Mini Autumn/Winter Haul

Hey my pannies,

I want to start making short videos in the future and YES I know the quality, editing etc. isn’t perfect but I definitely will work on this. For now it’s just like this and I just hope you guys will like it. Just watch, like and subscribe. More info is in the info box and I do have to say for a video of 1 min. it took me about half an hour to edit this so bear with me partyyy people!!^^

Also as you can see I already have this Monki sweater on and I am totally luving it though. This winter I just CANNOT survive, it will be living in sweaters autumn/winter 2013. But as I said I totally am in luvv with this sweater/hoodie because it’s very comfy, bit baggy and because I wear black almost 80% of the time I also luvv that there’s this unique/crazy pattern on it.

Under the sweater/hoodie I am wearing this white blouse with beats on the collar which make is more classy/chique and I wanted to add a bulky necklace (gold+lion) but I thought that would be too much because there’s already a lot going on with the pattern that was added so I just left that out!!
AWESOME and speak to you guys soon.


Much luuvess, Lynn W. xo

King’s Family Drama Special Thursday

Hey my lovely pannies,

Here’s another blogpost on a korean drama!! The drama is named ”King’s Family” and exists out of 50 episodes. I watch this drama on the KBS youtube channel, you can check it out I’ll put a link below.

Last Sunday I literally had nothing to do, finished my HW and had no plans at all so I stayed home and was just searching on the web and watching youtube vids. I am subscribed to the KBS channel and saw this drama passing by a few times then at that time I just decided to watch it. I am so glad I did though because this drama could actually be realistic. The storyline looks so unreal to me because I’ve never experienced this but this actually also happens in real-life even though I have never seen this before.

Watching this drama makes me so stressful and so emotional that I actually dislike/hate some characters. An example would be the mother ”Lee Ang Geum” she says whatever she wants to to whoever she wants to. I don’t like the character because of her outspoken mind and that she’s not even reasonable but this proves that the person playing it is actually a good actress that I give to her.


Wang family
Na Moon Hee as Ahn Gye Shim (Grandmother)
Jang Yong as Wang Bong (Father)
Kim Hae Sook as Lee Ang Geum (Mother)
Oh Hyun Kyung as Wang Soo Bak (1st Daughter)
Lee Tae Ran as Wang Ho Bak (2nd Daughter)
Lee Yoon Ji as Wang Gwang Bak (3rd Daughter)
Moon Ga Young as Wang Hae Bak (4th Daughter)
Choi Dae Chul as Wang Don (uncle)
Choi Won Hong as Wang Tae Bak (The Only Son)
1st Daughter’s family
Jo Sung Ha as Go Min Joong (Soo Bak’s husband)
Kim Mi Ra as Go Min Sook
Lee Ye Sun as Go Ae Ji
2nd Daughter’s family
Oh Man Suk as Heo Se Dal (Ho Bak’s husband)
Lee Bo Hee as Park Sal Ra (Se Dal’s mother)
Kang Ye Bin as Heo Young Dal (Se Dal’s sister)
Lee Tae Woo as Heo Shin Thong
Hong Hyun Taek as Heo Bang Thong
3rd Daughter’s family
Han Joo Wan as Choi Sang Nam (Gwang Bak’s love interest)
Lee Byung Joon as Choi Tae Se (Sang Nam’s father)
Kim Hee Jung as Oh Soon Jung
Yoon Song Yi as Goo Mi Ho

A recap till episode 8:
Soo Bak and her husband Go Minjung were a wealthy family but because of wrong investments he lost all of his earnings and possessions. Soo Bak was raised as a princess as her mother says and haven’t done any work her entire life that’s also why she married a rich husband at the time. After losing everything they had to move as well to a smaller place, a basement with rats etc. Soo Bak is a spoiled brat. Minjung is also going crazy because he has to deliver everything on his own, rice, clothes etc. His mom past away last year and it was very hard for him and his dad. It was his mother in laws birthday but also his moms memorial but he had to go to the birthday and was late for the memorial, I really feel for him.

