Inspiring Beauty Guru’s

Hey my Pannies,

I know it’s been a while since I updated my blog, here’s something…
Today I wanted to talk about some inspiring beauty guru’s on youtube.
Nowadays there are lots of options and a lot of beauty on the internet, it really depends on what you are interested in and if you can really learn something. I started watching beauty videos a long time ago, I think it’s been about 7 years since I got to know the youtube beauty world and about 5 years ago I started to get really interested about this topic. Back then I was more interested in hair tutorials and not so much about makeup. I do say that I was a late bloomer if it comes to makeup. In high school I started nails/nail polish was getting my attention and I came up with all kinds of patterns etc. and around my third (out of four) year I started to getting really interested in eye-makeup but did not do much. After high school I started to put eyeliner and that was really the only thing I knew back then BUT all of you girls know that putting eyeliner is not a easy job, you do need to practice a little bit to able to really control the lines, especially the cat eye. But well in the first year of college I was more interested in skin care then in makeup because during that period of time it really hit me, I’d a lot of scars and pimples. After a while using the right products and do a lot of research my skin was slowly getting better and I got interested in makeup. Right now I do know a lot of technics to apply makeup and everyday I’m learning a lot about hair care, skin care and makeup, you just need to know how to even this out.

Back to the point,
Beauty guru’s that I’ve been following from the beginning are:
One of the first guru’s I followed. I just luv this girl though. As I said the first thing I was interested in was hair and she did gave a lot of hair tutorials and I just luv that. She does not upload recently anymore but just check her out.
Off course we need to have Bubz in the picture, she is a beauty guru that I followed from the beginning. She gives a lot of tips and tricks and nowadays she also does a lot of other things such as giving information of certain things and DIY’s, just go and check her out. THUMBS up for Bubz.
Dutch beauty guru, inspiring especially for Dutch pannies because she does a lot of  reviews etc. of the products that are actually available in the Netherlands compared to those who live in America/Asia and even Europe, London etc.
The beautiful Dulce, a beautiful latin woman who inpires me a lot and followed her from the beginning. Also it’s inspiring that she went to the army and she found her love during that time and nowadays they have a lovely son together.
Michelle Phan, one of the most well known Asian-American beauty guru. She does give lots of tips and tricks also a lot of skin care tips and tricks, do I need to say more…?
I followed this girl from the day she joined the youtube world. She is a beautiful girl who has those beautiful curves. Even though she’s specified in law, I just luv her videos and she’s just really clear. I also luv that she’s an Indian girl that lives in HK and speaks Cantonese, just check her out.
Been following this lovely girl a while already. I just luv her hair tutorials and she does gives tips and tricks about hair care, just in luv with her hair…!

Beauty guru’s that I know recently but they are a big help:
This is a Korean-American beauty guru that just had a lovely son. Also follow her vlog account, because Yunwoo is super cute and look at her man cook, awesome!
Chinese, Cantonese beauty guru of HK. Just subscribed to this girl and already learned a lot already. I personally think that this beauty guru suits to a lot of Asian/Chinese girls because we normally have very oily or mixed skin types and this is why I think if you can understand Cantonese you just need to check her out and she also add English subs. so just go and check her out.
Hana Tam, is a singer herself but she also upload reviews and looks so that we can learn certain tips and tricks from her. From the videos it looks she’s a really fun and happy girl, check her out.
This is a woman that just had a beautiful and cute daughter. I love to watch their vlogs, Julianna is so cute and Benji is überrr funny. Judy does a lot of first impression and that actually is very informative, just check out her account.
Bethany, a very cute and fun girl. I recently subscribed to her because of the DIY’s, I just luv DIY’s and her videos are just so colourful and it makes me look forward to the summer as the Netherlands it not hot at all, the weather over here …FILL IN…
Been following this girl since last year. A Chinese girl who lives in London and got just proposed to, not sure if she’s married already but check her out and get to know more. 
A really happy girl and she has a lovely boyfriend who is not afraid of the camera, U luv it. They are so cute together and het obsession for nail polishes is so funny and cute, check her out.

Oké guys, a very long list. Hope you guys find this interesting and will check her out. They are just the ones that grab my attention and they are very inspiring. Hope you guys check my list out and comment what I should do next. 

Live, Laugh, Love ❤ Pannies

Much luuvess, Lynn W. xo

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