Affordable Drugstore Lipstick: Essence VS. Miss Sporty

Hey Pannies it’s Thursday again and my weekend has started already what about you guys?

Ass you can see todays post will be focussed on Essence & Miss Sporty the 2 most affordable drugstore makeup everrr. The quality might be soso but they actually do have lots of options. If you read my latest post you’d have seen that I picked up 3 new Miss Sporty lipsticks (new packaging).
For me personally I tend to stick to pink, red and orange/coral colours. I think I don’t really think about it when I’m picking these up…?? 
A couple of days later I opened these lip products if Miss Sporty but I also had my Essence products on my desk as well so I actually compared it with each other and it’s the same guys. Off course there’s a slight difference but not much. The colours are very limited in these two brands but Miss Sporty does has a BLACK lipstick in their range what cought my eye. Did not pick it up but I might I don’t know yet what do you guys think of black lipstick?


As you can see in the photo’s above the colours are very similar. There are slight differences but the coral colour and the more pink colour looks exactly the same. The more lighter pink is different but that’s that. Well so if you guys are interested in buying these look carefully. I like both of them but the point is that it is quit similar to each other. 
Qua texture I still have to try out the Miss Sporty one but the Essence one makes my lips very but very dry so the colour is okee but I don’t really like that it makes my lips so freakinggg dry…
Hope you guys like todays blog post, see you Sunday with a new one.
Much Luuvess to my Pannies,
Lynn W.

Music Monday #4 Random Edition

Pannies, it’s Music Monday again I hope you guys like these though!!^^ These are just songs  that I listened to over and over again this week. Ow and BTW I won’t add a top 3 or top 5 because every week is different so I will just put the songs below with title and that’s basically it. Off course if you check out this blog I hope you will check out the song as well.

My list of the week is the following (in no specific order): 
* Katy Perry – Roar
* Lady Gaga – Gypsy
* K.will – My Heart Is Beating
* Lady Gaga – Do What U Want
You got to luvv Katy Perry though, that’s all I gotta luvv…
Katy Perry – Roar
While we have Katy we also have the crazy, unique Gaga who’s finally back again. OMG just luvv this album though. The video as you can see is a Live video and I really luvv this song!
Lady Gaga – Gypsy
Here we have a kind of old song. MV came out begin 2011 and has over 2 million views which I can get so mad about because it deserves so much more views! People might be talking about his looks a lot but as a ballad singer I totally luvv K.will if i could marry someone with a voice as him I want him to sing for me EVERY NIGHT AND DAY! XD
I hope you guys will take a listen to it and comment below whatcha guys think. Ow and starring are ”IU and Lee Joon of MBLAQ” in the MV. I actually never understand why K.will himself is nearly or never to see in his videos. I really want to see a very serious video while he’s standing in the middle of a dark room or so and the camera spins. An little example would be ”Sung Hye Sung’s – Winter Poetry”.
K.will – My Heart Is Beating

Last but certainly not the least. This is also a new song of Gaga, latest album ”Artpop” and I totally luvv this song as well. I luvv all of them. Totally like the melody though. ‘Do what you want, do what you want, do what you want with my bodyyy. R.Kelly is like ‘I luvv to hear you sing’, he hit that note guys hahahahahh. Well go and take a peek!
Lady Gaga – Do What U Want
This was MM again hope you guys liked it and will listen to these songs especially K.will’s song because Gaga and Katy are international artists but K.will’s name is still not that big yet internationally but he’s one of the most amazing ballad singers in Korea. What I notice is that people like them fresh korean faces, bands etc. but Korea they have some AMAZING ballad singers like K.will, Baek Ji Young, Sung Shi Kyung, Im Chang Jung etc. so check out their ballad singers as well. 
Much luuvess to my Pannies, 
Lynn W. 