Ho Bak and her husband Heo Se Dal are quite pore. Ho Bak struggled for over more than 15 years to save all her earnings when her husband was just sitting at home doing nothing. This just changed recently (episode 8) because Ho Bok found a job for him but he quit because of the mean manager. Lee Ang Geum, Ho Boks mom treated Soo Bak the oldest daughter as a princess but the second daughter Ho Bak was treated very porely, it almost seemed like she wasn’t her own and hates her. Ho Bak worked for more then 15 years to save up and give her children a better life/education. She bought a house with a loan but her mom was so mad because she didn’t loan the money to her older sister. Not only does her own mom nags Ho Bak but also her mother in law. Ho Bak is the victim in this drama because she has hates coming from every side of her. Her mom, her sister, her mother in law and her sister in law.

Then we have the third daughter, Wang Gwang Bak. At the time she is the most lucky one. In every drama there’s a love story going on and in this case it’s between Gwang Bak and Choi Sang Nam. Their story is soso cute though. Sang Nam is actually pleying Gwang Bak’s mind with dating another girl but his interests lays towards her. CUTE CUTE CUTE, 2 MUCH CUTENESS!!

The fourth daughter with the headphones on all the time we don’t know much yet, she’s still a bit of a mystery so we have to look out for that.

Wang Tae Bak the youngest son is quite a funny guy. For the ones who does not remember that boy he was the little boy in Playful Kiss with Kim Hyun Joon. He still got it though, funny, cute but grown up!

This is basically the story till now so join me in watching this unreal but real drama and let’s discuss this ! If the audience grown maybe we can start a google hangout.

Much luuvess, Lynn W. xo

Ps. here’s a link to the trailer + episodes:

Goede Tijden, Slechte Tijden (GTST) Drama Special

Hey Pannies,

This time it’s about a drama special. If you live in the Netherlands you know about this Dutch drama, GTST. Yesterday was the first stream of this season and really I thought FINALLYYYY.

The photo above is this seasons cast and it was released a while ago. There’s not much of a change so we really need to see for ourselves what will happen in this seasons GTST!!

If you saw the last episode of last season you know the cliffhanger was really nerve wracking cause you saw that someone BOOM BOOM POW, could not open (in this case) his parachute because someone cut trough the cords and FINALLY the first episode was streamed yesterday!!

Now we know who the victim is and it seems to be ”Mike”. He was the one that could not open his parachute and fell on the ground like that. Today the 2nd episode will be streamed so let’s see what will happen today…
What do you guys think what will happen with Mike, Nuran & Rik, Nina & Noud etc. Hope you guys will like todays episode and comment below let’s talk about it!!
Much luuvess, Lynn W. xo

Opening TOPSHOP & TOPMAN The Netherlands, Amsterdam, Bijenkorf

Hai my lovely Pannies,

It’s been a while but we have a TOPSHOP & TOPMAN in our country (The Netherlands, Amsterdam)! This news have been spreading all over the news lately because today was the opening of the shops. 
At 11 AM in the Bijenkorf it finally happened and the doors got open for us. Even though I could not attend the opening but I went to take a look in the afternoon. Also the first 100 guests they received a goodiebag, awesome right!
Source: Bijenkorf
This was the result of the opening of TOPSHOP & TOPMAN! This is crazy though. I did not expect this as a result because summer has ended for a lot of students. Still it’s crazy that a shop can attract this much attention and at 11 AM!! 
I went to TOPSHOP at 1 PM and it was still crazy, it was so hectic and people were crazy. The dressing rooms were full and there was a very long line and people were almost fighting for CLOTHES, I could only think WOW!! (O_O)
So here’s a photo of TOPSHOP & TOPMAN in the Bijenkorf (located: Dam Square 1, Amsterdam, The Netherlands). It may be small but they do have lots of cute stuff so go and check it out!!
Here’s a link of the opening, check it out:
Go fashion fashion fashion & shop till you drop guys & girls!!
Much luuvess, Lynn W. xo

Ps.: Stay tuned for Urban Outfitters and Forever21 in our town!!

Drugstore Beauty Haul!

