Music Monday #4 Random Edition

Pannies, it’s Music Monday again I hope you guys like these though!!^^ These are just songs  that I listened to over and over again this week. Ow and BTW I won’t add a top 3 or top 5 because every week is different so I will just put the songs below with title and that’s basically it. Off course if you check out this blog I hope you will check out the song as well.

My list of the week is the following (in no specific order): 
* Katy Perry – Roar
* Lady Gaga – Gypsy
* K.will – My Heart Is Beating
* Lady Gaga – Do What U Want
You got to luvv Katy Perry though, that’s all I gotta luvv…
Katy Perry – Roar
While we have Katy we also have the crazy, unique Gaga who’s finally back again. OMG just luvv this album though. The video as you can see is a Live video and I really luvv this song!
Lady Gaga – Gypsy
Here we have a kind of old song. MV came out begin 2011 and has over 2 million views which I can get so mad about because it deserves so much more views! People might be talking about his looks a lot but as a ballad singer I totally luvv K.will if i could marry someone with a voice as him I want him to sing for me EVERY NIGHT AND DAY! XD
I hope you guys will take a listen to it and comment below whatcha guys think. Ow and starring are ”IU and Lee Joon of MBLAQ” in the MV. I actually never understand why K.will himself is nearly or never to see in his videos. I really want to see a very serious video while he’s standing in the middle of a dark room or so and the camera spins. An little example would be ”Sung Hye Sung’s – Winter Poetry”.
K.will – My Heart Is Beating

Last but certainly not the least. This is also a new song of Gaga, latest album ”Artpop” and I totally luvv this song as well. I luvv all of them. Totally like the melody though. ‘Do what you want, do what you want, do what you want with my bodyyy. R.Kelly is like ‘I luvv to hear you sing’, he hit that note guys hahahahahh. Well go and take a peek!
Lady Gaga – Do What U Want
This was MM again hope you guys liked it and will listen to these songs especially K.will’s song because Gaga and Katy are international artists but K.will’s name is still not that big yet internationally but he’s one of the most amazing ballad singers in Korea. What I notice is that people like them fresh korean faces, bands etc. but Korea they have some AMAZING ballad singers like K.will, Baek Ji Young, Sung Shi Kyung, Im Chang Jung etc. so check out their ballad singers as well. 
Much luuvess to my Pannies, 
Lynn W. 

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