November Beauty Haul: Ici Paris, Etos, Kruidvat, The Bodyshop

Hey my Pannies so it’s Sunday today, are you guys having a lazy one or a productive Sunday? Well it’s obvious that I’m having quit a lazy Sunday except for the couple of hours I’ve planned for my hw…:P

Today it’s a haul blog post again. OMG I’m so exited because I’ve been collecting the beauty products for a while now and I really want to use them but I just HAD to blog this so I waited till (almost) the end of the month. It’s not a huge haul but I’m really exited to try out these products. Enough rambling, need to tick to the topic!!

So here are the beauty products I’ve bought this month. Look further to see where I got it from, the price and product information.
First of all I bought these 2 Bourjois primers and also the foundation of the new their  latest line ”Happy Light”. I bought these at Ici Paris in Amsterdam which they had a huge sale, 1+1, I mean what more can you ask for… 
Happy Light Foundation ~ Luminous & flawless complexion in ANY LIGHT (translucent Pigments) and is originally €15,- [Colour will be posted later on]
Green Primer~ Matte Serum Version  &  Red Primer ~ Luminous Serum Version and is originally €12/13,-
As the Bourjois products were 1+1 I also bought this Color Boost which I freakinggg luvv!! I’ve been using this for 3 days straight. Not only does this has SPF 15 in it but it’s SOSO moisturizing guys, OMG. It’s not as pigmented as lipstick, it gives you actually more of a shine but it’s so pretty though. It says it stays on for 10 hours and is waterproof but for me personally it’s not the case at all though, especially when I eat, drink etc.


Product: Bourjois Colour Boost in ”03 Orange Punch” and this is originally €10,- [Might be picking up the other 2 colours]
If you’ve read my last post you know that I went to the Grazie beauty bloggers masterclass and BE was part of the event. I saw lots of makeup over there which involved this very pretty BE lipstick colour. I needed to pick this colour up so right after the BBMC I went to Ici Paris to pick it up.
This is the ”016 Crazy”, dark colours are totally fashionable, don’t be afraid just try it out. I was also not into dark colours but because it’s so trendy this winter and I tried the Rimmel Kate one #17 and now I’m totally obsessed with these colour ranges. The price is very affordable, €13,-.
Here I have 3 Miss Sporty lipsticks and 1 Essence lipstick. I totally luvv the Essence packaging, it looks so chic because it has a matt packaging, luvving the renewal! These are all affordable drugstore lipsticks so if you want to try it out go and check it out. [REMINDER!!] Essence is only available ar Kruidvat and Miss Sporty is only available at Etos. The products are not moisturizing at all and comes of easily but they are very pigmented that’s what I luvv about these lipsticks. Off course you can’t compare it to MAC products or so but for very affordable drugstore makeup it’s just oke. 
As you can see in the last image you can see the product number and name so I won’t get into that. The ”Essence” lipsticks are €2,39 and the ”Miss sporty” lipsticks are €2,49.
Here I have a new mascara. It gives volume and as it says big eyes, very interested to try this. I also want to try out the manga one but it’s always sold out when I go to the stores…=S
Ow and BTW it has two sides, one is particularly for the bodem lashes and the other side for the upper lashes of course.
Maybelline Volum Express Big Eyes. I bought this at Kruidvat and it was on sale for €10,- but normally it’s €15,99.
Here we have the Elizabeth Arden Moisturizer. I could not find any specific information or reviews on this but the reason I bought this was because it normally was €30/35,- and it was in the sale for €10,- at Kruidvat so I need to try that out.
Here we have the shea butter of the body shop. A couple of weeks ago the body shop had a VIP night  and they offered 20% discount so I really wanted to go to the body shop so I just went that night. This shea butter smells so good and because winter is coming up I NEED THIS!!
This is the ”Shea Body Butter” which smells AMAZING!! I can”t even describe the scent you NEED to smell it for yourself. Also it’s so smooth and soft… OMG. You guys should try it at the counter because I actually did because mine is still all pretty and untouched, lol. Well the shea butter costs €16,- for 200 ml.
Here I have a radiance of the body shop which is perfect for the holidays coming up. Not only do I luvv the packaging but I also luvv it because it has glitter in it, I mean who doesn’t luvv glitter. I’m totally going to use this during the holiday.
This is the ”Brush on Radiance” and is €18,50 (50% off o your second product now).
I hope you guys like this haul and off course I hope you will pick some of these stuff up if you like it. And as you noticed I did not do any swatches just because it would be too much but you guys can test these out on the stores. If you guys do want swatches in my haul post comment below then I will keep the hauls shorter and with less products as well. If you guys think this is good, share this post and hashtag #YLWorld so I can see you everywhere.
Much luuvess, Lynn W. xo 

