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My passion for makeup started at a very young age already. It actually started with my interest for hair. When I was younger I always wanted my hair to be unique and just different so I’d always ask my mom to braid it in different ways or just style it in different ways for me. In my teenage years I started to do my own hair and always wanted to experiment, so during that period of time I already watched lots of youtube videos. 

After my passion for hair I was really into nail art and than I started to experiment on that aspect. This was during my high school days and my classmates liked it as well. I still remember the tiger stripes were very popular during those days and I still remember doing a lot of that on other classmates. 

During the end of high school I really got into makeup and watched so many videos everyday it was just crazy. At that time I didn’t really experiment yet besides lipgloss and at that age and time I still remember Essence was HUGEEE for us because it was just affordable and the packaging was just very cute. Not sure if you guise can remember but they had those mini lip glosses  and they came with 3 of those in a tiny box. I used to be obsessed with those and had so many at one time I didn’t even know what to do with so many. 

I really started experimenting with makeup, probably right after high school. This was I think in 2010. I was just so crazy I woke up everyday about 2 hours earlier before going to school and I would spend a whole hour to apply my makeup. Besides watching lots of youtube I also started to read blogs. I thought by myself why shouldn’t I start something as I really have a passion for beauty. I always said to myself let’s create a blog, I will do it now but I never actually started. 

Eventually in 2013 I created my first blog on blogspot and started to write posts but it wasn’t something I did all the time. I just did very simple blogposts and did’t even had a set schedule or anything and one reason was I was just so busy with my own things and school as well I didn’t put 100% in it. 

For the longest time I just didn’t know what to do and what my passion was and I thought about it for the longest time and eventually I knew what I wanted to do, become and what do I want to do and be even after I get older. Finally after a lot of thinking and research I started a new study in 2015 at Art of Colors (Amsterdam) to become a certified makeup artist. I still have a few months left before graduating as it is only an one year course. Currently I’m working hard on building my portfolio so if you guys need any help with makeup you can contact me always. 

In 2015 I also started joining the youtube community and now I also make videos. It took the longest time for me to join youtube as I didn’t had the equipment and knowledge actually. I still have a far way to go equipment wise and quality wise. For now I’m concentrating on the quantity and the information, techniques etc. I put in my videos. I put 100% effort in each and every video so if you like it please give it a thumbs up.

As for future plans I’m not 100% sure yet but I do want to build my experience on bridal makeup and my future goal would probably go to Asia especially Korea is a country that really speaks to me as I really luvv their makeup trend, the healthy glow, perfect skin kind of mentality and portrayal. I also really luvv working in Hong Kong. I already went on vacation in HK several times but working there as a makeup artist over there would be an awesome experience as I really like the culture and everything is just so convenient over there.

If you need a makeup artist for a shoot, bridal, prom makeup etc. you can fill out the form or just send me an email. I live in The Netherlands but I’m willing to travel.😊