of old song. MV came out begin 2011 and has over 2 million views which I can get so mad about because it deserves so much more views! People might be talking about his looks a lot but as a ballad singer I totally luvv K.will if i could marry someone with a voice as him I want him to sing for me EVERY NIGHT AND DAY! XD
I hope you guys will take a listen to it and comment below whatcha guys think. Ow and starring are ”IU and Lee Joon of MBLAQ” in the MV. I actually never understand why K.will himself is nearly or never to see in his videos. I really want to see a very serious video while he’s standing in the middle of a dark room or so and the camera spins. An little example would be ”Sung Hye Sung’s – Winter Poetry”.
K.will – My Heart Is Beating

Last but certainly not the least. This is also a new song of Gaga, latest album ”Artpop” and I totally luvv this song as well. I luvv all of them. Totally like the melody though. ‘Do what you want, do what you want, do what you want with my bodyyy. R.Kelly is like ‘I luvv to hear you sing’, he hit that note guys hahahahahh. Well go and take a peek!
Lady Gaga – Do What U Want
This was MM again hope you guys liked it and will listen to these songs especially K.will’s song because Gaga and Katy are international artists but K.will’s name is still not that big yet internationally but he’s one of the most amazing ballad singers in Korea. What I notice is that people like them fresh korean faces, bands etc. but Korea they have some AMAZING ballad singers like K.will, Baek Ji Young, Sung Shi Kyung, Im Chang Jung etc. so check out their ballad singers as well.¬†
Much luuvess to my Pannies, 
Lynn W. 

Grazia Beautybloggers Masterclass (First Edition)

Hey my party Pannies it’s Thursday meaning a new blog post and it’s almost weekend. What did you guys do this week? We (school) had some German exchange students coming over this week and we had to welcome them and plan all sorts of activities for this week. If school was like this everyday I think it would be so much more fun even though it’s also very exhausting. Well back to the point…

As you can see from the title this week it’s al about beauty any blogging. I wanted to blog this a long time ago because this event was held last month (Oct. 26 2013). I’m very sorry for posting it this late but I still hope you guys will like it and maybe I will see you at their second BBMC if I will go.¬†
This was indeed their first beautybloggers masterclass ever held in the Netherlands and I was very happy that I made the decision to attend this event. 