Grazia Beautybloggers Masterclass (First Edition)

Hey my party Pannies it’s Thursday meaning a new blog post and it’s almost weekend. What did you guys do this week? We (school) had some German exchange students coming over this week and we had to welcome them and plan all sorts of activities for this week. If school was like this everyday I think it would be so much more fun even though it’s also very exhausting. Well back to the point…

As you can see from the title this week it’s al about beauty any blogging. I wanted to blog this a long time ago because this event was held last month (Oct. 26 2013). I’m very sorry for posting it this late but I still hope you guys will like it and maybe I will see you at their second BBMC if I will go. 
This was indeed their first beautybloggers masterclass ever held in the Netherlands and I was very happy that I made the decision to attend this event. 

The entrance fee was €15,- p.p. but it was definitely worth it. BE Creative was a big part of this whole event. I personally knew BE but I did not had the chance to try anything yet but after seeing their line there were some products that interested me a lot. We also received a goodie bag which included 3 BE products, a lipstick, a mascara and a nail polish. I haven’t touched anything yet of the bag but after publishing this post I will definitely will try everything out. 
It was a good organized event but I do have some feedback that they could look into. First of all as I said the location was quite easy to find it was just near Amsterdam Central Station/behind Starbucks. When arrived there was no one to pick you up or anything you just had to find the event place. There was a sign with ”events” but then you have people like me who always look over the stupid signs right…
When I finally was upstairs I had to hand in the ticket and got a badge, notebook and pen which is unique and a cool future that they thought about. Big plus Grazie!!
After getting those things you could get something to drink (coffee, tea, water) and the program started at 9:30 (which was wayyy tooooo early for me).
We learned how to find the perfect foundation for your skin type/colour. Well se apparently I’ve been doing it wrong all this time but my technique works as well for me personally. 
To find the perfect foundation colour you just apply stripes on your chin and right away you can see what blends which your own skin colour. I never ever knew this I always apply it on the back of my hand but as many of you know your hands are darker than the face. For me I’ve never tried this technique yet because the hand thing does work for me. Off course my hands are darker than my face but I don’t tend to get sunburned/darker easy (which sucks because I do want that glow) and also if you’re shopping and you already applied makeup it just ruins your makeup right. I would definitely recommend this technique if you really have doubts about 2 colours or so but don’t put 10 different foundation colours on your chin, you can eyeball which one could suit you and keep it up 3/4 foundations. 
Also BE Creative they have really pretty lipsticks which exists out of a wide range of colours and it’s affordable so if you see the line just go and check it out. For now I’m going to post some pictures below.
BE Creative Makeup
After the first activity we could have lunch at the ”DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel” which was awesome. There was a lot you could choose from, bread, shrimps, cold food, hot food, soup etc. After having the lunch we had some inspirational speeches of beauty coach ”Thijs Willekes” (he was so freaking tall, jelly with my 1.60m) and the two beautiful Dutch beauty bloggers ”Mascha of Beautygloss & Serena of Beautylab). All of them were very positive and they could talk for hours and hours and they weren’t nervous at all. I would pee my pants of I had to talk for so many people, to be honest presenting is not my strongest point, not at all. If you guys could meet me I’m probably the most awkward person you will meet EVER!! XD
 Hilmar Mulder
Thijs Willekes
 Mascha Feoktistova 
Look at me right in that corner (right side, Hilma M. took the picture and I just had to be in it right, silly me…:P)
Serena Verbon with her silly faces, hihih
Then near the end of the event there were two more bloggers talking about their story. I did not knew these two before but we had Kirsten ”Jassies & Negin Mirsalehi”. 
OMG how did I not knew Negin, she is soso prettyyy. She’s also a beauty, fashion, lifestyle blogger (english), I really do recommend you guys to follow her, she’s beautiful, inspirational and she and her boyfriend are so cute together. Follow her on instagram, twitter, fb just everything. 
This is literally the only image I have of this activity but head over to Negin’s Mirsalehi blog, insta etc. she’s awesome and she does lots of outfit posts such as ootd, ootn.
Well there’s always an end to something so the event was done after this. We could go to the sky lounge with the most beautiful view of Amsterdam. But there’s also always a goodie bag to take home with these kinds of events, totally luvvinggg it. Check out the images below of the goodie bag and the beautiful view of Amsterdam!!
Skylounge Amsterdam View
Hope you guys like it and if Grazia will do this again I hope I can go once again if I have the chance. Will you guys join as well?? *BIG DREAMS*
For more foto’s you can check the following link:
Much luuvess, Lynn W. xo 