Hey my lovely Pannies,

I’m sticking to my word and post more frequently!^^

Today I went out for henna and a nail polish and came back with lots more then expected. 

Today I actually wanted to go out and get some henna for myself because lately I’ve been inspired by some of my friends. Lots of times I see my friends walking for henna around because they went to a wedding or other special circumstances they went and they have these beautiful artwork on their hands, feet etc. I really got inspired by their artwork and how precise draw these artwork on someones body. 

Back in the days I already knew what henna was and I have tried it out but because I’m inspired lately I want to draw a whole artwork on my arm too and off course I will let you guys know how it turned out in another blogpost.

Lara Cometics: Henna.
Kruidvat: scrubgel (were on sale for €1,- each), Fa deoderant (buy 1 get 1 free), Essence brush + eyeshadow & the hair refresher of the new ”natuurlijk puur” line of Andrélon.
Etos: Toni&Guy sea salt spray & Andrélon serum for dry & damaged hair.
Hema: Nail hardener & eyeshadow brush
*All bought from Dutch drugstore!!! The Toni&Guy, Essence products are available in other countries but for the other products I really don’t know!
Besides the srubgel, nail hardener and Fa deoderant what I’m familiar with I’m quite exited to use the other products. I’ve heard quite good things of both Andrélon products and the Toni&Guy sea salt spray.
Hope you guys enjoy this blogpost and share the luvv with others!!
Much luuvess, Lynn W. xo

Music Mondays – The Kpop Edition

Hey my lovely pannies,


Okey okey I know I’m not posting frequently enough but now that I’m back from vaca. and summer is almost over again I will be posting more frequently, PROMISE! xx


As you guys see in the title above this blogpost will all be based on kpop. I know that everyone has its own taste off music and personally kpop is one of the genres I listen to. 


Kpop stands for Korean pop music but nowadays we can devide Kpop in different genres as well because it’s not only pop music anymore. When people that are unfamiliar with kpop they would think that kpop is korean music but even though korean music is also devided in different genres such as indie, R&B, soul etc. 


Personally I got me introduced to kpop by an old friend of mine. Four/Five years ago I got this video sent to me with 4 girls in it. I thought it was funny that all of them had the same hair colour and all four of them got bangs as well. Well I watch the video and I got totally interested in them which at this moment I searched for more videos but as long as I searched I could only find 2 MV’s. As unfamiliar I was with kpop I did found out that, that song was their debut song/MV. Can you guys guess who it is already…??

Lee Chaerin, CL (Leader)

                Park Bom, Bom (Main Vocalist) 
                                                                                                                      Sandara Park, Dara (Cute One)


 Gong Minij, Minzy (Maknae = Youngest)

YES, these precious and wonderful girls who started with a boyish concept and ended up very feminine and elegant. I know for sure that a lot of Blackjacks agree with me. These four ladies (Minzy was still a girl because she was still a minor) captured lots of hearts with their unique concept which was not yet seen before and nowadays they are still doing a pretty good job.


To be honest I’m quite happy to say that, yes I’m familiar with kpop and yes I learned a lot trough their music, culture and the media, how different they react compared to the Western culture and what they concentrate on.


Well as kpop is growing these few years the Korean culture is also getting lots of attention as well. We have SNSD on the ‘‘David Letterman’’ show, this year we got Psy – Gangnamstyle what was a huge hit!


> (SNSD performance on D. L. show)
> (Ohhh so famous Gangnamstyle vid.)


As kpop is getting even bigger and more well known, companies will put new faces out and for me personally it’s getting more exiting but also rediculous. 
Oke, I’m a 90’s baby and got introduced to kpop in ’08 meaning that I’ve been around pretty while. I’m not saying I’m an expert or whatever but I am quite familier within this group. 


