Vacation Photos & Reflection

For the past 4 years I’ve been on lots of trips and today I’d like to share some vaca. photos with you guys. It’s mostly culture shots and food though. || SKY-Vacation Fun & Reflection

These first few photos I took while I was visiting Switzerland & Italy at the same time so the pictures are in no particular order. I think if you have seen photos of Italy on the internet before you will probably know which are which. || SD:IT-Vacation Fun & Reflection IMG_005

What I noticed in Switzerland is that there are lots of small houses on the mountains. There’s lots of green, a lot of nature and it’s very peaceful. The landscape if just so beautiful but I also came in contact with some citizens and they weren’t very nice though. But yet that did not influence my day so let’s keep the beautiful landscapes coming! 😛 || SD:IT-Vacation Fun & Reflection IMG_002 || SD:IT-Vacation Fun & Reflection IMG_001 || SD:IT-Vacation Fun & Reflection IMG_006

The day was long and very adventurous. This shot was actually made in a cablecar. Even though my mom was too scared to ride it my dad and brother went up to the mountains. It was scary I need to say seeing everything to small from above but very beautiful as well. Finally up there, we saw some (LOTS) snow. Things were very expensive at the time in Switzerland I need to say. Probably twice as expensive compared to the Netherlands. So my conclusion is it’s a very beautiful and clean country but be prepared to splurge because food only ain’t cheap! || SD:IT-Vacation Fun & Reflection IMG_003

I FOUND MY NEW LUVV!. It was the first time going to Italy but I won’t say the last time. It’s the most beautiful country I’ve seen so far in my lifetime. I went during the summertime and I’ve never seen the sky nor the water having such a clear blue colour before. The people are so nice and friendly and helpful it’s probably one of my fav. country I’ve visited. Also their cherry ice cream OMG if you’ve tried id before raise your hands though. I hope I will have the chance to visit and experience this once more or several times because I still can’t forget the images in my head. Very nice, beautiful, tourists friendly etc. || SD:IT-Vacation Fun & Reflection IMG_004 || SD:IT-Vacation Fun & Reflection IMG_007

There’s also a large history and artwork involved in the tour. Very unique and awesome to see. || SD:IT-Vacation Fun & Reflection IMG_008 || SD:IT-Vacation Fun & Reflection IMG_009 || SD:IT-Vacation Fun & Reflection IMG_010

I personally went to Venice and there are lots of small boutiques from masks to jewelry and even guns. How beautiful is this display, the dress OMG so beautiful! || SD:IT-Vacation Fun & Reflection IMG_011

This lamp is so awesome though. There may be lots of devils on it but it;s so freaking awesome, each detail that was put in such a beautiful lamp. || SD:IT-Vacation Fun & Reflection IMG_012

The next place I want to take you guys is the UK. I did not had the chance to take lots of photos so here are only 2 popular ones and very beautiful places. || UK-Vacation Fun & Reflection IMG_001

Do I need to say more Ben? 😛 Can’t believe I actually took this photo. It was pouring rain all day and it finally stopped for a lil bit and the rainbow appeared! (^x^) || UK-Vacation Fun & Reflection IMG_002

Our next stop would be the country of aimourrr!!! You know what I’m talking about right YES France guise. || FR-Vacation Fun & Reflection IMG_001

Scenery captured! || FR-Vacation Fun & Reflection IMG_002

While in Paris you need to go to the Lafayette right. I went during Christmas time with one of the besties and they actually had this pretty Christmas tree inside the mall. How pretty are all the lights and the decorated tree. || FR-Vacation Fun & Reflection IMG_003 || FR-Vacation Fun & Reflection IMG_004

Sephora is a must visit as we don;t have them anymore in the Netherlands BOOO! Each time it’s so overwhelming though. || FR-Vacation Fun & Reflection IMG_005

Fav. brand, needed to take a look TEEHEE. || FR-Vacation Fun & Reflection IMG_006

Laduree for the macarons lover like I do. The store is so pretty with all the fairy light. The employees were so nice as well! 2 thumbs up for Laduree. || FR-Vacation Fun & Reflection IMG_007 || FR-Vacation Fun & Reflection IMG_008 || FR-Vacation Fun & Reflection IMG_009

This was the best meal I had in France. Hours of searching and looking we finally found a Japanese restaurant and it was freaking worth it! It was so DELICIOUS, each and every bite.

Now we need to fly to the other side of the world ad we’re in Hong Kong guise. The city of buildings and lights. || HK-Vacation Fun & Reflection IMG_004

HK is known for it’s late night snacks but also its variety of foods. Here we have our english breakfast served as nicely it can bee with a cup of coffee please. 😛 || HK-Vacation Fun & Reflection IMG_001 || HK-Vacation Fun & Reflection IMG_002 || HK-Vacation Fun & Reflection IMG_003 || HK-Vacation Fun & Reflection IMG_005

My favorite HK street food of all time, egg waffle especially this combo of ying and yang. Crispy of the outs but so fluffy on the inside, I give it a 10/10. || HK-Vacation Fun & Reflection IMG_006

Some more late night street food! || HK-Vacation Fun & Reflection IMG_007

Asia knows for ”all things cute, cuteness overload” you can’t beat this though. The presentation is just a 10/10. || HK-Vacation Fun & Reflection IMG_008

No matter where Starbucks is a must visit right, you all know this is a fact. || HK-Vacation Fun & Reflection IMG_009

Same counts for the Apple store. || HK-Vacation Fun & Reflection IMG_010

While in HK you need to visit the late night street markets, there’s a lot of stuff to buy! || HK-Vacation Fun & Reflection IMG_011

You can’t miss the architecture in HK! || HK-Vacation Fun & Reflection IMG_012 || HK-Vacation Fun & Reflection IMG_013 || HK-Vacation Fun & Reflection IMG_014

Even from above HK represents a dragon, have you noticed this before!? Bet ahh you haven’t. || MC-Vacation Fun & Reflection IMG_001

I was only 1 day in Macau and it seemed like a theater city. Look at these buildings and the colours though and a fountain in the the middle of the square.

SNAP we are in China! || CN-Vacation Fun & Reflection IMG_001

We went all up right at the top. It was SOOO HOT it was about 40° celsius in China but we stepped forward and went to the top. Ridiculous that chinese women still wear heels while on a trip. || CN-Vacation Fun & Reflection IMG_002 || CN-Vacation Fun & Reflection IMG_003

A shot from the top how awesome is this view! || CN-Vacation Fun & Reflection IMG_004

The best thing is china is that on lots of products you can find your fav. idol. Hi Show Luo WHOOTWHOOT and we have AngelaBaby. || CN-Vacation Fun & Reflection IMG_005

MORE FOOD!!! || CN-Vacation Fun & Reflection IMG_006

HEART SHAPED FOOD!!! || CN-Vacation Fun & Reflection IMG_007

TROPICALL FRUIT!!! (favs. dragon fruit) || CN-Vacation Fun & Reflection IMG_008

Cutest car right, Snoopy on a car.

Now I’d like to know where you have been on vacation and if you’d like share your vaca. photos with me on instagram/twitter. Both @LynnaWuOfficial and hashtag #Vacaspots!