Superlooks Makeup Workshops

Hey my Pannies it’s been a while, how are you guise?😃 Well today I have a new blogpost for you my pannies!
Last Saturday I went to both makeup workshops organized by Superlooks in Diemen, the Netherlands. Superlooks is still quite a new brand as there existence is only about 2/3 years. They offer two different kinds of workshops, workshop 1 is all about the basic look so foundation, concealing, powder, blush and also a basic eye makeup. Workshop 2 is the party look and they will teach you contouring and you will create a heavy eye look.
The lighting in the studio was quite awful to look at if not wearing makeup because you can see each little pimple, scar, pore but it’d be so good for making photos and filming at least this is the lighting I personally do like. Also i want to say I definitely was in makeup heaven! 😻
Here are some personal photos. I know I had to shoot step-by-step photos but forgive my I just had so much fun with these two crazy galls (respect that my friend doesn’t wants so be shown!) so I mainly took pictures of the studio. Also it was such a long day as I went to both workshops with only about 4 hours of sleep and we did not had a break between to go and grab something to eat. 
Here are some more and up-close photos of the studio and the makeup they offer. As you can see they have a wide variety of colours, not only for the lips and eyes but they also have a wide variety of foundation and concealers.
When you book a workshop you will get 2 lip/eye pencils and 1 mascara. As I attended two classes you can count what the total is right, hihihih!
Also I got some goodies of the store and actually now I think about it I will probably get one more thing their primer, the green one which is awesome works away most of the redness. At the end of the workshop I got two goodies. One is a ”wide smudge brush in #22” and the other is the ”Kissproof & Lipshine in #1”. The products aren’t really expensive at all either, almost all products are under the 20,- and also what I like is that they have a production sticker on the products! Most products only stamp how long you can keep the product but WHEN-OH-WHEN did they produced the product.
To be honest I am a lippies kind of girl and I can’t get enough of lipsticks, lip glosses, lipliners etc. etc. so when I saw what colours they had I wanted to buy most of them because they were so pretty, pigmented. I’m not too sure of long-lasting because I had to remove my makeup twice but this colour I got I swatched it on my hand and it actually didn’t came off not even without makeup remover oil but it did luckily came of with actual makeup remover.
Conclusion Superlooks Workshops
For me personally I really liked it and I did learn some tricks. I want to be a makeup artist myself and I really like beauty and makeup, everything in this field. I doubted for quite some time if I really want to attend classes and graduate and get certificates in this field and because of this workshop it really opened my eyes that I really want to do it. They also offer classes and you will get a certificate in the end but it’s for a short period of time and I at least want to follow this course for 1 year. If you also want to dive in this field but still have doubts I do recommend you to go and follow at least one of their workshops but it’s also a very fun experience fun your girlfriends, and or a present to someone.
Things you will learn on the basic makeup class are: concealing, primer, foundation, basic eye look basically.
On the party makeup class you will learn the following: contouring, concealing, foundation, extreme eye look which is harder than you think of how to create!
You can go up to their website and contact them straight away to book classes but I personally won these at an action website, vakantieveilingen which most dutch people might know so you can also check that out. Also check out their website because they have lots of information on there as well and they have an online webshop to shop till you drop!
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