Music Monday #3 Random Edition Top 3

Hey my Pannies it’s Music Monday again!! There will be some changes, instead of 5 videos I will be posting 3 videos from now on because I have a feeling 5 videos are to much… Well read on and watch which I’ve been listening to.

My top 3 of this week would be (in no specific order): 
* One Direction – Best Song Ever
* Eminem – Monster ft. Rihanna
* One Direction – One Thing

Well we begin with ”One Direction”. This is not their latest song but it’s not a very old song either. The MV has been released for about 3/4 months only so I don’t consider it a very old song. I personally luvv luvv luvv 1D songs but the MV’s always seem too much, there’s always so much going on and what I noticed is that they’re always jumping except in their latest MV ”Story Of My Life”. And OMG the intro is SOSO LONG, the MV takes 6+ min.!! For me I don’t really like MV’s that take so long because you already know that it’s the intro that takes about 2/3 minutes before they are actually singing. But yeah go and check out the MV yourself.

One Direction – Best Song Ever
Eminem is backkkkk guys. After a long break Eminem is finally back with a new album. Have you guys seen him on the MTV EMA’s last week? There was a bit of a funny moment when he was asked what he thought of LMFAO ‘talking down on him’ and he said… WHO? Ohhh yeah he did! But check out the song featuring Riri, luvv it.
Eminem – Monster ft. Rihanna
YES I DID, we began with 1D and we end with 1D. This is quite an old song (almost 2 years) but it never get olds right guys, 1D fans, phihihihihihihi. Well but do I need to say more or do you want to watch the video…XD
One Direction – One Thing
For the 1D fans who is your favourite or how would you rate them? My fav. was Zayne at first but now it’s actually Niall because he has this CUTE face (babyface) but it’s not that I’m obsessed with him, I actually don’t have any thing od 1D besides music but yeah whatevv. But tell me who you like!!
Also plzz. like, share, comment on the post I’d appreciate it guys! Ohh and if you have any songs you like comment it below as well [NEED SOME INSPIRATION!!].

Much luuvess, Lynn W. xo

Music Monday #2 Random Edition Top 5

Hey my pannies, today we will have the second music monday. Also this will be a random top 5 because it’s just what it is right, there needs to be a variation!!

My top 5 of this week would be (in no specific order): 
* Taeyang – Ringa Linga 
* One Direction – Story Of My Life 
* SHINee – Everybody

* DJ Fresh ft. Rita Ora – Hot Right Now

* Stooshe – Black Heart
As you guys know Taeyang came out with his new single ”RINGA LINGA” on the 7th of November. The video that was uploaded was his dance performance which was AWESOME!!! The video has already over 6 million views within 5 days… speechless…
And as you kpop fans may know the original MV was actually delayed so that came out 2 days after on the 9th of November which has been watched over 2 million times already within 3 days. I am totally luvving the hiphop kinda style but Taeyang’s braids… it’s blond and it just hangs that was just NOT so cool, kinda a fail. Not only does he has blond hair but also the braids…?? Well just go and check it out because I do like the song, the dancing is WELL KINDS AWESOME which he was also been praised for by several WELL KNOWN dancers.