The entrance fee was¬†‚ā¨15,- p.p. but it was definitely worth it. BE Creative was a big part of this whole event. I personally knew BE but I did not had the chance to try anything yet but after¬†seeing their line there were some products that interested me a lot. We also received a¬†goodie bag which included 3 BE products, a lipstick, a mascara and a¬†nail polish. I haven’t touched anything yet of the bag but after publishing this post I will definitely will try everything out.¬†
It was a good¬†organized event but I do have some feedback that they could look into. First of all as I said the location was quite easy to find it was just near Amsterdam Central Station/behind Starbucks. When arrived there was no one to pick you up or anything you just had to find the event place. There was a sign with ”events” but then you have people like me who always look over the stupid signs right…
When I finally was upstairs I had to hand in the ticket and got a badge, notebook and pen which is unique and a cool future that they thought about. Big plus Grazie!!
After getting those things you could get something to drink (coffee, tea, water) and the program started at 9:30 (which was wayyy tooooo early for me).
We learned how to find the perfect foundation for your skin type/colour. Well se apparently I’ve been doing it wrong all this time but my technique works as well for me personally.¬†
To find the perfect foundation¬†colour you just apply stripes on your chin and right away you can see what blends which your own skin¬†colour. I never ever knew this I always apply it on the back of my hand but as many of you know your hands are darker than the face. For me I’ve never tried this technique yet because the hand thing does work for me. Off course my hands are darker than my face but I don’t tend to get sunburned/darker easy (which sucks because I do want that glow) and also if you’re shopping and you already applied makeup it just ruins your makeup right. I would definitely recommend this technique if you really have doubts about 2¬†colours or so but don’t put 10 different foundation¬†colours on your chin, you can eyeball which one could suit you and keep it up 3/4 foundations.¬†
Also BE Creative they have really pretty lipsticks which exists out of a wide range of colours and it’s affordable so if you see the line just go and check it out. For now I’m going to post some pictures below.
BE Creative Makeup
After the first activity we could have lunch at the ”DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel” which was awesome. There was a lot you could choose from, bread, shrimps, cold food, hot food, soup etc. After having the lunch we had some inspirational¬†speeches of¬†beauty coach ”Thijs Willekes” (he was so freaking tall, jelly with my 1.60m) and the two beautiful Dutch beauty bloggers ”Mascha of Beautygloss & Serena of Beautylab). All of them were very positive and they could talk for hours and hours and they weren’t nervous at all. I would pee my pants of I had to talk for so many people, to be honest presenting is not my strongest point, not at all. If you guys could meet me I’m probably the most awkward person you will meet EVER!! XD
 Hilmar Mulder
Thijs Willekes
 Mascha Feoktistova 
Look at me right in that corner (right side, Hilma M. took the picture and I just had to be in it right, silly me…:P)
Serena Verbon with her silly faces, hihih
Then near the end of the event there were two more bloggers talking about their story. I did not knew these two before but we had¬†Kirsten ”Jassies & Negin Mirsalehi”.¬†
OMG how did I not knew Negin, she is soso¬†prettyyy. She’s also a beauty, fashion, lifestyle blogger (english), I really do recommend you guys to follow her, she’s¬†beautiful, inspirational and she and her boyfriend are so cute together.¬†Follow her on instagram, twitter, fb just everything.¬†
This is literally the only image I have of this activity but head over to Negin’s¬†Mirsalehi¬†blog, insta etc. she’s awesome and she does lots of outfit posts such as ootd, ootn.
Well there’s always an end to something so the event was done after this. We¬†could go to the¬†sky lounge with the most¬†beautiful view of Amsterdam. But there’s also always a¬†goodie bag to take home with these kinds of events, totally¬†luvvinggg it. Check out the images below of the¬†goodie bag and the¬†beautiful view of Amsterdam!!
Skylounge Amsterdam View
Hope you guys like it and if Grazia will do this again I hope I can go once again if I have the chance. Will you guys join as well?? *BIG DREAMS*
For more foto’s you can check the following link:¬†
Much luuvess, Lynn W. xo 

Music Monday #3 Random Edition Top 3

Hey my Pannies it’s Music Monday again!! There will be some changes, instead of 5 videos I will be posting 3 videos from now on because I have a feeling 5 videos are¬†to much… Well read on and watch which I’ve been¬†listening to.

My top 3 of this week would be (in no specific order): 
* One Direction – Best Song Ever
* Eminem – Monster ft. Rihanna
* One Direction – One Thing

Well we begin with ”One Direction”. This is not their latest song but it’s not a very old song either. The MV has been released for about 3/4 months only so I don’t consider it a very old song. I personally luvv luvv luvv 1D songs but the MV’s always seem too much, there’s always so much going on and what I¬†noticed is that they’re always jumping except in their latest MV ”Story Of My Life”. And OMG the intro is SOSO LONG, the MV takes 6+ min.!! For me I don’t really like MV’s that take so long because you already know that it’s the intro that takes about 2/3 minutes before they are actually singing.¬†But yeah go and check out the MV yourself.

One Direction – Best Song Ever
Eminem is backkkkk guys. After a long break Eminem is¬†finally¬†back with a new album. Have you guys seen him on the MTV EMA’s last week? There was a bit of a funny moment when he was asked what he thought of LMFAO ‘talking down on him’ and he said… WHO? Ohhh yeah he did! But check out the song¬†featuring¬†Riri, luvv it.
Eminem – Monster ft. Rihanna
YES I DID, we began with 1D and we end with 1D. This is quite an old song (almost 2 years) but it never get olds right guys, 1D fans, phihihihihihihi. Well but do I need to say more or do you want to watch the video…XD
One Direction – One Thing
For the 1D fans who is your¬†favourite or how would you rate them? My fav. was Zayne at first but now it’s actually Niall because he has this CUTE face (babyface) but it’s not that I’m obsessed with him, I actually don’t have any thing od 1D besides music but yeah whatevv. But tell me who you like!!
Also plzz. like, share, comment on the post I’d appreciate it guys! Ohh and if you have any songs you like comment it below as well [NEED SOME INSPIRATION!!].

Much luuvess, Lynn W. xo