Music Monday #3 Random Edition Top 3

Hey my Pannies it’s Music Monday again!! There will be some changes, instead of 5 videos I will be posting 3 videos from now on because I have a feeling 5 videos are to much… Well read on and watch which I’ve been listening to.

My top 3 of this week would be (in no specific order): 
* One Direction – Best Song Ever
* Eminem – Monster ft. Rihanna
* One Direction – One Thing

Well we begin with ”One Direction”. This is not their latest song but it’s not a very old song either. The MV has been released for about 3/4 months only so I don’t consider it a very old song. I personally luvv luvv luvv 1D songs but the MV’s always seem too much, there’s always so much going on and what I noticed is that they’re always jumping except in their latest MV ”Story Of My Life”. And OMG the intro is SOSO LONG, the MV takes 6+ min.!! For me I don’t really like MV’s that take so long because you already know that it’s the intro that takes about 2/3 minutes before they are actually singing. But yeah go and check out the MV yourself.

One Direction – Best Song Ever
Eminem is backkkkk guys. After a long break Eminem is finally back with a new album. Have you guys seen him on the MTV EMA’s last week? There was a bit of a funny moment when he was asked what he thought of LMFAO ‘talking down on him’ and he said… WHO? Ohhh yeah he did! But check out the song featuring Riri, luvv it.
Eminem – Monster ft. Rihanna
YES I DID, we began with 1D and we end with 1D. This is quite an old song (almost 2 years) but it never get olds right guys, 1D fans, phihihihihihihi. Well but do I need to say more or do you want to watch the video…XD
One Direction – One Thing
For the 1D fans who is your favourite or how would you rate them? My fav. was Zayne at first but now it’s actually Niall because he has this CUTE face (babyface) but it’s not that I’m obsessed with him, I actually don’t have any thing od 1D besides music but yeah whatevv. But tell me who you like!!
Also plzz. like, share, comment on the post I’d appreciate it guys! Ohh and if you have any songs you like comment it below as well [NEED SOME INSPIRATION!!].

Much luuvess, Lynn W. xo

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