I also know that these boys and girls work very hard to win that spot to be in a certain group or so (some train more then 5 years to be put in a group and some even 8~10 years) but having such large group with 12+ members is going quite far esp. nowadays. 
It’s not that I don’t like it absolutely not, I’m even happy for them because you never know ‘‘the behind the scene story’’ of each of the members but one thing what I noticed it that end 2012 and this year 2013 there are A LOT of rookie groups that’s what I find ridiculous. No not 20 groups but there might be more than 30+ rookie groups out this year. I have no idea if they were trained well and if they will make it and whatever but I think it’s too much to put out so many groups within one year. This also means that the competition grew even bigger and we don’t even know what will happen. Some of the groups we heard only once and never appear again, how is this necessary…??


Also if a well known company puts out a new group this means that they need to concentrate on this certain group more then others meaning that the groups who were already out and already made a statement will be put on pause for at least a year or more. This is not fun for the fans nor for them because the fans want to see them even more and for the artists they might have to get used again to go on stage and perform.


Here are some ‘‘rookies’’ who grabbed my attention (in no specific order)!:

Kim Bo Ah, Boa. She’s part of the group Spica and trained together with IU. She totally has a wonderful voice which each singer should be jealous of so putting her in a group… I think the company made a mistake but well yeah…


B.A.P., Best Absolute Perfect. The shot-term might sound very unique and cool but the meaning behind it is just soso. Despite their name THEY CAN PERFORM and CAPTURE THE HEARTS OF MANY MANY GIRLS!! BABYYY…..

Amy Lee, Ailee. From a youtube singer to a very popular korean solo artist. She has captured the hearts of many people with her amazing cover of Halo ~ Beyoncè and her first album heaven and now even a second album!

D-Unit, Jeon Woo Ram/Ram, Jung Yoo Jin/Ujin, Kwak Soo Jin/Zin, Byeon Seung Mi/JNey. A rookie group which was formed last year and back then it existed out of three members only but they added a new member. Not sure anymore but they would change members frequently or something like that. Also Ram is the sis. of T-ara Boram.

Fiestar: Cao Lu, Yezi, Cheska, Jei, Hyemi, Linzy. Very popular from the start and in the same company as IU. They even filmed a MV with IU and I totally luved the sound and how cute the vid. was but not overly cute!


Well this blogpost need to come to an end. I can ramble on for hours if it’s about music/kpop but at a certain point we need to stop. I hope you guys will enjoy this overly kpop blogpost and share it with your friends!! Also comment below who you luvv in the kpop world and what your opinion is about Korean pop!

Much Luvv to the pannies & kpop lovers! (^x^)

Lynn W. xo

Mini Rimmel London Haul

Hey Pannies,

Again it’s been a while since I’ve updated my blog. Well as summer break has began I will be trying to post more often. As for today it’s only about two products. One is the ”Rimmel London Stay Matte Pressed Powder” and the other is the ”Rimmel London APOCALIPS lip lacquer” in 501 Stellar. People have been praising on these products so I had to buy them.


Today I did use the APOCALIPS and I am totally in luvv with the colour. Even though it stains it’s also very pigmented. Loving it so far. If you guys request more info or review on the product, comment below!

I will also try the pressed powder later on so if you want more info or a review on that also comment below!

Live, Laugh, Love ❤ Pannies


Much luuvess, Lynn W. xo

Haul: Fashion, Dental care, Makeup & ELF products

Hey Pannies,

I know it’s been a while again but please spare me. Lasts 4/5 weeks of school so I need to finish everything plus next week is exam week… Before all the craziness start I just want to posts something on my blog and this time it’s a haul kinda blog + this is the MAY edition.

First of all I need to admit I’m a sneakerhead, sneakerzzz over heals but it’s been the longest that I haven’t bought any because I just didn’t found any that were my taste and I haven’t been really searching for the longest I need to admit. Recently I was just searching some sites and I saw the cutest and coolest sneakers again, loved them so off course I needed to buy them, see below (bought at Also I need to admit I’m a Adidas fan especially Jeremy Scott designs, all day every day.

