WHAT I’VE USED UP | January 2015 Empties🌟

Another month has past so that means I’ve used up some products. It’s not much for the month of January but it’s a decent amount. For the month of Janury I’ve used up bits of different categories, beauty, skincare etc (see list below):

Rimmel London – Wake Me Up Concealer
Kenzo – Flower By Kenzo
Essence – Stay Natural Concealer
Essence – Eyeliner Pen Extra Longlasting
Essence – Eyeliner Pen Waterproof
Tinted Lipbalm
Andrélon – Volumizing Dry Shampoo
Hema – All-in-one contact lens solution
Victoria Secret – Noir Tease Scented Body Mist

Kruidvat – Cleansing scrubgel
Vaseline – Spray & Go Body Moisturizer

Rimmel London – Wake Me Up Concealer
First of all this Rimmel Concealer is heaven though! I used it under my eyes and as nose bridge highlighter and I really luvv it. It really brightens up and illuminates the under eye area and I literally used it every day sine I purchased it. I would like to repurchase the product but in the Netherlands I haven’t seen it in stores, not even once. I bought mine on the Asos website but they are out of stock currently and I’m not sure if they will stock up but if they do I will definitely buy some backup.

Kenzo – Flower By Kenzo
This cute little but OHHH-SOO-HANDY Kenzo perfume smelled fantastic. It really has a floral scent but it doesn’t make you nauseous. I personally don’t like strong sweet smells or just something that’s quite strong I like something more natural, light and lingers around but I got this sample size and yes I like.

Essence – Stay Natural Concealer
So since I haven’t found any affordable concealer since my ”Rimmel Wake Me Up” I just went to the drugstore and I searched for a pen concealer and I actually found this Essence one. Well Why not right. It’s a luvv hate relationship. Sometimes it blends in very well but at times it leans towards a bit greyish side if you know what I mean but what do you expect from only €2,-. Also I wanted to be a bit lighter because this is the ’03 Soft Nude’ but to really match my skin tone I think I needed the ’04 Soft Honey’.

Essence – Eyeliner Pen Extra Longlasting & Essence – Eyeliner Pen Waterproof
As I have heard from some of my friends that they use the pen eyeliner from Essence and they said it’s an okay eyeliner but I’ve tested it myself finally. Well I don’t have much to say then I would not repurchase these items anymore. The color pay-off is okay but after using it twice/three times the pen is basically dried up so yeah…
Back when I started getting interested in makeup I did used their liquid eyeliner with the blue packaging and that was a pretty good eyeliner if you start of with makeup.

Tinted Lip balm
Not sure which brand this is but this product is from China. Last year when I visited China I was in need of a lip balm so I randomly chose this one at the shop. If I could I would repurchase. It really has a strong pinky tint if you apply this to your lips and it’s VERY moisturizing! It has no scent nor taste or anything to it basically a simple tinted lip balm.

Andrélon – Volumizing Dry Shampoo

This dry shampoo is a lifesaver. My hair when I just washed it is always very flat so the first day I use rollers to give it more volume and texture but the second day I definitely will use this Andrélon volumizing dry shampoo. It give you volume, it’s quick, doesn’t leave a sticky residue and it basically looks like freshly washed hair. For the smell it’s very fresh but I wouldn’t say for me the smell does’t affect much and that why I usually spray some mist on it such as the Victoria Secret which is also in this post.

Hema – All-in-one contact lens solution
Lately I’ve been into wearing circle lenses again and when I do I usually use this lens solution for soft lenses actually to clean/cleanse my lenses. Not much to tell for only that it’s a lens solution and it does the job and it goes for some time, I’ve been using this bottle for quite some time.

Victoria Secret – Noir Tease Scented Body Mist
As mentioned before I not only use this the my body but also for my hair. I first got this product in HK and this 75ml bottle lasted me for more than a year I think and I usually do use this for my hair. I asked the counter lady if they had something like hair perfume/mist because I know Chanel has something specifically made for the hair which doesn’t consists alcohol etc. and doesn’t dry out your hair and the counter lady recommended my this bottle I’m note too sure if they have any other scents but I like it so it went straight in my basket.

Kruidvat – Cleansing scrubgel
I’m beginning to have quite a sensitive skin which I before I didn’t had any problems with but for some reason it’s acting up. I’ve tried many face scrubs but this one is what works and I really like that the beads aren’t too big and because it’s also in gel form it’s not too rough either. I have tried the sensitive sub from Kruidvat but that’s not it for me. It’s more a milky texture and had very little to no beads in it at all so this is for all skin types but it’s very mild I would say. I have used many bottles, it’s helpful and it’s affordable as well so what more do you want right.
Vaseline – Spray & Go Body Moisturizer (aloe vera)
I picked this up during a sale somewhere because I though why not, never enough moisturizers right. OMG totally fell in luvv with this, it’s fast, it moisturizes, it does NOT leave a sticky residue and it smells fantastic. Really luvv this design, wish they made a bigger quantity of this as this only contains 190ml. I know they have 3 scents but this is the aloe vera one and who doesn’t luvv aloe!
I hope you guys liked my first empties post and if you want to see more of these posts on the future you can follow, like, comment, share this post and I will be doing more of these. Also check out all my social network, click link below!
Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection 
we can catch excellence – Vince Lombardi

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