[Mini Review] Etos Finishing Powder

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I know it’s been a while again but please understand I have school going on and this is my last year (2 more months!!). Well but I’ll be posting here and there, I don’t have a fixed schedule for now but here is another post on makeup after a long time.

Recently I haven’t bought lots/tons of makeup just here and there I picked up several things. I was in Etos, I think last week or so and I knew they brought out a new finishing powder. Well I’ve posted a finishing powder before that’s actually white of Essence. I prefer these powders more because they are white and just lighter than a normal powder ”with colour”. 

I have been trying this powder out for more than 2 weeks now and I really like it. It’s light, it doesn’t feel like caky nor thick what I actually do notice with some other powders I use. I actually really like this powder over the Essence one. The Essence one is also good but I’ve bought 2 of these and both shattered into pieces. The first one that shattered I thought oke maybe I got a bad one because I’ve tried this finishing powder before and that was perfectly fine, luvved the product and it did what it said so I thought I’d buy another one MISTAKE!! Went to the shop asked if I could return this and they were nice enough to do this well it’s not a coincidence right if both shattered into pieces.

I’ve been trying the Etos one for more than two weeks and it is in my everyday makeup bag already. At first I though this would be really powdery looking into the compact but that’s not the case at all. As I said before it’s lightweight, it doesn’t feel caky, it feels just like skin, it’s mattifying (although you need to touch up throughout the day but for me I just don’t really bother).
If you are looking for an affordable quite oke finishing powder I do recommend this, it’s only €4,99,- available at the Etos affiliates.

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