Also been searching for the left bag and I actually found two bags. The first bag on the right, it’s kinda a every day bag if you need to carry your standard belongings but I’m a student so it’s impossible for me to use this every day. This bag I found at primark for about €15,- so that was a good deal right. 
The bag on the right side I bought at Zara. This actually I saw at Zoella’s haul I’ve seen this bag on the Zara’s website but never in their stores and she did a haul of this bag and as I was watching it I wanted to buy it because this bag comes in so handy for students etc. There are 5 department which 3 which zippers and two with those buttons. The middle department you can put your laptop in there and that’s so easy I say because there’s are certain cushions or so that protect your laptop. Then there’s a department for your iPad, Notebook etc. and then there’s a department where you can put your keys, cards, tissues etc. Then the other two you can use for what ever. 

Up to the dental care. I’ve never taken good care of my teeth and I also have always thought that they were awesome and perfect, first of all because I’ve never worn braces before and second because I’ve never had problems since last year. But I know better now, I haven’t visited the dentists for the longest, about 4/5 years. Last year I took time to go to the dentists and I got things fixed that I didn’t even knew it was possible but right now I’m TAKING CARE of these baby pannies and you should too. I’m trying out new toothpaste at the moment because I’ve been using Aquafresh for a long time to get whiter teeth but I haven’t seen any improvements or something so summer is up and we need them white teeth so I’ve heard good things of oral B and right now I’m using the 3D white one for around 2/3 weeks and I swear I am seeing results already. I also heard good things of Crest toothpaste, strips, mouth water etc. but we can’t get them in the Netherlands and I’m very very sad because I really want to try that one out. Right now using the Sensodyne mouth water and I really hate mouth water it’s like drinking cough drops, IELL!! Then we have the UltraDent Floss.

Now up to makeup you girls have been waiting for. On the first photo you can see two Bourjois foundations, the black one is the 123 perfect and the red one is the healthy mix foundation. Based on my skin type and what I do etc. I will describe all the products. I’m using the shade #53 which is the Light beige one on both. The 123 perfect foundation of bourjois I personally don’t really like. I have seen reviews of this products and a lot of people liked it but for me with a combination skin I don’t really like it. I have tried this out during the colder times as it is always in the Netherlands and I’ve been trying it out during times it was hot. I didn’t really like it because on my skin it looked really cakie, it was sticky and it made my skin very very dry after just 2/3 hours so I did not really like this. For the healthy mic of bourjois I luvv this product. This product has been a life savior. I was sick for quite a while and actually still a little bit but after a while of sitting/sleeping at home I just wanted to go out and off course I decided to test it out for you guys and also for me, hihihih. Well I really do not have any complaint… I got lots of compliments of how good my skin looks, they thought it was flawless LOL. It did not feel sticky at all, it was the right color, it smelled good, just OMG, luvv it, try it and tell me about it.
Then we have 3 bodyshop products, actually it’s 4 but I couldn’t find the scrub. Last month it was my bday so my mom, brother and I went shopping and bought something at the bodyshop as always. I don’t have sensitive skin but around my jaw it tends to get red very easily and it stays that way sometimes. Have been to the doctor but he says it’ll go away by time, well thanks NOT!! Well I bought a scrub and a face wash of the sentive collection. I’m not sure about these products. The face wash tend to make my face very dry after using it but it also tends to make it very clean and smooth. For the srub I just don’t like because as I said earlier this is for people with sentive skin so it doesn’t tend to do the job for me. We also got a lip scrub and I really really luvv this because I’m someone who licks the lips all the time when not wearing anything on it and I know it’s bad but I just do. So I’ve been using for for the longest and it really helps, a little goes a long way and I’m using this 3/4 times a week. Then the body butter I got for an euro.
On to the Absolute Nude palette of Catrice. I’m luving this palette though. Maybe it’s not visible in the picture but I’ve been using this palette like crazy especially the first two colours and the fourth colors, just try it!
We went crazy with the eyeliner because you guys know we need them eyeliner! Bought two catrice eyeliners which are pen liners, one in 010 black and the other in 040 black grey which is actually just a grey. We also went for the L’oréal Paris Super Liner Perfect Slim which I’ve been hearing a lot of good thing about and a lot of recommendations so we’ll try.
Two more products which are the Essence ”all about matt! fixing compact powder and the Astor 730 soft sensation which is a very barbie pink colour. Luving the powder, luv a matt face especially with makeup who wants a see through face right. For the lipstick, it’s alright. Picked this up in Germany at a drugstore, liked the colour but it doesn’t really moisturize so it’s up to you.