Ringa Linga Dance Performance
Ringa Linga MV
Here we have another new song which is a HITTT again!! I mean who does not listen to 1D, they’re just awesome. I really do like there style of music to be honest, it just makes me happy because it’s so uptempo! Well they came out with ”The Story of My Life MV” on the 3rd of November (8 days) and they have over 28 million views, WOWWW!! At first they start of very slow but they are building it up and that’s what I personally like of a song but just go check it out, I mean who does not like 1D!!xD
One Direction – Story of My Life
ANOTHER NEW (Kpop) SONG, OMG. Maybe not a new song but a new MV. For me when a song comes out with a MV I will listen to the song when the MV is out. So it’s just what you guys prefer but yeah back to the song. EVERYBODY EVERYBODY EVERY EVERY BODY. SHINee did it again and impressed me with their dancing moves guys, what do you guys think?? Can I point out that they did had VERY BUT VERY STRONG eye makeup on, WOW that black eyeliner… But for real their dancing is soso amazing and can I point out Taemin with his bont without a shirt…!! Go check out their MV if you want to know what I’m talking about.
SHINee – Everybody
Lots of you may agree with me that Rita Ora is a BABE. She became well known for her amazing vocal but now she became this INTERNATIONAL STAR, BFF’s with Cara Delevinge, she’s collab. with Adidas and now also her own makeup line with Rimmel… what more does a girl want!! This next song you just have to check it out, it’s NOT a new song, it came out almost 2 years ago but still when I listen to this song it feels like summer EVERYTIME!! Go check it out, the MV is very funky and it just makes you smile.
DJ Fresh ft. Rita Ora – Hot Right Now
I’m a huge youtube luvver, I’m on YT starting from the morning when I wake up and I will also end my day with youtube. I totally luvv the YT artists making their YT covers and videos and etc. So if you are not familiar with the YT world I’d scream ”GO AND CHECK IT OUT”!! This next group they are from the UK and I knew this group by clicking just random YT videos and I really luvv this song. I also like the group because they are not the typical girls you see in the media, they are themselves and they just dress how they feel like that day, really like their choice of fashion!! It’s quite an uptempo song but they sure also have an accapella vers. as well, I will post both below.
Accapella Vers.
Stooshe – Black Heart (official MV)
Hope you guys liked this week Music Monday and if you guys have any recommendations on songs etc. let me know because I’m open to anything.
Much luuvess, Lynn W. xo

Music Monday #1 Random Edition Top 5

Hey my Pannies how are you guys doing?! Well going to take a whole different swing on it. I put lots of thought about this weekly topic and I finally got a great idea. From now on I’m going to post my top 5 of the week. I hope you guys will like it, just comment below what you guys think of my top 5 of the week!! It may vary from a certain genre to a certain language so just it out. I will post the videos below but for your information not all of the songs exist out of a MV. If the song does not have a MV then I’ll just put a random video with the lyrics down below, just for your information. Ow and to be clear this is MY top 5 of the week meaning that these are my preferences and that it could vary from oldskool songs to newskool!

My top 5 of the week would be (in no specific order): 
* Robin Thicke – Blurred Lines ft. T.I. & Pharrel
* Kim Jaejoong – Just Another Girl
* Spica – Tonight
* Emeli Sandé – Read All About It

