Music Monday #2 Random Edition Top 5

Hey my pannies, today we will have the second music monday. Also this will be a random top 5 because it’s just what it is right, there needs to be a variation!!

My top 5 of this week would be (in no specific order): 
* Taeyang – Ringa Linga 
* One Direction – Story Of My Life 
* SHINee – Everybody

* DJ Fresh ft. Rita Ora – Hot Right Now

* Stooshe – Black Heart
As you guys know Taeyang came out with his new single ”RINGA LINGA” on the 7th of November. The video that was uploaded was his dance performance which was AWESOME!!! The video has already over 6 million views within 5 days… speechless…
And as you kpop fans may know the original MV was actually delayed so that came out 2 days after on the 9th of November which has been watched over 2 million times already within 3 days. I am totally luvving the hiphop kinda style but Taeyang’s braids… it’s blond and it just hangs that was just NOT so cool, kinda a fail. Not only does he has blond hair but also the braids…?? Well just go and check it out because I do like the song, the dancing is WELL KINDS AWESOME which he was also been praised for by several WELL KNOWN dancers.

Ringa Linga Dance Performance
Ringa Linga MV
Here we have another new song which is a HITTT again!! I mean who does not listen to 1D, they’re just awesome. I really do like there style of music to be honest, it just makes me happy because it’s so uptempo! Well they came out with ”The Story of My Life MV” on the 3rd of November (8 days) and they have over 28 million views, WOWWW!! At first they start of very slow but they are building it up and that’s what I personally like of a song but just go check it out, I mean who does not like 1D!!xD
One Direction – Story of My Life
ANOTHER NEW (Kpop) SONG, OMG. Maybe not a new song but a new MV. For me when a song comes out with a MV I will listen to the song when the MV is out. So it’s just what you guys prefer but yeah back to the song. EVERYBODY EVERYBODY EVERY EVERY BODY. SHINee did it again and impressed me with their dancing moves guys, what do you guys think?? Can I point out that they did had VERY BUT VERY STRONG eye makeup on, WOW that black eyeliner… But for real their dancing is soso amazing and can I point out Taemin with his bont without a shirt…!! Go check out their MV if you want to know what I’m talking about.
SHINee – Everybody
Lots of you may agree with me that Rita Ora is a BABE. She became well known for her amazing vocal but now she became this INTERNATIONAL STAR, BFF’s with Cara Delevinge, she’s collab. with Adidas and now also her own makeup line with Rimmel… what more does a girl want!! This next song you just have to check it out, it’s NOT a new song, it came out almost 2 years ago but still when I listen to this song it feels like summer EVERYTIME!! Go check it out, the MV is very funky and it just makes you smile.
DJ Fresh ft. Rita Ora – Hot Right Now
I’m a huge youtube luvver, I’m on YT starting from the morning when I wake up and I will also end my day with youtube. I totally luvv the YT artists making their YT covers and videos and etc. So if you are not familiar with the YT world I’d scream ”GO AND CHECK IT OUT”!! This next group they are from the UK and I knew this group by clicking just random YT videos and I really luvv this song. I also like the group because they are not the typical girls you see in the media, they are themselves and they just dress how they feel like that day, really like their choice of fashion!! It’s quite an uptempo song but they sure also have an accapella vers. as well, I will post both below.
Accapella Vers.
Stooshe – Black Heart (official MV)
Hope you guys liked this week Music Monday and if you guys have any recommendations on songs etc. let me know because I’m open to anything.
Much luuvess, Lynn W. xo

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