Oké so last but not least my ELF collection of this year. Have been hearing a lot of this brand and I can’t get this in stores in the Netherlands so I searched if we can get this online and YES, I’ve been exaggerating. 3 nail polishes, luvv the purple color, we have a face mist which is awesome too and also a shampoo for the brushes which is not in the photo but for the shampoo I give it a 5.5 out of 10, I just recommend baby shampoo. Two brushes, a stippling and a contouring. A baked bonzer and power with SPF and a tinted moisturizer for the lips which I like it’s more of a nude colour. We need to have the eyeliner which is very good but it dried up after using it for about 6 times, FAIL. Some concealer, highlighter, tinted moisterizer for the face, lip balms. Also we have a lip stain which I luvv up till now, gives my lips that shine and then the eye refresher which I also like but I’m not seeing results so for, been using for only 5 days to that’s logic.

Well so it was a long haul and tiny bits of reviews but I hope you guys like it and spread the luvv by sharing, commenting, liking, requesting and see you my panes next time.

Live, Laugh, Love ❤ Pannies

Much luuvess, Lynn W. xo

[REVIEW] SHEREIO, Cucumber Mask

What’s up my Pannies,

It’s already been three weeks ago that I posted my first blogpost.

Today I want to write a review off the ”cucumber mask of SHEREIO”.

I’m sure that these aren’t worldwide brands and I wasn’t familiar with them either, I got these products while I was on vacation in HK/China. Never thought I would write a review about this but it’ll be fun though, hope you enjoy.

First of all I want to say that I have a pretty oily skin and off course it’s a bit dryer during the winter periods so I have to take extra care of it otherwise pimples will start to pop up so I will describe these based on my skin type. Also my cheekbones do tend to get quite red easily (it’s not acne, I have no idea why this is or what this is but my GP says it’ll disappear but I still have this so I dunno…?!).

SHEREIO, Cucumber Mask 
Well as you guys can see the packaging is not really special or so but it does its job to protects the mask so it’s ok. The one thing that irritates me of the packaging is when you actually need to open it. Normally these masks will go open easily but with this one I did hd some trouble opening it but not to the extend of using scissors, luckily. 


Now the back side of the packaging. As you might have noticed already everything is written in Chinese and that’s pretty logical as I bought it in China but that sucks for me because reading Chinese is quite a burden as we have so many characters. Still I managed to read that this is a 15 minute mask.
After opening this mask and as you can see it’s very watery. 
The mask contains a lot of that watery/jelly kind of stuff (what’s the english word for this, comment). Even after I took out the mask a lot of that products was still in the packaging. 

Finally my expectations of the product wasn’t very high. I do have to say that the mask did a bit o moistening but it totally did not clear up or close my pores at all. This was a 15 minute mask but after 15 minutes has past by there was still a lot of product left on the mask so instead of taking this off after 15 min. I took it off after about 30 minutes and even then there was still a lot of product left on the mask. 

The mask itself felt very soft and I did like the material of it but I tend to buy facial masks that always have such a big hole/area for the nose and that’s kind of irritating me.
If I would give a mark it would be 6.5/10 (6.5 out of 10).
Hope you guys enjoy my first review and maybe you have any recommendations for me (masks), just comment below. BTW the store I bought this masks at is ”Aiyaya”, website is —> and they sell all sorts of things, from facial masks to korean idol key hangers so just take a look, not sure if you can order online or something but they do have interesting news otherwise you can also take a look at it’s a Chinese store as well but this is something that’s more trustworthy to buy from.