* Kim BoA (Spica) & Led Apple – Just Give Me A Reason (cover)
This song is totally addicting!! Robin Thicke is SOSO popular these days and I just totally luvv the songs. The beat is up-tempo and I just totally luvv it.
Robin Thicke – Blurred Lines ft. T.I. & Pharrel
Another song & video that I’m luvving is the new song of Kim Jaejoong. The song came out on the 28th of October and has currently almost 600.00 views which is less than I would’ve expected. The song is totally awesome. It’s his first solo album track and I ‘d say just see/listen to it for yourself.
Kim Jaejoong – Just Another Girl
This song is very me meaningful to Spica themselves and I’m totally luvving it. The MV was brought out about 2 months ago and doesn’t even have 700.000 views which is very uncool for them because Spica is actually a very strong vocal group. They thought by themselves that they did bot made it in this industry and this is when they asked Lee Hyori for help to be in their MV. Lee Hyori being their mentor and being in the same company she off course promised to do it. So I hope you guys will check out the MV out and support them. My fav. member would be definitely Spica, she has the most amazing voice I’ve ever heard. BoA an IU were trainees at the same time and I just hope you guys will check them out!!
Spica – Tonight
I did not know who Emeli S. was till two weeks ago. A FB friend her friend covered part of this song and this is how I actually know this song. I really like the emotion behind her vocal and I luvv the first vers. Go and check it out!
Emeli Sandé – Read All About It
This is a cover of P!nk – Just Give Me A Reason. I totally LUVV P!nk AND BoA so for her to cover this song OMG!! P!nk and BoA have very similar voices and that’s why I LUVV that she covered this song. Also her voice is so amazing that she could be a solo singer in my eyes. When you search for BoA on youtube you can see that she did not do much solo/single wise that’s why I’m luvving this cover and she should do more solo activities! Also if you’re familiar with Led Apple go check it out, they are cool too.
Kim BoA (Spica) & Led Apple – Just Give Me A Reason (cover)
I hope you guys liked my top 5 of the week and will go check it out. Let me know what you guys think of the songs and about this topic, Music Monday.
Much luuvess, Lynn W. xo

Weekend Programs: The Human Condition (korean)

Hey my pannies so today I will talk about a weekend program that quits inspiring and that made me take action as well. Not sure if any watches this program but if you don’t I do recommend you to watch it during the weekend if you don’t have anything to do. 

The human condition talks about our lifestyle in general. Many of us don’t know what we are actually doing, let me formulate is in another way, we do thing or take decisions without really thinking what we are doing. Does this sound familiar to you… well in my ear it does…

Each week de cast (comedians) will get a certain mission/assignment which they need to stick with. It’s a very funny BUT also informative program. The latest series is about reading books. Lots of us are always busy with our phones, iPads, laptops etc. and we don’t read any books any more. To be honest I’m also one of these people, I will admit, I’m guilty as well. 
Watching this program made me realize that I actually really miss reading books because way back then (when I was in primary school) I really did read all day long, in school, home and even when I went to bed. I thought about it and I thought by myself I need to pick it up again. Well I’m proud of my self I actually did. I’m reading a Dutch book ”Adorkable” which is original written by an UK writer, Sarra Manning but I’m reading the Dutch version. 

I still have the Steve Jobs book laying that I read about only 100 pages. I still have finish that one but it’s just way too heavy to carry it everywhere. For me I don’t really like those iBooks, e-books, for me I want to carry an actual book with pages so I think  it’s personal preferences. I know it would be lighter to carry but it’s just a different feeling.

Well back to the program, I do really recommend this program to you guys and actually take action if you guys feel to. An advantage of the program is that you can watch it on youtube and they have english subtitles already. You can watch it on the ”KBS WORLD TV” page. I will put the latest episode down here so you can watch it and click for further info. Ohhh almost forgot, if you guys watched the spoiler of next week, female comedians will be taking over the show, so exited, totally looking forward to see Kim ShinYoung, Kim Jimin and Bora on the show!!

Also because it’s funny and informative you can watch this at any age even though it’s says they have a restriction of 15+. 
I totally luvv the cast as well because it exist out of comedians only and to be honest they are so different from each other but they go so well together it’s amazing. They actually seem as a real family, I personally hope they will be happy and healthy together forever.
Hope you guys liked this post and you guys will watch it from now on. 

BTW I will be trying to post more on the beauty section, I assure you guys that. Still have to post the ”Grazie Beautybloggers Masterclass” and a haul will be coming up!!

Much luuvess, Lynn W. xo