Live, Laugh, Love ❤ Pannies

Much luuvess, Lynn W. xo

Inspiring Beauty Guru’s

Hey my Pannies,

I know it’s been a while since I updated my blog, here’s something…
Today I wanted to talk about some inspiring beauty guru’s on youtube.
Nowadays there are lots of options and a lot of beauty on the internet, it really depends on what you are interested in and if you can really learn something. I started watching beauty videos a long time ago, I think it’s been about 7 years since I got to know the youtube beauty world and about 5 years ago I started to get really interested about this topic. Back then I was more interested in hair tutorials and not so much about makeup. I do say that I was a late bloomer if it comes to makeup. In high school I started nails/nail polish was getting my attention and I came up with all kinds of patterns etc. and around my third (out of four) year I started to getting really interested in eye-makeup but did not do much. After high school I started to put eyeliner and that was really the only thing I knew back then BUT all of you girls know that putting eyeliner is not a easy job, you do need to practice a little bit to able to really control the lines, especially the cat eye. But well in the first year of college I was more interested in skin care then in makeup because during that period of time it really hit me, I’d a lot of scars and pimples. After a while using the right products and do a lot of research my skin was slowly getting better and I got interested in makeup. Right now I do know a lot of technics to apply makeup and everyday I’m learning a lot about hair care, skin care and makeup, you just need to know how to even this out.

Back to the point,
Beauty guru’s that I’ve been following from the beginning are:
One of the first guru’s I followed. I just luv this girl though. As I said the first thing I was interested in was hair and she did gave a lot of hair tutorials and I just luv that. She does not upload recently anymore but just check her out.
Off course we need to have Bubz in the picture, she is a beauty guru that I followed from the beginning. She gives a lot of tips and tricks and nowadays she also does a lot of other things such as giving information of certain things and DIY’s, just go and check her out. THUMBS up for Bubz.
Dutch beauty guru, inspiring especially for Dutch pannies because she does a lot of  reviews etc. of the products that are actually available in the Netherlands compared to those who live in America/Asia and even Europe, London etc.
The beautiful Dulce, a beautiful latin woman who inpires me a lot and followed her from the beginning. Also it’s inspiring that she went to the army and she found her love during that time and nowadays they have a lovely son together.
Michelle Phan, one of the most well known Asian-American beauty guru. She does give lots of tips and tricks also a lot of skin care tips and tricks, do I need to say more…?
I followed this girl from the day she joined the youtube world. She is a beautiful girl who has those beautiful curves. Even though she’s specified in law, I just luv her videos and she’s just really clear. I also luv that she’s an Indian girl that lives in HK and speaks Cantonese, just check her out.
Been following this lovely girl a while already. I just luv her hair tutorials and she does gives tips and tricks about hair care, just in luv with her hair…!

Beauty guru’s that I know recently but they are a big help:
This is a Korean-American beauty guru that just had a lovely son. Also follow her vlog account, because Yunwoo is super cute and look at her man cook, awesome!
Chinese, Cantonese beauty guru of HK. Just subscribed to this girl and already learned a lot already. I personally think that this beauty guru suits to a lot of Asian/Chinese girls because we normally have very oily or mixed skin types and this is why I think if you can understand Cantonese you just need to check her out and she also add English subs. so just go and check her out.
Hana Tam, is a singer herself but she also upload reviews and looks so that we can learn certain tips and tricks from her. From the videos it looks she’s a really fun and happy girl, check her out.
This is a woman that just had a beautiful and cute daughter. I love to watch their vlogs, Julianna is so cute and Benji is überrr funny. Judy does a lot of first impression and that actually is very informative, just check out her account.
Bethany, a very cute and fun girl. I recently subscribed to her because of the DIY’s, I just luv DIY’s and her videos are just so colourful and it makes me look forward to the summer as the Netherlands it not hot at all, the weather over here …FILL IN…
Been following this girl since last year. A Chinese girl who lives in London and got just proposed to, not sure if she’s married already but check her out and get to know more. 
A really happy girl and she has a lovely boyfriend who is not afraid of the camera, U luv it. They are so cute together and het obsession for nail polishes is so funny and cute, check her out.

Oké guys, a very long list. Hope you guys find this interesting and will check her out. They are just the ones that grab my attention and they are very inspiring. Hope you guys check my list out and comment what I should do next. 

Live, Laugh, Love ❤ Pannies

Much luuvess, Lynn W. xo